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Buffer’s Next Workplace Experiment: We’re Hiring Your Pets

Over the years, we have done a lot of experimenting with how to bring about employee happiness at Buffer. We’ve developed a vibrant tradition of team karaoke, we’ve done yoga during meetings, and we’ve played soccer in large bubbles that knock everyone over.

Lately, we’ve been feeling like we need to do more. More feathers. More fur. More claws, scales and shells.

We realized that it’s time to think outside the box about what work can look like, and go against the status quo. After a lot of reflection, we’re ready to announce our newest workplace experiment.

Buffer is now hiring pets!

Dogs, cats, teacup pigs, chinchillas, you name it. All are welcome on the Buffer team.

We wanted to make sure we were including pets in our remote-first work culture. After years of seeing cat tails flash across video chats, and dog noses poke up into the video view, we’ve had enough of pets sitting on the sidelines and want to bring them more fully into the team.

This is Otto helping with some code! 

They’ll get to work from wherever they are the happiest (from laps, inside of crates and cages, on top of refrigerators, from their favorite sunny spot in the kitchen, in the park, etc.), join the rest of the team on video chats, be invited to our annual team retreats, and more.

In order to properly support their unique needs, we’re instituting a formal program that we’re calling NAP: Nap Accommodation Program. All Buffer pet hires will be able to schedule their work around their vital sleep needs, and we’re giving them a generous 18-hour-a-day sleep allowance. We’ll also be piloting the PURR program (Pet Unwinding & Recreation Recommendations) that will institute minimum recommended play time for all Buffer pets.

This is Cooper experiencing the NAP program. 

Also, we realized that while our “People Team” was the team that made the most sense for our newest pet hire to join, the team name didn’t feel quite right any longer. So, we’re changing the name of this team to our “All Creatures Team.”

Our first pet hire will be the Director of Warm Fuzzies! We’re so excited to bring on a furry (or hairy, or feathery, or scaly) teammate to bring about all the warm fuzzies that will fuel the happiness of the entire Buffer team. This is a big role!

This is Bailey hard at work!  

Job Description

As a Director of Warm Fuzzies, your pet will be responsible for:

  • Spreading joy to the entire Buffer team
  • Launching initiatives to make Buffer team members feel warm and gooey inside
  • Creating a meaningful team culture experience for all future pet hires
  • Helping all pet teammates set goals for the amount of “warm fuzzies” they will cultivate

Helpful Skills and Experience

  • Brings positive energy to all situations
  • Able to bring a smile to the faces of at least 50% of the people around in any given situation
  • Has a “listen-first” mindset in all communications (has barking, chirping, and other recreational noises under control)
  • Is empathetic to the experience of all types of pets (the runners, crawlers, flyers, prancers, trotters, etc.)
  • Experience with adorable cuddling would be helpful
  • Excellent lap-warming skills are encouraged, but not required

How to Apply

If your pet is a great fit for our team, we’d love to invite you/them to apply! (If they are unable to use a computer independently, you are welcome to help them with the submission process.)

Submit their application via Twitter with the hashtag #BufferHiresPets. We’re open to any form of application, though we admit that we’re crossing our fingers for video submissions. (We’ve found that the best way to get to know remote pets properly is through video.)

We’d love to hear: why are they the best fit for our first Director of Warm Fuzzies?

Any questions? Let us know!









p.s. April Fools!

We do want to add…

We are hiring for two real roles on the Buffer team! These roles are limited to humans only, but they’re just as exciting. Here are our open roles at the moment:

Product Engineer
Front-End Engineer

Feel free to learn more about the roles, what it’s like to work at Buffer and our hiring process at our Journey page!

  • Marina Nassif

    Is some nervous crying okay? Kristoff has emotional issues, but he’s a great lap warmer. Bonus: he’s a wiener dog! :)
    Love the article.

    • He sounds adorable! :) Thanks for reading, @marinanassif:disqus!

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