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Goodbye to Buffer’s First Content Crafter

It’s with very mixed emotions at Buffer that we bid farewell to Belle Beth Cooper, Buffer’s first Content Crafter. Today her final post appears on the Buffer blog.

We’re happy because she’s going on to something really special: her own startup, Exist – a quantified self app that digs up insights from hidden connections in your data.

(You can learn more about Exist and back it here.)

We’re sad because, well, it’s tough to say goodbye. Belle has contributed a phenomenal amount to the Buffer blog as well as to our team and culture.

Here’s how Belle describes her journey with Buffer:

“The past nine months have been crazy in the best ways. I’ve learned a ton, really enjoyed getting to know everyone on the team and just had a blast being part of Buffer. Thanks to all of you for making me feel welcome, helping me to be productive and get better at what I do and sharing the journey :) You guys are an incredible team and I’ll be cheering you all on as Buffer continues to grow.”

As we say goodbye to her, I thought it would be great to share Joel and Leo’s farewells to Belle in particular.

From Joel:

“It’s been incredibly inspiring to work with you, Belle. Thanks so much for all your time and effort. I was blown away by how much fantastic quality content you could write on a consistent basis. Passing through Buffer in this way and enjoying and adding to the culture, and then moving on to do your own thing is an experience I couldn’t be happier for us to have. It’s amazing for me to think that we can help a little bit with other people starting things themselves.”

And from Leo:

“Wow, what an incredible ride it has been and it’s very sad to see you go! I’m so grateful you were able to be part of Buffer and what an amazing part you’ve been! I believe you’ve played the leading role in transforming the Buffer blog and brand over the last 9 months and I just had a look – over 4.5 million unique people saw the blog since you’ve joined – that blows my mind! There’re also few things that could make me happier than seeing you pursue your own dreams and startup with HelloCode and Exist. It’s such a pleasure to see you work so hard on making it a success every day and has inspired me also for my day-to-day work on Buffer.”

Belle’s greatest hits

Belle has written so much amazing content on the Buffer blog that it’s tough to pick out just a few posts to share. Here are a few staff favorites:

10 Simple Things You Can Do Today That Will Make You Happier
“I still refer back to this amazing post fairly often!” – Sunil

The 10 Most Useful Buffer Features for a More Powerful Social Media Presence
“I send this one to customers all the time!” -Carolyn

People Don’t Buy Products, They Buy Better Versions of Themselves
“Changed the way I think about products & advertising. I notice the slogans that promote a better version of me everywhere now!” – Niel

Lifehack Your Lunch: 8 Scientifically Proven Ways to Maximize Your Mid-Day Break
“This one for me personally! Especially for the justification of eating dark chocolate.” – Dave

The 13 Biggest Failures from Successful Entrepreneurs and What They’ve Learned From Them
“Such a good list of people + lessons!” – Niel

Why I Changed My Name and What It Taught Me About Who I Am
“This made me really wonder deeply about identity & family and how that relates to each person. Before this I would’ve found it really strange for someone to change their name, but reading this gave me such an amazing perspective that I’m really grateful for!” – Niel

The Surprising History of the To-Do List and How to Design One That Actually Works
“I really like the origin of the to-do list.” – Kevan

How We Research: A Look Inside the Buffer Blog Process
“So full of useful tips and tools!” – Courtney

Belle also wrote a beautiful goodbye post to Buffer that I’m happy to share. Good luck, Belle. We’re rooting for you.

P.S. If you’d like, join us in bidding Belle farewell in the comments!

  • Terry Yelmene

    One of my work tasks for the past six months has been to catalog ~200 of the best posts I can find each week. And seemingly without fail, the very best posts have been written by Belle Beth Cooper on the Buffer Blog. For me, cataloging today’s exceptional post is bitter sweet. Good luck Belle Beth, I’ll miss you!

  • Mike Coutts (@couttsdotcom)

    It’s sad to see you go, Belle! Best of luck in this next venture!

    • Belle

      Thanks Mike :)

  • Good luck, Belle! I’ve enjoyed reading your posts and I’ll be sure to follow Exist! Who is the next content creator at Buffer?

    • Courtney Seiter

      Hi Lauren! There are two of us at present: myself and Kevan Lee, whose name you’ve probably seen on the blog a lot lately. We can only hope to carry on what Belle and Leo began. I’ve learned a lot from her!

    • Belle

      Thanks Lauren! As Courtney said, you won’t find any shortage of great content now that her and Kevan are looking after the Buffer blog :)

  • I’ve loved your posts, Belle. Best of luck with Exist – it sounds promising! :)

    • Belle

      Thanks Krista, hopefully it’ll live up to the promise :)

  • Annalise Kaylor

    Best of luck, Belle! I’ve loved the posts you’ve shared and look forward to Exist!

    • Belle

      Thanks a lot, Annalise!

  • Alissa Lauer Johnson

    Such a beautiful writer! I will miss the posts – but wish you all the luck in your next adventures!

    • Belle

      Thanks Alissa!

  • Well played, Buffer, well played. :)

    • Courtney Seiter

      I wish this were a joke! :) But we’re all really happy to see Belle launching her own project that’s sure to be amazing.

  • I wish for a bright future for Exist and you, Belle! I miss your writings here at Buffer. Your position is irreplaceable and I hope you will write on Buffer, somewhere in the future.

    Your writings are the main reason why I am interested in Buffer Blog and then the product Buffer itself.

    Wishing you good luck and success.


    (I still hope this is a prank. If it is then I am a victim. I hope I am a victim of the prank!)

    • Courtney Seiter

      Sadly, this one is no April Fool’s Day prank. We wish Belle a bright future too!

    • Belle

      Thanks Srihari! Definitely not a prank, but you’ll be well served by Courtney and Kevan—they’re doing a great job with the Buffer blog already!

  • JoeyWeber

    I consistently reference you Belle specifically when I explain how to blog for a business well. (By the way, the other day I was googling “quantified self” and “passive tracking” for services similar to what Exist is going for. Neat!)

    • Belle

      Awesome! Hope Exist can be useful for you, Joey.

  • Bruce (@Brudaddy)

    Belle, thanks for all of the content you’ve shared on this blog. I wish you all the best in your new venture!

    • Belle

      Glad you found it interesting/useful, Bruce! And thanks :)

  • Katie Lewis

    I’ve so enjoyed reading your insightful, thoughtful posts, Belle! Best of luck on your new adventure.

    • Belle

      Thanks Katie!

  • I will surely miss Belle’s writing on the Buffer blog. Best of luck with Exist!

    • Belle

      Thanks Mark!

  • MichaelaJayne

    You’ll be missed here in Manitoba! I always talk about your posts! Best of luck. PS: I love how supportive buffer is! Just another reason for #bufflove

    • Belle

      I agree! I’m so lucky to have been part of such a supportive company.

  • Belle, I’ve read and learned a lot from your writing on Buffer. Probably shared a few tweets back and forth. Thank you and best of luck with Exist!

    • Belle

      Thanks Nahyan!

  • Best of luck Belle! For sure I’ll keep up with your writing, on oomph, your blog, or wherever else on the interwebs :)

  • Filipe Castro Matos

    I’ll miss your posts! You’re definitely an example to follow and I only hope to reach at least 1/10 of what you’ve reached with Buffer Blog because what you’ve done is incredibly awesome! :) Good luck for your future ventures, I’m seriously considering backing Exist, it seems a great product and with you behind it will be for sure a success!

  • Kristi Jacobsen

    I always looked forward to your posts on the buffer blog. Best of luck in your other pursuit!

  • Julia Shew

    Belle, I’ve been following your blog posts on Buffer since I first discovered the blog. Thanks for keeping things fresh, insightful and positive. Good luck with Exist and beyond!

  • All the best Belle, I am one of the silent ones who have read and then followed what you have written, best of luck in the new venture…

  • AndreaLeyden

    Wow best of luck Belle! I’ve really enjoyed reading your posts over the last few months. The Buffer blog has become my go to blog for reading about everything from online marketing to personal experiences (your change of name). Really enjoyed reading your posts so I hope you continue to write for Exist.

  • Good luck in your new venture, Belle! And thanks for writing such helpful content the last few months. I’ve enjoyed reading it and will continue to follow you on Twitter.

  • Good luck Belle, I’ve really enjoyed your posts!

  • Meredith Gould

    Me too! A silent, grateful reader of your fine posts. All the best and lots of fun as well to you.

  • I love and benefit from everything you write, Belle. From the first thing I ever read of yours I wished that i could write even half as well as you. I know you’ll do awesome with your own thing. Best of success to you and all you lead.

  • There are two reasons for me to be a Buffer customer.

    1. This is a great service which has made my life easier, thereby freeing me to be more creative and productive in my social media vision.
    2. Your blog, particularly many of the blog posts Belle contributed. If I could write like that I’d be a happier man. And I’m learning daily from you people.

    Thanks for sharing such great insights, Belle, it’s been a pleasure reading you. Good luck and have fun with your new ventures!

  • Hi & bye Belle, I have enjoyed reading all of your posts and wish you all the best for the future :)

  • Sid

    All the best Belle. Yours blogs very informative and inspiring…Thanks for sharing.

  • Very delayed but just want to say how much I have always loved Belle’s pieces – so interesting and well-researched! Best of luck to you, Belle :)

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  • All the best for your journey ahead! Love so many of your articles!

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