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Changes to Buffer for Facebook: Here’s What You Need to Know

Starting early this week you may have noticed some changes around how posting to Facebook works through Buffer. We could’ve been a whole lot more mindful around this and are so sorry for the confusion we’ve caused. Today I wanted to briefly give an update around these changes and create a place where we can keep you posted with any updates.

A little background

Earlier this week we were notified by the folks over at Facebook that a few flows within Buffer around how we suggest post content were against its terms. This was related to the way Buffer would automatically enter the title of the post being shared.

In order to give users the best experience, it’s Facebook’s policy to make sure that all text shared to the app is input by users individually, not pre-filled by an app. Facebook has an awesome video covering this in a bit more depth if you’re curious :)

We had a brief outage around our Facebook posting while we had Facebook’s help implementing a few swift fixes that changed the way our browser extensions work with Facebook sharing. We also shifted our Feeds and Suggestion tabs within Buffer to be ‘under construction’ while we work to update them, too.

What’s changed (as of June 12th)

There are a number of updates we’ve pushed through recently that have changed the way you post to Facebook through Buffer. Here’s a brief rundown:

The compose window: New “Message for Facebook” area

We’ve made a change within the Buffer compose window both at and through our browser extensions that adds an entirely separate box for your Facebook message.
Facebook compose box

Sharing links to Facebook

When a post you’re sharing to Facebook has a link attached with a preview (like in the image above) the link will automatically be attached to your Facebook post. You can optionally add a comment via the ‘Message for Facebook’ box to go out alongside it to Facebook, like this:

Sharing images to Facebook

When sharing an image to Facebook, you’ll need to copy and paste the URL you’re sharing into the ‘Message for Facebook’ box, like this:

Feeds and Suggestions: “Under construction” for now

You may have noticed both Feeds and Suggestions aren’t working for Facebook at the moment. We’re sorry to say when building these features we didn’t quite keep Facebook’s policies in mind. For now, we’ve gone ahead and disabled them while we work to update them to fall within terms.

Right now our team is hard at work re-thinking these features. For now, we don’t quite have an update on when or if they’ll be back! Of course, we’ll keep this post updated with the latest information around this!

In the meantime, one workaround for Feeds is to add your favorite feeds to another, non-Facebook social account. Then when you tap ‘Add’ on an article, you have the option to add it to Facebook, too, like this:

Update June 18

Feeds are back in your Facebook account! Feel free to add and manage feeds as normal now. :) The suggestions area is still under construction.

We’ve also made the Box for Facebook bigger and moved attached images to that area if only Facebook is selected:

Facebook update

Apologies and we’ll keep you posted here

We really dropped the ball on this one and again, are so sorry for the headaches and inconvenience this has caused! Our team’s working at 110% to get things going for you again. We’ll keep any updates to these features and functionality posted here for you with a proper timestamp so you can always have the latest information.

And as always, if you have any questions about this or anything else (at all!) don’t hesitate to reach out to us at or via Twitter.

  • Elle Draper

    Hi guys. Thanks for keeping us informed. Unfortunately, I can’t get access to the feeds in my Facebook section to add them to a different social network. Or at least, I can’t see how to access them. Could you please help? Is there a back door somewhere that I don’t know about?
    Thanks, Elle x
    PS: Love BufferApp… happy paying customer.

    • Hiya Elle, so sorry about giving you this very confusing experience at the moment! You’re absolutely right; we’ve had to remove Feeds from the Facebook session for now, big apologies. Would it work at all to try Feeds in, say, a Twitter or LinkedIn account you have connected? Then you could try picking a post to share and adding it to Facebook at that point. Let me know how that goes for you and so sorry if I have misunderstood your question here; keen to help you get this going!

      • Clarissa Solana


        I think what annoying is that we don’t have access to saved feeds. It’s pretty hard to remember what feeds we have saved.

        Is there any options from Buffer to give us at least access to them. It’s hard work to do research again and start from the scratch.

        • Kody Atkinson

          Agreed. Access to the list of subscribed feeds would be helpful so that those feeds can be transferred to a non-Facebook account.

          • @clarissasolana:disqus @kodyatkinson:disqus Just wanted to make sure to update you personally that the Feeds feature is now back for Facebook. Really sorry for all the confusion we’ve created here; keen to have you back in your Feeds as normal now!

          • Kody Atkinson

            Thanks for the update and tell the tech side of Buffer thank you as well!

  • Jaime Goodrich

    I actually love the new ability to have custom messages for both twitter and facebook on the same place. As you rethink the suggestions tab, could I suggest that you give us some basic categories to select from? ie: business content, inspirational content, technology content, etc. The suggestions were always a nice idea, but most of them never applied to my page.

    • Awesome to hear you’re digging the new setup, Jaime! Yup, more targeted suggestions is a great one; hope to be able to get going with that soon!

  • The suggestions I got were very relevant, and I was sad to see them go. Sounds like we won’t get this back, because Facebook doesn’t like it.

    • Really apologize for this change, Ian; I know it’s not ideal! So sorry to let you down here.

  • Al Wightman

    We’ve been seeing posts in the queue go out with just an image and no text – do we need to go through all Facebook posts in the queue and add text / image link as shown in this article now for both page and group? Also I’m not sure why the image url has to be added separately?

    • Hi there Al, so sorry about this additional step but yes, adding your text and URL into the “Message for Facebook” is the best way to make sure your message goes through as you intended.

    • Al Wightman

      So…please confirm….Do I need to go through all Facebook posts in the queue and add text / image link as shown in this article now for both page and group?

      • Really sorry I wasn’t clear here, Al; the answer is yes.

  • beenthere

    Buffer is supposed to save me time and make it easy to post to all social media platforms at once. This is really frustrating. Exactly what I am paying for? Ackk!

    • I totally understand your frustration here and I’m so sorry to have caused it for you. :(

      • If it’s not possible to default the “message” for FB with the text, a check box would help to save time. Tick the check box – the text is copied. Just an idea. xx

        • Oh that’s a great idea, Natalie! I think that’s one of the ideas we’re exploring to make this as easy (and smooth) as possible :-)

          • Awesome! :) Thanks for doing a great job! :)
            (My day job is user experience design, apart from my biz, so my high five to what you do!) xx

      • Emelia

        I appreciate the efforts made by Buffer. Unfortunately, this is frustrating for me as well. Significant time increase compared to how I’ve grown accustomed to using this service.

        • Darn, I’m so sorry to have changed your experience and taken minutes away from your day, that’s never a good feeling. :(

          • Emelia

            I’m stiil using it, though. Hoping for some resolution. The check box idea sounds like a winner.

          • Thanks a million for hanging in there, Emelia! If we can do anything at all in the meantime to make your experience better, please let me know!

  • I actually find this better to post separately to Facebook, thanks for the changes.

    • Thanks for sharing that, Ronen, really great to know it’s helpful!

  • JeremyCee

    Ahhh the world of working with all the different “Connect” platforms!

    I actually prefer this. And, my suggestions would be that you provide separate boxes for each social network. Pre-Fill them with the headline (blank for FB) and let me edit a custom “Message” for each of the posts.

    Ex: I’d like to leave the headline as the short text that’s posted to Twitter but then enter a custom, more-lengthy comment to the LinkedIn post.

    I know I can add links/posts to my Queue and then come back in and edit each of the individually queue messages but I’d rather do them right when I initiate the post from my Browser Extension and Mobile App.

    Keep up the great work, team!

    • Great suggestion, Jeremy! I agree that it’s a good idea to customize the message for each platform.

      • Rebecca Simon

        Is this something that’s in the works?

    • agree, different boxes (but pre-filled, if allowed) makes it easier to slightly modify per channel. eg. more #-tags for twitter, less for G+. Longer text from FB, less than 140 for TW.
      – Add a character count per box.

    • avmad

      I agree with Jeremy – his suggestion would also help me (as I have suggested to you before) in allowing me to add hashtags only to my Twitter message (for instance).

    • DeltaHF

      Agreed. The ability to quickly modify the accompanying text for each social network is sorely needed in Buffer. It’s a big hitch in my current workflow with the service. Hopefully this will push them in that direction.

    • I agree. Same issue. Probably there could be an option tickable to allow for individual changes per channel whilst the base text is copied to all fields as currently…just thinking aloud! Keep it up! Luv the solution, Daniel

    • Indeed, I tend to markup my Google+ posts with markdown, meaning I’m already posting separately to Google+

    • YvesFrateur

      Fully agree! :)

    • I 100% agree with Jeremy – albeit 3 months later. I’d gladly smile at a larger (vertical) buffer window with, say, 3 blanks spots for posting separate messages to Google+, Facebook and Twitter. Buffer should definitely consider this or at least give us the option in the settings. Sometimes I may want to post the same link but give a different message at each platform. This would also be SUPER helpful for those times when you’re cross promoting the mere fact that your business has other social media accounts (like, on facebook: “hey, follow us on Google+ and twitter, too!). Instead of having to buffer 3 times – I’d only need to to do it once!

      Regardless, you’re doing a great job, but this would be a really nice option to turn on…

      Is there an entry at for this?

    • Jeremy’s spot on – a different message is essential for each of the three platforms.

      Most businesses target a different demographic on each LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google+. To think that the same message will resonate across all four platforms is naive, at best.

      Please give us this facility, Buffer – and not just to comply with Facebook.

      Rather, make your app more relevant to the platforms to which you purport to optimise our social distribution so that we, in turn, can be more relevant to them and our followers thereupon.

      Please see this image as an example of what I mean by different customer demographics inhabiting different platforms.

      Btw, I found it on, ooh, mm, well now. This is embarrassing:

  • Elizabeth Kramer

    I am really enjoying the flexibility this required change offers! I usually want the included text to be different for Facebook so this works even better now.

    • So awesome to hear, Elizabeth! Really glad this is handy for you :)

  • Fred

    Hi there ! Could I suggest that you add an alert message to the app if one adds anything to the queue without filling the Facebook field ? This would prevent (me) from posting on FB new stupid void statuses. Thanks guys.

    • Mary Jantsch

      Fred, that a good one! We’ve been toying with providing a pop up alert when people share to Facebook for the first time with this new flow. We’ve learned a lot so far and could have been a lot more pro-active with communicating these changes. Thanks for getting some wheels turning here!

  • Very impressed with how quickly you guys turned this around! Must have been some late nights in the office.

    • Mary Jantsch

      Hey, thank you! It’s been very fun to learn from and so humbling to hear how customers prefer to use Buffer! :)

  • trixiesirish

    Except in Klout, I can share directly to my Facebook profile without having to add a message. In Buffer, I do. So that doesn’t make sense. Now I’m wondering if Buffer is worth the $10 a month.

    • Mary Jantsch

      Hey there, ah, I see what you mean! This is on us. I’m going to pass this info along! In the meantime, does adding even just a ‘space’ in the Facebook field help out?

      • trixiesirish

        What I’ve seen is that for Facebook, the link for the site doesn’t always show up without putting that information in the message area. I’ll have to play with it some more. A lot of moving parts to keep track of. Make sure I choose an image for Pinterest, make sure I add a message for Facebook, and so on. I dunno. I’ve also had some images just showing up on my FB page, and no article. Your documentation is pretty spotty.

  • It seems like as long as I type the message that gets shared to FB, it could for instance also be shared to Twitter with the same message, and still be compliant.

    If I need to manually copy and paste the message for Facebook, that pretty much defeats the purpose of Buffer for me! Does the “message for facebook” section *append* to the message for other networks? I’m betting “no”.

    • Mary Jantsch

      Hey Alex, your guess is quite right. I see what you mean, that feels like it’d be a great time saver. We’re eager to keep iterating on this to find something that feels smooth all around. Thanks for sharing these thoughts with us!

  • Rebecca Simon

    I’m confused. If I type my message into the main box (for text plus photo post) it will not show up on Facebook? But all of mine have been. Or is this just for URL posts?

    • Mary Jantsch

      Hey there Rebecca, this has been a really helpful conversation starter for us. Right now the experience in the Buffer extension and then directly in the web app are different. Any chance you are adding from here?:

      • Rebecca Simon

        I primarily use the extension for my one buffer account which has my business and personal accounts, but for the dog rescue which is what I was talking about, I primarily use the web app.

  • Can you still tag people in a facebook post?

  • Love the transparency here. Keep up the great work!

    • Mary Jantsch

      Hey, thanks Mike! You’re always so stinkin’ kind to us. :) Shout if any questions, ideas, feedback or wishes come up with this new flow. Or, really about anything!

  • Neil HippieKiller

    I post links for my page Today’s WTF on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter, all at same time with the Buffer extension,
    The new split design is still awkward at the moment, but it’s improved a bit in recent days.

    It would make using the new Facebook textbox simpler and faster if there were a checkbox to choose “Also post to Facebook” on main textbox and when selected the text + link was copied to the separate Facebook textbox.
    Would it be Facebook prefill violation to copy the text and link if user clicks a checkbox or button?

    • Great question, Neil! Something we’ve been wondering, too and are working to find the answer on :-)

      Keen to make this Facebook sharing flow as smooth as we can!

  • JesusFreak

    There are definitely times when I put input a much longer message for FB and have to actually Buffer the article twice: ones for twitter with short message, once for FB with how I TRULY feel :) That said there are a lot of times where I just want to share an article with maybe an “I love this” or “You’ve got to see this” and I now have to copy and paste this into the FB portion – and a lot of times I’ve been forgetting to enter anything at all in this bottom part! I hope you find an easy way for us to tick off (check box has been suggested) that we can make default and make our lives even more easier :)

    • Aw gosh, I totally feel your pain! Personally I’ve already done this a few times too, and it’s a great signal for us to keep digging into ways of making this flow a heck of a lot better — thanks for the nudge!

  • Question: If I edit the text (or actually just want the title), do I then need to copy-paste to the lower FB window for it to be shared on FB?
    Or put another way, will the link be shared without comment unless a comment is added tot he FB message window (even if it is added to the above window)?

    • Great question! Right, so currently you’ll always need to add a message separately for Facebook for it to go out there.

      • It seems to not be needed when adding from (I just tested it) but when I use the Chrome extension, I need to copy and paste from the general text box to the FB text box. I went back to my FB timeline and found a link that I know I intended to add a comment to but it had no comment.

        I’m guessing the phone app would be like as I copy and paste the web address into the text like (note: 99% of the posts I do through have no link – I use the Chrome extension – so it’s irrelevant).

        • SicaBixby

          It will be blank then. This sucks if your Facebook posts go to Twitter.

  • When/if you are able to get the “Suggestions” tab back into play, I’d like to request more posts under the “Creativity” section. As a writer, these particularly appeal to me. Speaking of which, posts about writing in general {tips, personal stories, goals, motivation, etc.} are always appreciated. Having said all this, please know I enjoy a vast majority of the suggestions you make and I am certainly not complaining! Thanks for keeping users in the loop and for being open to new ideas. :)

    • Hey there, thanks so much for the awesome feedback around suggestions! Creativity is one of my favorite areas, too; I’d love to curate more there! So glad the suggestions have been helpful for you!

  • Hi, and sorry if this was already asked, but will link shortening be brought back to FB, or is it forbid by the new policies too? Also, I like at times to pre-select a text from the webpage, to let buffer quote it, why can’t buffer auto-fill that text on FB too, since it’s not the page’s title?

    • Hey there Bruno! Great questions, I am not sure about link shortening but will check on that and get back to you ASAP. My intuition on your second question is that Facebook might still view this kind of situation as pre-filling of text but I will get verification on that as well!

      • Yup, got confirmation that that wouldn’t quite work, so sorry. Good news on the link shortening, though! It should be coming back soon!

  • I note that the conversation of Twitter handles – which was a lovely feature – no longer works. Is there a plan to reinstate this, which would make it easier to copy and paste the Tweet into Facebook if one wanted them to be the same.

    • I would like to know this also. I often tag a person, so they would appear in their feed. i.e. I am spotlighting/testimonial for a person, then I want to tag them.

    • Hi Nico, great one! I am checking on this with our product team and will let you know as soon as I can!

  • Philip John

    For absolutely no user benefit, Facebook is making us work harder to use it. Great game plan, FB *slow clap*

  • Tracy Raiteri

    I love this option to add more content. Could we also opt for Google+ to take the content we add for Facebook? Because G+ seems to work better with more content than the 140 characters allowed in Twitter.

    Regarding the Suggested Content tab, maybe provide ‘look-a-like’ posts that follow similar themes and/or from similar websites/blog as what we schedule previously, that way the suggested content will be custom for every bufferapp user instead of seeing similar content being shared.

    • Hey Tracy, thanks so much for these killer suggestions! I’d love to see both of them implemented, you rock for sharing your ideas with us. :)

  • comunicamenorca

    Suggestion: When we share a link, can we upload an image instead of the captured by default?

  • Like @jeremycee:disqus, I much prefer this! The ability to tailor messaging is always always welcome. Thanks!!

  • aggieben

    Much disappoint. The entire point of Buffer, for me, was to only have to share something one time, and this only a half-step away from just using individual bookmark bar buttons for each social network.

    • I hear you; I’m so sorry to have disappointed you this way

  • t_greenstreet

    Ughhhh. Such a pain. I hate the browser extension, although now I’ll be forced to put more effort in for the company’s shares to FB. When will they let us auto-post/schedule to Instagram, though? That’s my biggest issue at this point in time.

    • Yeah, Instagram would be really amazing; we’d love to make that happen whenever they would be able to give us access!

  • But you know it’s not working right? Every time I share something through buffer, even if I put something on that box, only the link shows up when it’s shared. I love buffer but this is getting kind of annoying because I have to go to every post on fb and edit to add whatever I had already written on buffer. It sucks because 99% of the time I already forgot what I wanted to say

    • Oh no, Michelle, I really apologize for this frustration we’ve caused! Are you still seeing this happen with your text disappearing? Keen to get this fixed!

  • Would it still be against the FB posting rules, to include a “copy text” button that could copy the original text over into the FB share box? Since a user would have to click on this button, wouldn’t that cover the “user input” aspect of the FB Posting rule?

    Also, can you recommend the best way to reach out to FB about feedback regarding this matter? Thanks!

    • Hey there Hector, great questions! I’ve gotten word from our team that we believe Facebook might view a copy option as not quite an ideal scenario, so sorry to disappoint there! I don’t believe they provide a way to reach out with feedback, but if I find out otherwise I will let you know!

      • Thanks for the help anyway! I understand why they have the rules in place, but it’s a shame they don’t seem to offer a solution that allows for optimum posting efficiency while protecting their users!

  • SicaBixby

    …. but that prefilled title was what I wanted, so now I copy & paste it.

  • hello! I am new to buffer, must I add a post for fb separately, then to my other social media sites?

    • Hey there, welcome to Buffer! You can post to Facebook at the same time as other social media sites; the only change will be a separate text field you will want to fill out for Facebook to customize your message! Does that help?

  • You’re awesome guys.
    You keep updating and going further all the time!
    Thank you so much!

  • Lisa Rothstein

    Thanks for keeping us informed!

    • Thanks so much for sticking with us during this confusion, Lisa! Excited to get everything settled for easy Buffering!

  • Margareth

    How about a feature that will let us add more photos on Twitter?!

  • I’m trying to get help in Buffer but the “” link isn’t working … Help > Get in Touch just does nothing. The popup for feeds is all squished:

    • Oh no, Keely, so sorry we’re giving you this frustrating experience! Please email us anytime at That is a super odd screenshot; thanks so much for capturing that so we can figure out what’s happening there and squash that bug!

  • I really like the change (even if it was stimulated by Facebook policy) because the pre-filled message was usually too compromised by the need to also succeed on Twitter too (and the expansion of the Twitter handle into its account name was never sure to make sense). Better to retain the link title and focus attention there by default, with the option to add an additional comment. Such a positive change!

    • So glad to hear that! I’ve found the same; it feels like a great flow for sharing to Twitter and FB with different messages :)

  • Jason Smith

    respect for your team being humble and honest. It’s inspiring.

  • With the FB suggestions still gone and no return date in sight, it’s time to vote with dollars and drop our Buffer subscription. I’ll check back in a few months to see if you guys got it together but, the feature we subscribed for (suggestions) not working for FB is a show-stopper.

    • Hey there, I’m incredibly sorry to have disappointed you this way. Suggestions is very unlikely to return in its present format, so I totally understand that you might need to find a different solution that works better for you. I’d love for you to check back with us later on and see if there might be a fit; wishing you all the best!

  • Gabo Lato

    Great work guys!

  • Do you need to include the link again in the Facebook bit – or will that automatically go through with the link preview?

    • Hey Ben, the link should automatically pick up (you’ll know it’s there when you see the link preview) so there should be no need to include it in the body of your post. Hope that helps!

      • Aimee Yermish

        No, links are *not* automatically picking up. This is very annoying.

        • Oh, so sorry Aimee! Are you still experiencing this?

          • Aimee Yermish

            Yes. If I click “buffer” from something within FB, it’s likely to share, say, the photograph but not the linked article that was the thing I was actually reading. I have to manually click them open outside FB, copy the link, then paste it into the Buffer text. This is really a royal pain, and it makes me not want to use Buffer.

  • I’m probably missing the point or slow to this but I actually don’t want to post to my Facebook account that much (if at all) and yet I seem to be creating a tweet that simply says “I’ve posted a Picture to facebook…” which i then go back into Twitter to delete… I’ve disabled my Facebook account from Buffer but it still seems to do this…can i turn it off?… am i being an idiot?…

    • Hey John, that is so odd, really sorry we’re giving you a tough time here! One thing that might help is making sure that you’ve only got the accounts you want selected as “post by default.” To change this you can examine the checkmark to the left of any of your connected accounts and remove it if you don’t want to post to that network by default each time. Could that possibly help at all?

      • Yes I’ve deselected Facebook completely in my Buffer account…it’s not present in my list of 12 os so accounts… it is strange

  • I’m sorry if this has been asked before (I scanned the comments but may have missed it) – are you bringing back the auto inclusion and shrinking of links when you share an image? (Do you know what I mean???) Thanks for your amazing product – has made my life so much easier!! <3

  • Aimee Yermish

    I’m seeing frequent problems when I click “Buffer” from within FB and it posts the photo but not the note that went with it, or the headline but not the linked file. That’s really inconvenient, that you’re saying I have to manually find the link and copy it into the post…

  • M. Mika Spencer

    I hate this change. One big headache is if I click Change to Quote so I can copy, then edit, the text in the Twitter window to put it into the Facebook window, the original post in the Twitter window is often more than 140 characters, even though the RT didn’t show the “in the red” character warning before I clicked Change to Quote. I can no longer send the Tweet because it now shows over 140 characters. So then, I have to edit the quote for Facebook, copy it into my computer’s clipboard, close the Buffer window, go back to the original Tweet, click the Buffer icon again to load it into Buffer, then paste what I’d copied into my clipboard. That is a lot of steps!

  • youwantmobile

    Thanks for the heads up !

  • Instead of having a box for Facebook and a box for the rest, why not creating a box for short length services (ie. Twitter) and another for longer length services (Facebook or G+)?

  • Hi Daniel – I am a very happy #bufferapp user and usually read your open blog for guidance and inspiration to try to grow my own startup. I am impressed by your easy and fast user dashboard where we add payment details, select plans, etc. Quick question. Do you use any specific tools to manage users dashboards, or it is all self-coded?

  • great web for sharing lovely article to web social

  • Matt Richardson

    The mobile app is not filling anything – not even the link. Kind of defeats the point. Am I doing something wrong, or is there an update coming?

    • Tom Redman

      Hey Matt! Tom here, Buffer’s Android guy. I’m so sorry about this one – definitely a bit of a reactionary measure here and it’s not a great experience. The good news is that I’ve created a better fix for this, and I’m just in the final testing stages right now. I’m hoping to release an update (4.7.3) either today or tomorrow. Thanks so much for hanging in there, really appreciate it!


      • Matt Richardson

        Cool. Thanks for the quick response!

        • Tom Redman

          My pleasure – so sorry for the hassles here :) One quick correction, it’ll be version 4.8, likely up tomorrow. Want to make sure everything is working buttery smooth!

      • johnforamerica

        How similar to the title can the auto text be? Would something as simple as quotes, an extra period, etc be different enough to get around restrictions?

        • Tom Redman

          Hey John! The Facebook policy states we cannot pre-fill anything at all, so making things a little different would still be in violation. However, we’ve found that when people write their own thoughts when sharing links, it results in higher quality posts for their audience, which is a great outcome!

  • Just another way to make things more difficult for curators. Thanks for finding a workaround @tom_redman_buffer:disqus and Buffer Team

  • Adela Belin

    That is why I turned to Buffer and away from Hootsuite, because I can add same message to all sn at the same time in one window! Please don’t take this feature away!

  • Adrian

    This must have been a real pain for the Buffer team, and it’s great that you got it sorted so quickly.
    I think FB have this wrong – if you are sharing someone else’s story it makes sense to start with their headline and add your comments to it.

  • Rafael Reinoldes

    Just an idea,

    On buffer for mobile (ed: I mean Android), could be useful if you put that, once, pre filled text to the clipboard, so I could paste it (and maybe complete it, somehow) after selecting to post to Facebook.

  • Anastacius

    For any reason, I am not being able to share anything with my buffer account to facebook. Is there any reason?

  • Michael Riedler

    Can I tag somebody on linkedin or facebook via Buffer? that would be insane

  • You could easily save us a copy/paste by copying the custom text I’ve written/edited from the main window into the FB message area when I click on any FB account.

  • Looking forward to the day we can tag Facebook Pages in our buffers.

    • Adrien Burel

      Yes also looking forward to this very simple feature

    • Kait Husmann

      I can’t believe this isn’t a feature yet… Please Buffer! Make this happen.

  • Sam

    This seems kind of annoying, because I can’t select text on the page anymore and have it automatically become the body of my post, as a quote.

  • Man, I love this program–need some help–fast typist- expert researcher- coffee? ♥ awesome!! I love this PROGRAM!!!–did I say that already- wow

  • Dan Harveland

    After a quick search here and via your, I didn’t find this specific suggestion regarding separate or single social network box and alternative to deal with Facebook text input requirements.

    It is clear some prefer a single box while others like separate. It would be great if you can offer both via a user setting for preferred preference and a simple toggle option on the page.
    There are many instances where I just want to share an interesting blog and prefer a single message. Other times I want to expand on my own thoughts when posting to LinkedIn or Facebook where I can use more than 140 characters.

    To deal with the Facebook requirements of not auto populating text, would it be possible to automatically copy the text into memory? Users could then choose “Ctrl+V” to paste in the text that you may have otherwise populated for us. I’m assuming this still qualifies as user generated text since I (the user) chose to paste.

    Thank you for considering these ideas and my apologies if this is a duplicate.

  • It would be helpful if there was a copy feature available for easier writing of the message. Also it makes more sense to combine the editor for facebook and linkedin than linkedin with twitter, since linkedin is not limited by 140 characters.

  • Rachel Waldron

    I noticed that you show link sharing without having to manually type in the link. However, if I do not type in the link manually, it only grabs an image. This is a HUGE frustration, as sometimes the link doesn’t convert to a “” link and it just simply doesn’t look as nice as it used to.

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