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20 Digital Nomad Retreats, Spaces, Communities and Conferences Around the World

Editor’s Note: Here’s our latest list of 12 remote work and digital nomad conferences for 2018. 

It’s amazing to know that recent stats show 50% of the U.S. workforce holds a job that lets them telecommute at least partially. Some remote workers also choose to travel while they work, falling under the category of being a digital nomad.

Where we work is important to all of us for different reasons. Purely looking at the time commitment, some sources estimate that we can spend over 100,000 hours of our lives at work.

As a 100% remote company, all 78 of us are free to find our favourite place to work around the world. For some of us at Buffer, like many others who work remotely that is right from home, maybe even caring for family. For others, that might be coworking spaces or coffee shops, we have a few employees who choose to nomad around the world by plane or by RV.

As a team we’ve come across some really awesome events, conferences and retreats tailored towards digital nomads and remote workers in the last little while. We asked our whole team for their suggestions and we’d love to share the list we came up with for you.


Digital Nomad Retreats

Organized from longest period of time to shortest ?

Remote Year

Remote Year brings together professionals from across the globe to spend a year working, traveling, and exploring 12 cities around the world, spending one month in each location.

Timeframe: 1 Year
Group size: 75
More information on cost and what’s included.

Remote Way

Remote Way connects 36 people to see the world while working remotely. They spend 1 month in each location and you choose how long you want to travel with them.

Timeframe: 2 – 8 months
Group size: 36
More information on cost and what’s included


YonderWork brings together remote working professionals on two-month trips to locations around the world.

Timeframe: Two months
Group size: Up to 30 people
More information on cost and what’s included

Be Unsettled

Be Unsettled is a community for people to live and work anywhere in the world for 30-day retreats.

Timeframe: 30 days
Group size: 25 – 30
More information on cost and what’s included

Nomad House

NomadHouse organizes 10 day retreats in various locations around the world, past retreats have been in Bali, Budapest and Lisbon.

Timeframe: 10 days
Group size: 15 – 20
More information on cost and what’s included

DNX Camp

DNX Camp provides 10 day retreats for digital nomads and online entrepreneurs.

Timeframe: 10 Days
Group size: 15
More information on cost and what’s included


Co Living

Coliving is an awesome option if you’re looking to stay in one place for a bit longer. Here are some super cool co living places we’ve come across:


A beautiful space in Nicaragua for individuals or teams to colive and work for a few weeks or months.
Location: San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua


An international network of coliving spaces.
Locations: London, Tokyo, Miami, Bali (plus more coming soon)


Have you heard of WeWork for coworking? Turns our they also have WeLive for coliving!
Locations: D.C. and NYC
Time frame: Days or Months


Wifi Tribe travels the world going to a new destination every month, you can join them for a few weeks, a month or even a year.
More info on where the Tribe is now


Co Living and Retreats for Teams


For teams and companies booking retreats
Locations in California, Puerto Rico and Costa Rico

Surf Offices

For teams to book retreats at beautiful spaces.
Locations: Across Spain and Portugal


Co Working Communities


CoWorker helps remote workers search for coworking spaces with lists of over 3,000 spaces around the world.

Workfrom Co

Workfrom is a crowdsources community of the best places in the world to work ranked by Wifi, power, coffee and more.


Cruises and Boats

Not into co working on land? We’ve got you covered.


Spend a week living and working from this boat, WiFi included!
Learn more about their upcoming trips here


NomadCruise takes 150 remote workers, entrepreneurs and digital nomads and crosses the Atlantic on a 15-day cruise.



If you’d rather a quick, action packed and remote worker filled environment, conferences are a great option. Here are a few remote worker focused conferences we’ve come across:

7 in 7

In the true spirit of nomading, this conference changes continents every year and connects digital nomads from around the world. Find out where their next conference is:

DNX Global

In addition to offering remote worker retreats, DNX also hosts a conference called DNX Global. It is 500 attendees who attend 4 days full of program, 10 keynote speakers, workshops and mastermind.

Nomad City

NomadCity brings together 150 digital nomads for a conference in Las Palmas de Gran Caneria, Spain with speakers who share their best tips and tools about location independent life

Nomad Summit

Nomad summit brings together digital nomads who share their business models, productivity tricks, travel hacks, and money making techniques in 20-minute talks.


Over to You

  • Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments!
  • Have you been on a coworking or coliving retreat, conference or cruise before? What was your experience like?
  • Chace Oldmixon In the Coliving Category you forgot about Sundesk in Taghazout, Morocco.

  • Kyrie

    Awesome post! It’s great to see so many nomad communities popping up and thanks for the inclusion! :)

    • Cool Conferences

      Hi Kyrie, I would like to add your event to my Cool Conferences website but cannot find the exact dates on your website – would you mind replying here? Thankyou :)

  • Eduardo Diego Herrero
    • Thanks so much for reading and letting me know! I’ll definitely add it to the list of places for when I edit. :)

      • Eduardo Diego Herrero

        Thanks Hailley! :) Looking forward to meet you guys from Buffer sometime in a coliving space :D

  • Angela Sylcott

    Great resource—thanks! I would love to find a program like these for families. My dream is to spend my (very social) daughter’s summer breaks in other countries, but my husband and I would need something for her to do for a block of time each weekday while we work. Something like a nanny for the group’s kids or someone to take them out for activities.

    • Oh that’s such a great recommendation, @angelasylcott:disqus! I’d love to see that as well. If ever you find anything send me a message, would be great to add it to the list. Thanks so much for reading! :)

  • Woooop thanks for mentioning

    We’ve launched a few new handy features recently so you can now schedule a tour, get a FREE day pass, or make a reservation for a lot of coworking spaces (coworking space admins can activate these functions on their page for free, but not everyone has activated everything yet… YET! ;)

    Oh and we just launched something kinda cool last week: our “Space Finder” pages (yeah we need a cooler term than that – suggestions welcomed!) so now you can easily find coworking spaces near ski slopes, beaches, female-only, rural escapes, co-living, etc. Here’s an example:

    That’s in addition to our Advanced Filters which we’ve had for a while on – I’ve attached a screenshot so you can see what they’re like when you expand this section. Helps you find coworking spaces with standing desks, where you can bring your dog / cat, with video recording equipment, a 3D printer, wheelchair accessibility, childcare, a maker-space, swimming pool, ping-pong table, etc etc :)

    • Amazing! Thanks so much for all of the extra info, @leanne_beesley:disqus! This is super cool. :)

  • secret agent

    Missing Nomad Train! ;) #24 here

    • Great one! I’ll add it to the list for when I make edits. Thanks! :D

  • Angelique Slob

    Great list, thanks for pulling it together. Last year I went with Nomad Cruise (2x) Coboat and Wifitribe, all awesome in their unique ways. At the moment I am at Sundesk in Taghazout, Morocco, for coworking and coliving, and I would recommend for sure.

    What I would like to add to the list are the concepts that are aimed at getting people out of their DN bubble and to connect with local communities to make more impact with skillsharing and connections:

    For Workations:
    – Wander troupe, in different locations in the world for cultural exchange and making an impact
    – 22Stars Social Worksations in Uganda, to make an impact by helping with the 22starts project and skillsharing with local entrepreneurs

    For conferences:
    Me and 2 other DN’s just launched our new project: Digital Nomad Talks: Impact driven stories about entrepreneurship and The Future of Work for digital nomads, entrepreneurs, startups and changemakers, aimed to share, grow and inspire. We just did the first 4 talks in Morocco, and we will take the project to different parts to the world and are looking for impact driven and inspiring DN’s to join us as speakers! join us here:

    • Hi @angelique_slob:disqus! Wow, this is all really amazing information. Thank you so much for being so thoughtful about including these additional spaces. I’m going to check them all out. ?

  • alissa

    Is there a reason why all of these Digital Nomad Retreats, Spaces, Communities and Conferences lack diversity?

    • RavenCourtney

      That’s a great question! Have you seen any kind of stats about these type of nomad options and their demographics? I’d love to see any figures you can locate. In my mind, there’s certainly a big element of privilege that often comes along with participation.

      • alissa

        Yes, I’ve seen it with my own eyes! It’s very clear these communities aren’t inclusive to POC. Are you saying that only certain people have the privilege to enjoy this type of lifestyle? I know over 400+ POC living, teaching, traveling, and working in professional environments abroad.

        • Hey there @disqus_GzDHDw0Bb3:disqus! Do you have any theories as to why these type of spaces lack diversity? Mine is that they often pull from startup/tech scenes, which are also places that traditionally struggle with diverse representation. But seeing group like SheNomads and TravelNoire grow and prosper makes me think that this could be changing, which would be great!

  • Andreas Jaritz

    There is also nomad earth /spaces missing:… it’s a retreat program that is located in Portugal. One very special thing with the /Spaces concept is that local communities/entrepreneurs amd professionals are also inivted as guests as well as speakers. Other retrears often lack that.

    • Oh that’s super neat, Andreas! Thanks so much for reading letting me know. Hoping to edit the list soon so I can add a few new ones. :)

  • wrkprty

    Hi Hailley! Nice to make your acquaintance!

    We think you might like to add WRKPRTY to this list in the coworking communities category.

    WRKPRTY is a coworking community and homebased coworking event platform. Learn more @

    We are currently beta testing in Los Angeles, but will be rolling out global wrkprty events soon!

    Please let us know if you have any questions!

    Thanks! And safe travels!

    • Hey there! Super nice to meet you and appreciate you giving this article a read. Definitely going to check out WRKPRTY and see if I can revise this list soon :D

      • Thanks Hailly! Please let us know if you have any questions! :)

  • Garima Juneja

    Superb post! Lot of insights in there. I run, it is a one stop resource for coworking, cafes with wifi and everything that a Nomad needs in India. I recently also launched through which you can buy once and use the pass in multiple cities of India at coworking spaces and cafes with wifi. I hope I have been of help to your community. In case of any doubts or any queries about India travel/India nomad working, feel free to write to me at I will be glad to help you out.

    • Thanks so much for all of the info here, @garimajuneja:disqus! This is amazing. India is on my list of places I’d love to go in the next few years so I’ll keep this in mind. :)

  • Roshan Singh
  • Johana Adámková

    Hi Hailey, great post. There is also Remote Trip and The Remote Experience. I included them on my list about co-working, co-living and traveling, see here: . Have a good one.

    • Thank you for adding these, @johanaadmkov:disqus! I’m hoping to update this one in the future and I’d love to add these in. :)

  • Ah so much goodness here! Thank you for putting that together
    We are doing a special one this summer – co-working & adventure on an ACTIVE VOLCANIC ISLAND in ITALY (24th May – 30th May 2017) bringing a hand picked group of 20 entrepreneurs to mastermind, adventure and build lifelong friendships. It will be hot and epic. :)
    Join us:

  • Olivia Stone

    I really need to get away from my Digital life, as I have read in the Consumer Health Digest, all of our gadget emits this blue light that can often times damage our sleeping pattern, also by getting rid of these things I can re calibrate my sleep pattern, awesome got to book my trip!

  • Superb post! Thanks for share me buffer articles
    Univercity Selection

    • Thank you so much for giving it a read! :)

  • Cool Conferences

    Great topic! I love going to a conference to meet other like minded location independent entrepreneurs and was at the Nomad Summit this year. If its ok to share here, I’ve been building a calendar to collate all the conferences and coworking retreats digital nomads might be interested in to use a tool to help plan where they might like to travel next (I built it to help me plan haha). You can find it at :)

    • Oh this is great, appreciate you sharing! :)

  • Ann Elizabeth Davis

    Venture with Impact ( is another remote work program to be added to this list. Venture with Impact organizes accommodation, workspace, and volunteer experiences for intrepid professionals who live and travel in a country abroad for one month or longer. The program cost is also very reasonable at $1000 per month.

  • Katelyn Smith

    I love this post Hailey! Very informative! I was on the inaugural Remote Year group and completed my year with them about a year ago. I’ve since started WiFly Nomads which helps professionals land remote job and start an online business, while providing a foundation and support for start the digital nomad lifestyle. We take our first group to Bali in Sept! :) Looking forward to more of your posts!

  • This is a great list thanks for putting it together … you could also add Pop Up Co-Working Events In Cool Locations.Co-Working Days are for Digital Nomads, Freelancers, Start Ups & Entrepreneurs who want to meet up in different locations around cities and countries regularly to work together socially as we believe there is a Meet Up overload but a lack of productive events where people can network and co-work for a day. This is another project we just completed called Swap London For Cape Town We are flying 10 Digital Nomads to Cape Town to experiences why the city is becoming a Digital Nomad/Start Up hot spot.

  • Fábio Martinazzo

    That is an awesome list, thanks for putting that together!
    We from Now in Rio ( and Rio Surf n Stay ( are organizing a Coliving & Coworking Surf Retreat in Rio de Janeiro this January 2018! It is gonna be epic, lots of sun, good waves and good vibes!
    Come join us:

  • Michele Lorraine

    Hi Hailley, great article! Here’s another one to add to the coworking retreat list: PACK ( – 30-day retreats for digital nomads, freelancers, and aspiring nomads too! Definitely more diversity than other groups also :)

  • We just launched The Mindful Nomads Retreat! Its’ for aspiring & beginner digital nomads looking to develop the skills needed to succeed with remote work and balance their life with yoga + meditation. The Mindful Nomads Retreat is a life changing learning experience on the stunning Lake Atitlan in Guatemala

  • Topcoworks

    Check out for coworking spaces in India, Singapore & Bankok

  • Thought this one might be interesting for nomads, like yourself, that like to work from cafes :)


    I just launched my first product in years, been working on it the last couple of weeks. It’s a web app for remote workers/digital nomads called Workmode. With Workmode you can find the best workplaces near you.

    The places are sorted by crowdsourced internet speed tests and the workability of a workplace. Check it out and let me know what you guys think about it! 🙏

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