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The Homescreens of the Buffer Team: An Inside Look at All Our Favorite Apps, Folders, and Photos

It seems you can learn a lot about someone by looking at their phone: the apps they use, the folders they create, and the pictures they’ve added.

We’re excited to share a glimpse into our phones (and our lives!) here at the Buffer team.

A lot of what you might see here are some of the tools we use at Buffer like Hipchat, Trello, UP, and of course the Buffer app itself. A few other themes that pop up: Lots of great social media apps and tools and many apps focused on self-improvements like meditation, list-making, and fitness.

We’d love to learn how your homescreen looks, too! Feel free to add yours to the comments here and share any favorite apps or folders.

homescreens buffer team

Special thanks to the Basecamp team for giving us the inspiration to share!

Joel, @joelgascoigne

Joel Gascoigne homescreen

Notable apps:

Leo, @leowid

Leo Widrich homescreen



Sunil, @sunils34

Sunil's homescreen

Notable apps:

  • Waze – GPS, maps, and traffic
  • Todoist – To-do list and task manager

Niel, @nieldlr

Niel homescreen

Notable apps:

José, @josemdev

Jose homescreen

Notable apps:

  • Scanbot – Scanner and QR-code reader
  • OALD – Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary (English)
  • Simplenote – Note-taking and list making
  • PomodoroPro – Pomodoro timer
  • Spendee – Finance app and expense tracker

Kat, @kasiazien

Kat's homescreen

Notable apps:


Pioul, @_pioul

Pioul homescreen

Ivana, @ivanazuber

Ivana homescreen

Marcus, @mwermuth

Marcus homescreen

Notable apps:

Jordan, @JordanMorgan10

Jordan's homescreen

Notable apps:

  • Lifesum – Food, exercise, and health app
  • Quest – Gamified task management app


Mary, @marycjantsch

Mary's homescreen

Adam, @A_Farmer

Adam homescreen

Notable apps:

  • Mint – Money management, budget, and tracker
  • ESV Bible – English Standard Version of the Bible

Danny, @danmulc1

Danny homescreen

Notable apps:

  • MyFitnessPal – Calorie counter, plus food-and-exercise journal
  • Pure Gym – Fitness app for Pure Gym members

Ross, @rossparmly

Ross homescreen


Notable apps:

Kelly, @kellybakes

Kelly's homescreen

Amy, @amyheather

Amy's homescreen

Notable apps:

  • Dark Sky – Hyperlocal weather reports and down-to-the-minute weather updates
  • Swarm – Gamified Foursquare app

Customer Development

Rodolphe, @rdutel

Rodolphe's homescreen

Tom, @thomasdunnuk

TomD's homescreen

Roy, @RoyBoss

Roy homescreen

Product + Design

Dave, @OCallaghanDavid

Dave O homescreen

Notable apps:

  • MobileDN – Designer news
  • Wake – Share designs, send and receive feedback
  • – To-do lists and task management
  • Mailbox – Email client

Marc Anthony, @Marc_Rosa

Marc Anthony's homescreen

Notable apps:

Steve, @stevemdixon

Steve homescreen

Data and Growth

Michael, @michael_erasmus

Michael homescreen

Notable apps:

  • Magic Seaweed – Surf forecasts
  • Remote – Control for your iTunes library and iTunes radio
  • FNB – Online banking

Max, @Maxberthelot

Max's homescreen

Julian, @JulHeimer

Julian homescreen

Notable apps:

  • ESPNFC – Soccer scores and news
  • Sprig – Organic meals delivered

Crafters + Community

Kevan, @kevanlee

Kevan homescreen

Courtney, @courtneyseiter

Courtney's homescreen

Notable apps:

Nicole, @nmillerbooks

Nicole's homescreen

Alfred, @alfred_lua

Alfred homescreen

Notable apps:

Over to you

If you’re up for sharing, it’d be so neat to see your homescreen too!

Feel free to share the screen here below in the comments, along with any favorite apps that fit with your workflow. I’d be so excited to learn from you!

(To take a screenshot of your iPhone screen, press Power + Home. To take a screenshot of your Android screen, press Power + Volume Down.)

  • I keep my homescreen pretty minimal. It’s the 2nd page that is nothing but folders filled with hundreds of apps. :)

    • Love it, Ben! I see some really cool apps here – definitely intrigued by Scout Alarm!

      • Scout Alarm is great. They’re a startup out of Chicago that created a wonderful home alarm system. It’s cloud-based and connects to your home network, so it can be managed from anywhere. Buy just the piece you need for the doors, windows, and motion sensors you need.

        It has workflows a bit like IFTTT which allow you to say stuff like, If this door sensor is set off, then do this action. For instance, you could put a door sensor on the liquor cabinet and have it alert your phone when it’s opened so you know the kids when in it, but have the system set off the alarm and call the police if the living room motion sensor goes off when you’re away.

        You can choose to have just the siren and smartphone alerts when it goes off at no cost or there is a paid monitoring service for a small monthly fee. The system has battery backup to keep you protected even with the power out and 3G so it works even when your network goes down. It’s also very reasonably priced (plus most home owners insurance gives you a discount if you have monitored security services).

        It’s been really cool to watch them go from concept, through the many generations in the design and development process, and finally launch. :)

  • Aviate Launcher on a Sony Xperia Z2. Twitter client: Falcon | To-do-App: Toodledo | cal: Sunrise | notes: Squarespace Notes

    • Beautiful, Peter! What an awesome screen to open up to every day. Love the way you’ve organized things!

  • Trevor Klein

    I like my home screen clean as a whistle. Only the five apps in the dock are showing at any given time, with the rest of the screen taken by a large custom widget. Other screens have minimal themed app icons in groups, and I have the labels removed (I know what they all are, so labels feel like clutter).

    I’m on Android, using Nova Launcher as my app launcher, Tapet to regularly generate geometric wallpapers (I love that they change regularly), Zooper Widget for the custom home-screen widget w/ weather, next alarm, etc., and couldn’t do without Todoist.

    • Wow, Trevor! This is such a neat way of doing things. Thanks so much for sharing! (And hello over in Seattle, one of my favorite cities!)

  • More people have way more complicated lives by their own design than mine. This was interesting, almost like an astrology class or something like that! Hugs to everyone at buffer, y’all are really fun people!

    • Haha, thanks so much Niki! Yes, a very unique look into people’s lives, via their phones. So glad you enjoyed it! :)

  • Amanda L

    What a fun blog post!!

    My homepage contains the apps I utilize day-to-day for personal use and for my Beachbody coach business. You’ll see several social media apps, image editing tools, budget tracking app (YNAB), music, fitness tracker and even a shortcut to my Beachbody account.

    • Very cool, Amanda! Love some of the unique apps you’ve got here. I might end up checking out YNAB, that one sounds so interesting!

  • Wow, very inspiring and fun, like the one with the marketing celebrities :) I will probably move Elevate and Sticky Password apps to the home screen and put the flashlight and rain/storm forecast to the second one :)

    • Awesome screen, Petr! So cool, thanks for sharing! :)

  • Great post! I love seeing things like this, getting to experience the inner workings of other people’s workflows! Here’s a shot of mine…

    Notable apps:

    Workflowy: Note taking/task building/organizational tool
    ( )

    Upflix: Real time Netflix content info
    ( )

    Sworkit: Custom workout tool, personal trainer
    ( )

    Pushbullet: Quickly push text/links photos to any device, also see SMS + notifications from phone on desktop
    ( )

  • This was such a fun post! Thanks, Kevan! It’s really fascinating to see how people arrange their apps too. I like a mix of folders, icons, and happy emojis! ?

  • Lachlan

    Great article Kevan.

    My top apps are, spotify – evernote – gmail – google drive – sleep cycle – toDoist – podcasts – bible – pulse and linkedin

  • Loved this post, Kevan! I like how home screens tell a story about the people who use them — kind of like a tech version of ‘what’s in my bag’ posts ? Here’s mine! Some of my most-used apps are: Buffer (of course!), Podcasts, Pocket, Twitter, and 1-Password (but I always use spotlight to bring that up for some reason).

    Thanks again for this super fun post! ☺️

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