5 Acts of Generosity That Have Changed My Life

I like to think of myself as a “doer”—someone who can make things happen by himself. On occasion, I neglect the role that help from others has played and over-estimate the things I’ve achieved himself.

Often, when I catch myself thinking like that, I’m a bit disappointed and I wish I was instead more connected to reality and the people around me.

The most recent time I pondered on that topic, I decided to go through my life and re-collect the many incredible offers of generosity I was …

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10 Weird Ways to Be Happy Today, Backed by Science

We never get tired of thinking about happiness, do we? Life is so much nicer when you’re able to couple it with joy and gratitude.

We’ve published posts before about simple ways to be happy and retraining your brain for more gratitude, and Buffer’s CEO Joel has even shared his own daily to-do list for happiness. (There’s also our popular list of things to stop doing to be happier.)

Meanwhile, science continues to study happiness, finding ever more specific and idiosyncratic ways we …

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Through a Lens of Gratitude: Lessons from 100 Days of Happiness

If someone were to ask you about your happiest moment yesterday, would you have an answer?

How about your happiest moment of 3 months ago?

I’ve got an answer for at least 100 of my recent days – and a new perspective on gratitude, thanks to the 100 Happy Days project.

The challenge couldn’t be simpler: Take a photo of just one thing that makes you happy each day for 100 …

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A Day in the Life of a Buffer Happiness Hero

A lot of thought, scheduling and tools go into making sure we give each Buffer customer and community as happy an experience as possible.

Right now, there are a total of 7 Buffer Happiness Heroes and Weekend Warriors (plus our Chief Happiness Officer, Carolyn)  all across the world helping customers nearly 24 hours a day. And we’re looking to grow the team!

That’s in addition to all our other team members, who usually devote at least a few hours each month to diving into delivering …

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What Happened When We Prioritized Live Chat: Buffer’s October Happiness Report

We had fun getting back to our customers faster in October due to a renewed focus on our goals. As we were all back in our respective timezones, this was a bit easier than September.

October is usually the last “normal” month before the holidays kick off, so it felt great to focus fully on continuing to improve the customer experience during this time.

We also questioned some of our processes and put an experiment into place to learn a bit about …

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How to Live Your Passion and Love What You Do: Advice from Career Coach DJ Waldow

Speaker, podcaster and career coach DJ Waldow recently joined us for #bufferchat to discuss living your passion.

See the full Storify recap here.

What does it mean to live your passion?
From DJ:

“Living your passion: Do What You Love | Love What You Do – This@ugmonk t says it all:  http://instagram.com/p/rKOeUPx8k5/“

“If you are LIVING YOUR PASSION (or know someone who is) I’d love to have you on my podcast http://socialbutterflyguy.com/passion “

Other great insights:

“Living your passion is doing something you love, that you don’t consider …

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How to Move to San Francisco: Flying 2,300 Miles to Live the Buffer Values

“You choose to be at the single place on earth where you are the happiest and most productive, and you are not afraid to find out where that is.”

This beautiful sentiment comes from the Buffer culture slidedeck, the document that defines the values behind everything we do at Buffer. One of the 10 Buffer values is to “Live smarter, not harder,” and this involves finding that single place on earth where you can be your best.

A few months ago I made the …

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Can You Be Happy All the Time? How Buffer’s Value of Positivity Works on “Bad Days”

If you look at our culture deck on Slideshare, you’ll quickly find that our first and likely most pronounced value is “Always choose positivity and happiness.”

We have this as a very central theme in the way we work, live and how we hire here at Buffer. It’s one of the things that gives me the most fulfillment of working towards. It’s also one of the hardest and most aspirational values to live up to. At the very core, I believe …

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How a 10-Person Team Gives Voice to 1.8 Million Customers: Buffer’s September Happiness Report

Happy October! In September, our entire team traveled to New York, NY, to work and play all together for our semi-annual company retreat. (Retreats occur every 5 months, so that they fall on a different month each time. This alleviates one of the challenges of scheduling everyone to travel. This way, if retreat falls over an important personal date or event like a family member birthday, it will change the next year.)

Similarly to April, this put a big dent on …

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