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Revenue and Growth Report: How Our Awesome and Business Plans Fared in March

Buffer monthly revenue and growthWe’re excited to share with you an inside look at Buffer’s revenue and growth stats for the last month. If you read our monthly overview, you likely have an idea of the big-picture progress of Buffer, and we hope the revenue and growth stats here illuminate some of the finer details of our journey.

Our revenue is earned primarily through two subscription sources: Awesome Plan and Business Plan.

In the charts below, you can see how each of these plans did for us in March, with breakdowns for revenue, churn, conversions, and more. If you have any questions on this data, we’d love to answer them in the comments! We’re interested in making these numbers as helpful as possible for you. :)


Awesome Plan

Below is an overview of how the Awesome Plan performed in March. If you’re interested in even more data on this, you can find some additional detail in our spreadsheet.


Awesome Plan conversion rates


Business Plan

Below is an overview of how the Business Plan performed in March. We have additional data in our Business Plan spreadsheet, if you’re interested. 


Business Plan conversions by source


Key findings and next steps

  • We’re looking to try experiments on queue limit since this prompt was hit an amazing 126,000+ times in March.
  • Conversion rate on Business trials dropped to 3%, so we’re looking to improve here.
  • We’d like to improve trial starts for Awesome users since conversion rate is very high (20-30%) – especially from analytics page.
  • We’re hoping to check on the 113 Business users who churned and break this down by where they were before, i.e. Awesome user or free user.
  • Our web analytics has the highest trial starts and the lowest conversion rate. We’re keen to see some ways to improve conversion rate here.


If you have any questions on these numbers or anything else you’d like to see with this report, we’d love to hear from you!

  • Wow. Thanks for disclosing so much about your business.

    • LeoWid

      Glad you found it useful Donnie! :)

  • Reggie Sackey-Addo

    Love the transparency. Good luck, guys!

  • Conrad O’Connell

    “Our web analytics has the highest trial starts and the lowest conversion rate. ”

    What do you mean here? A specific area has high signups?

    • Good spot, Conrad. I think this refers to the Business conversion source chart above where “web_analytics” means trials that start from the web analytics page inside the Buffer dashboard (and not our general Google Analytics). Does that help clear things up? Let me know if I can help out any more here. :)

  • Brooke

    Tables and charts like this make me giddy. #geekforlife

  • Are you concerned with the 5.38% churn rate, or does that seem fairly consistent? If you are a little concerned, do you have any plans to try and lower that? I had read on a growth hacking blog that if the churn is over 2%, you should stop everything you are doing and focus solely on that – so just curious to hear your take and how you feel it is impacting Buffer.

    • Hey Justin! We’re certainly always trying to reduce our churn rate, and we’d love it to be quite a bit lower. One thing to note is that the 2% number may be quite general, and most SaaS businesses are very focused on paid plans and very little on being a widespread product and having a large Free userbase. The thing is that with a $10/mo price point, 5% is not too surprising. With higher prices you’re generally more likely to have a churn rate closer to 2%. That said, our churn rate for the higher priced business plans is even higher than 5%! This is something we’re keeping a close watch on, and I think the volatility is due to how early we are with our Business product and we expect it to stabilize to a lower number. Hope that helps to answer your question a little!

      • Great insights Joel. That makes sense. Look forward to seeing how things go!

  • Nicole Graves

    looking at the awesome plan – churn section: could there perhaps be a number fumble (above chart vs detailed spreadsheet)? Otherwise the above could be read as monthly churn being (a little over) half of the monthly new adds.

  • Nicole Graves

    on the awesome conversion rates – 70% of users being offered “prompt to upgrade” are based on queue limits, yet only <1% of those convert. Any insight as to what is preventing these "power users" from upgrading?

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