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Why I Built A Weekly Creativity Routine

Many people around me have a pretty good artistic side: Music, painting… they are crafters of all sorts, they can truly create things out of thin air!

As for me? Well, I’m not a gifted artist. I shouldn’t be allowed to sing outside my shower and I still struggle to draw a smiley face.

For a while, I thought the artistic road wasn’t something for me, period. Yet, the thing is, even though I can’t create very much, I still have pretty strong opinions about what I like.

Curating creativity

It took me a long time to realize that I didn’t need to create to be happy with creativity. Curation works, too. I know it’s not new; people have always loved curating content. Scrapbooking/book clubs have been around for a while, for example.

If the Internet made it easy for people to create content (think about how Instagram turned everyone into photographers), it has helped curators take over as well.

Up to 80% of Pinterest’s Pins are repins, and Tumblr nurtures what they call Fandoms.

So, with my buddy Amaury, I started a pet project in 2014 we call “Oh I Like Art”. Four times a day, we share cool art we love!

Several hundred people have been kind enough to follow us and do their own curation from our selection. Additionally, a handful of artists have agreed to honour us with their original creations.

With the help of a nice team and some clever tools, our workload is >2 hours per week, in a one-off session.

I spend time browsing dozens of blogs to find cool art, and I simply love it!

There’s no notion of “good” or “bad,” it’s just about picking what makes me happy at any given time: aesthetics, colors, shapes or a message. The best word I have for it is “satisfying.”

My weekly creativity routine

I discovered that creativity is something that I wish to exercise regularly. Just like the people who go to the gym to get fit, I want to have my weekly creativity workout!

Now that we’ve done it for the past few months, it feels just like exercising.

It’s a weekly routine which involves others. It’s given me the opportunity to meet plenty of cool people and when I’m finished, I feel exhausted and happy. I’m even grumpy when I don’t do it—it’s simply rewarding as a process and not as an achievement. I feel the same way towards meditation.

Practicing creativity is now a critical part of my week, something I truly look forward to and that makes me happy.

How do you exercise your creativity? How will you practice creativity this week?

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Image credit: Iryna (Ukraine)

  • Amanda Proo

    I love this idea! I echo what you said about not being a gifted artist, but this is a fantastic outlet for creativity.

  • That’s a sound idea, and strikes a cord with myself.

    I am creative, always have been. I draw, mostly cartoon, I’m a pro-amateur photography (I have been paid, and in print, but don’t do it for a living, hence amateur), I DJ (deep and soulful house), and have produced music in the past.

    BUT, I also work in broadcasting among other things, and have recently decided to start an internet radio station, dedicated to my own love of music, and discovering and pushing new music. Very exciting, and I hope to start broadcasting in the next 30 days @

    • Rodolphe Dutel

      Hey Matt, great to hear from your experience as an artist and a broadcaster :) All the best with your new radio!

  • Agnes Dadura

    I joined the group :) thanks for sharing your thoughts!
    I think most of my creativity efforts and practice goes through reading, baking (the tip of it were my Avengers cupcakes ;)), and dancing (that is when I’m home alone only).

  • This was a very helpful post RodolphIe, thanks! I hate to admit this – but I don’t practice my creativity enough, at least not consistently. Like you, I find that when I start getting a bit grumpy, it’s because I haven’t been spending enough time on creative outlets. Some of them are online, others are offline – for example: music, cooking/baking, etc. I did bake something last night and I feel better already. :)

    I just need to figure out a simple creativity schedule and do my best to stick to it. Thanks for the reminder!

  • Tomas Pukalski

    Great initiative Rodolphe

  • klquinn64

    I would argue your point about not being creative. To be creative is to take something , be it a paintbrush, an instrument, a bunch of ingredients or your computer, and find a way to express your heart, your passions, what makes you uniquely you. So by writing this blog you have created and that makes you creative.

  • I love your article! It makes a great case for including creative practices in our lives even when we don’t feel like particularly creative people. I am working on writing a little bit every day…that’s my current outlet.

    This is a topic that is very close to my heart, since I strive to teach my English classes creatively. Thanks for another remind that being creative doesn’t have to be some big production! Even little drawings or songs can help us.

  • Cellia Northbrook

    In my business it is vital to be and stay creative. And be able to catch up with recent art projects. So even if I don’t need come up with creative ideas at the moment I try to do ‘creativity-enhancing’ exercises at least once a week. I even put those exercises on my Kanban board, as they are important for me. Although, I can’t call myself ‘artist’ per se. ;)

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