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Hiring at Buffer in March: Increasing Engineering Salaries in SF, 1,944 Applicants, 3 Offers Made

Buffer Hiring ReportIt’s been a great month for growing the Buffer team in March. The team is currently 20 people, compared to 17 in February. Here’s an overview of everything happening in the individual areas:

Applications overview

We saw an incredible amount of 1,944 applications come in in March, which has been absolutely, positively overwhelming. Here is a breakdown of the different areas:



March 2014 engineering report Buffer


March 2014 happiness hiring Buffer


March 2014 Community hiring Buffer


March 2014 designer hiring Buffer

Business Development and General Hustler

Biz Dev hiring March 2014 Buffer

Outlook and thoughts

Rodolphe and Michael will join the Buffer team

We had some great new people accept their offers with us in March for their 45 day Buffer bootcamp, who will join us over the next few weeks.

Rodolphe joins us as a generalist on the business side to help with customer development, BD, customer tours and more. And Michael will join us as a backend engineer.

Increasing Engineering Salaries in SF by an extra $18k/year

A big change we’ve made, if you look at our transparent salaries formula is that we’ve bumped up all SF engineering salaries by an extra $18k/year:

Engineer salary schedule

This was largely due to our finding that Buffer’s engineering salaries were far from competitive in the San Francisco Bay Area.

We always strive to pay people above market rate, which was clearly not happening for SF engineers. So with this change, we hope to come closer to a salary range that suits the expectations and markets in SF.

Continued focus on Engineering hiring:

We are very grateful to see so much continued interest across all our positions. Especially on the engineering hiring side, we doubled down in March to publish more articles showcasing the behind the scenes happenings here at Buffer.

Overall, March was another great month and we’re excited to keep pushing ahead on all fronts again in April.

Want to join the Buffer team? We’re looking for help in all these areas!

  • Congrats on all the growth! Crossing my fingers for more customer happiness positions. :)

  • I love seeing these stats every month! I can’t imagine going through all these applications, though. Just like Jennifer, I’m crossing my fingers for a Community Champion role. I love buffer and its fans!

  • 1944 Applicants, wow! How many positions, in total, do you have currently open?

    • Courtney Seiter

      11 right now! You can see them anytime at

      • Hi @courtneyseiter:disqus
        Thank you so much for the information! So you are looking only for 1 Happiness Hero, 1 Designer, etc? Thought you might have multiple positions open for the Happiness Hero. ;-)

        • Courtney Seiter

          Oh, yup, definitely we’d consider multiple positions for some of these roles, great point! :)

          • Great! That’s what I wanted to hear ;-)

  • Wes

    It’s interesting that someone made it all the way through the interview process for the community position, but turned down the offer in the end.

    • Courtney Seiter

      Oops, sorry I now see what you mean and how that might have appeared misleading! The discussion for that position went on into April, so we’ll be telling you more about it soon in next month’s report! :)

  • Leo – There might be a bug in the tables; they don’t seem to layout properly on mobile using chrome maybe because they’re embedded images. I just see 3 columns and can’t pinch zoom. I apologize if this isn’t the right place to bring this up but it does keep it in context.

    • So sorry these aren’t working for you, Kamil! That’s entirely our fault. We’ve been working to optimize images on the blog here, so this feedback is hugely helpful!

      Is there an info I can pass along for you that you weren’t able to see in these images?

      • Hey Kevan – no worries. I think the problem is with the images being fixed width. I ended up opening it on my laptop so its all good. Just thought i’d point it out. Glad I could help! Cheers.

  • Larksie

    Interesting to know your selection criteria. 1944 to 3 is tough going.

  • Scott Simon Barlow ©

    Firstly hats off to the continued transparency and leading the way!

    I wanted to mention a bit of feedback from going through the Buffer recruitment process a few stages and not getting the prize (job). This post is not out of bitterness but out of feedback from my experience and also that of a few others who got in touch with the same feeling.

    After my initial application was posted i heard almost straight away from Carolyn via email with a few questions. I answered these in detail and again came a few more emails over the period of a week. Her feedback and responses were very positive and it was encouraging until i received an overly nice email letting me know i was amazingly awesome – yet had not got the job.

    A bit of a let down really as i would have hoped for at least a transparent response with a clue at why i had not got the job. I think what made it worse is the over-positive response and then the complete opposite in “you didn’t get the job”.

    I reached out to Joel via twitter and his response was that he didn’t want to hurt people which was a bit weird being they live by total transparency.

    [Personally] I think more hurt is done by the perceived disingenuous response given to those that don’t get through. I think they deserve more – especially as Buffer is not just another blue chip company that doesn’t care.

    I hope at least, those going for future Buffer roles can have an option to hear the reason why they never made it or just accept a response that they didn’t make it this time.

    Peace and love.

    • Courtney Seiter

      Hi Scott,
      Thanks so much for letting us know about your experience; so sorry that we caused you such a bad feeling and weren’t able to give you the thorough response every applicant deserves. All of us at Buffer know we’re not perfect, and hiring is no exception – we definitely make mistakes. Based on your feedback, I think we can take a look at the tone of the email we sent you and try to make some improvements there. I really appreciate you sharing that here.

    • Anita Hodzic

      It’s odd but I had very similar if not identical experience.

      The email communications were so positive that it contributed to the very confident feeling I had about getting picked for an interview.

      Oh well until next time :)

      I love Buffer and use it daily and so I’ll keep an eye for the next time Happiness Hero position opens up :-)

  • Susie – The Busy Woman

    What happened to the LifeSaver job? ;)

  • Shawn Carter

    This is amazing! I knew there was some stiff competition for the Community Champion position, but I had no idea it was that big! Congrats guys! Clearly I’m not the only one who knows what a great company Buffer is. I’m assuming, because the position is still listed, that you guys are still looking for additional CC’s, or is that one limited to only one at this point?

  • Alan Duvall

    Just out of curiosity (and being that buffer is so transparent) I have to ask whether the “Business Development and General Hustler” was a friend or knew someone close in the company? I didn’t see that job posted, and the data tends to point in that direction.

    Any future plans to hire any more business development hustlers?

    Love the transparency and would love a chance to apply for a growth marketing position.

  • Great to see openness .. buffer is became my dream company now due to its openness and policies ..anyways .. I had this small query, How do you eliminate all those people from the application list.. as I can see there are a lot applicants, but only a 0.0001% or less has been interviewed or proceeded further, I am curious to know how do you do that?

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