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5 Continents, 14 Cities, 24 People: How We Work As a Distributed Team Spread Across the Planet

There are a lot of ways to have a great day at Buffer.

Between our value of positivity, our awesome team, our be-your-own-boss decision maker structure and our pro-naps policy, it’s downright tough to have anything but a good day.

And exactly what that day looks like is totally up to each of us. One of the biggest freedoms of our team is that we’re fully distributed around the world, so we each make our own schedule in the place that makes us happiest.
Buffer value 8
That means there’s no wrong way to work at Buffer. You can work inside or outside, as Mary displays with some sweet shades:

Mary working outside

You can squeeze in some time with family while you work, like Kevan sometimes does with his son:

Kevan and Evan

You can even work on a plane, as Joel and (part of) Leo show off here:

Joel and Leo on a plane

 The workspaces of Buffer

As our team grows and changes, I find myself more inspired every day by my teammates as they travel to new destinations and create new habits and routines that help them work smarter, not harder.

Colin lives and works on a boat. Michael likes to break up his day with a surfing session. Åsa hasn’t worked from a real desk in years. Octavio has moved 3 times in the past 3 months and has many more moves planned!

With so many diverse work styles and locations, I thought it might be fun to take a peek inside each Buffer team member’s workspace. With Buffer’s encouragement to travel and explore, this is only a snapshot that will no doubt be out-of-date quite soon. :)

But for now, here’s a look at how each of us works, at our own happiest and most productive spot in the world.

workspaces of Buffer
Joel workspace4 Leo workspace6 Carolyn workspace5 Sunil workspace8 Ã…sa workspace7 Andy workspace9: Colin workspace11 Brian workspaceNiel workspace13-compressor12-compressor14 Daniel workspace

15 Steven workspace16 Courtney workspace
Dan 2 workspace

17 Kevan workspace
18 Patrik workspace19 Dave workspace
Octa workspace
20 Rodolphe workspace

22 Nicole workspace
Michael workspace

25 Tom workspace


Mike workspace

Want to join us?

Does this kind of (un)workplace sound good to you? If so, we’d love to have you join our fun and hard-working team.

jobs at Buffer

Whether it’s in an office or on your couch in your pajamas (been there!), I’d love to hear how you work best. Let me know in the comments below, or share a photo of your workspace. We can’t wait to see it!

  • Stefano Sala

    Well, last summer I’ve worked for 5 weeks from Sardinia (Italy) and it was awesome!

    Now I’m working for 1 one day per week from trains across Switzerland :) Check out my shares here:

    • Wow, that looks really lovely! Thanks for sharing! This is an awesome idea, I’d love to see more workspace photos! Maybe I’ll add a note to the post. :)

  • Thanks a lot Courtney for this insight into your workspaces – it’s inspiring as always :-). For me, I am currently working in an open space office with all its advantages and disadvantages.

    I experienced that the requirements on my workspaces and the environment are changing, depending on the type of work I am doing.
    If I am doing creative work, like writing, the distraction level needs to be as low as possible. No music, no panorama view – the best setting here: my computer, a glass of water, no fridge within reach and behind the computer just a white wall.
    If I am in a flow, like finalizing documents or presentations, music helps me to keep the stroke, still avoiding other distractions.
    If I am doing conceptional work, letting my eyes wander could help a lot, so a workspace with panoramic view would be the best setting. I would love to try moving my “desk” to an alp like here: – it’s just a matter of internet connection. :-)

    • It’s so fascinating to me how different types of environments help nurture different types of work! Congratulations to you on knowing yourself well enough to know how and where you’re most productive. It’s quite inspiring to see!

      • Happy to hear that it’s inspiring! Thanks a lot. It took some days to reach this point and it’s only the current status of an ongoing journey.

  • Thanks for sharing! It’s fun to see all the different spaces and places!

    • I thought so too! I had a lot of fun gathering the photos and “interviewing” all my teammates. :)

  • Romain Ouzeau

    Nice to see you can build a team with people all over the world. Everybody working from sunny places ?! Can’t believe you ;-) Isn’t it hard sometimes not to have “contact” with the rest of the team?

  • This. Post. ROCKS! Thanks for putting it together, Courtney. :)

    To answer your question, I’m usually a two-monitor kind of gal. However, seeing that Colin went from four monitors to just one (in an effort to become more mobile) has me considering trying to use just one again.

    It’s fun to see how and where you all work. It’s kinda like “MTV Cribs: Buffer Edition”. LOVE IT! :)

    • Thanks for checking it out, Thea! MTV Cribs Buffer Edition has me LOLing! :) I’d love to see your two-monitor setup if you’d be game! Sounds pretty epic!

  • Mary definitely has the best workspace. Michael is a close second though. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks for checking it out! It was fun to learn more about how all my teammates work. :)

  • KJ

    Inspiring post, Courtney! It certainly is interesting to see what kind of spaces people create for themselves to get motivated. Brian and I seem to have a pretty similar focuses when it comes to our “desk”, although I think I’m most envious of Mary and Michael’s views! Wow!

    • Aren’t those amazing?! I don’t know how much I could get done if I had a view that nice!

      • Kara Jo

        I might get a little distracted, too! (But hopefully inspired, as well!)

  • Maria Juan

    Love seeing such insight to the company! When I am not at my desktop, I roam around the house with my laptop because I like to break up my work day by doing little things around the house. When I get stir-crazy, I will end up at my local coffee shop!

    • I like that strategy, Maria! Breaking up the day in different locations often helps me get more done, too. :)

  • Pontus

    Inspiring post! I’m very curious as to what these ‘happiness positions’ entail – do tell!

  • Philip Fifi Bachinger

    You guys are nailing it.

  • Emily.Stout

    On one hand, you all are #BoostingMyConfidence since I’m typing on my Macbook right now (La vida apple?)… on the other hand, you’re desk shaming ;)! I don’t see a messy post-smoothie desk anywhere!
    Inspiring me to 1) Clean my desk, 2) look into a small business development center near me, 3) Get a job @ Buffer (in that order). Haha you’ve done it again, thank-you Buffer!

  • Jaina

    Great post. It would be really interesting to actually find out *how* you all work together across the different time zones and what tools you guys use to keep communication going, globally!

  • Isis Seth

    I dig it…can’t wait to add mine to the list!….It’ll be a variation of this!

  • judd

    This is GREAT! You don’t ever get to see the Remote Workspaces of other people because they are Remote! I hope to add my “Command Center” photo of my workspace to Buffer’s growing list ;)

  • Alexandra Kantilieraki

    You are living the dream guys! Keep going!

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