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Kevan Lee is Buffer’s Newest Content Crafter

I’m thrilled to introduce Kevan Lee as Buffer’s newest Content Crafter—but for those of you who frequent the Buffer blog, he hardly needs an introduction. Kevan Lee, Buffer

So many of you have already grown to know and appreciate Kevan from his thoughtful, thorough and impeccably researched posts on the Buffer blog over the past 6 weeks.

Thanks to his open, personable and honest writing, we’ve all watched as Kevan grew his Twitter account from newbie status to that of a seasoned veteran.

He’s also written many of what we’ve come to call “blogbusters” – content that spreads so far we can hardly believe it. Some examples of that include The Ideal Length of Everything Online, Backed by Research and A Scientific Guide to Hashtags.

Kevan is a true joy to work with and has been amazing at jumping in anywhere and everywhere he’s needed at Buffer—sometimes before we even know we need him!

For example, when the team was in Cape Town in the midst of travel and other projects, the imminent launch of our new iOS7 app snuck up on me—but not on Kevan! I asked him if he might have time to tackle the launch blog post, and he told me he had already whipped up a draft, “just in case we needed it.” :)

Kevan is an inspiration to me when it comes to living Buffer’s values. Every interaction I’ve had with him has been kind and filled with gratitude, and he is always working on unique ways to improve himself—mind, body and spirit.

Kevan has a journalism and marketing background and is based in Boise, Idaho, where he lives with his wife Lindsay and son Evan (who often makes adorable cameos on Sqwiggle!).

We ask each new team member to write a little something about themselves for Buffer’s team page as well as answer a few fun questions (adapted from Vanity Fair‘s famous Proust questionnaire). Read on and get to know Kevan a little better:

Straight from Kevan

On Buffer

We are so blessed at Buffer to have the community, users, and interactions that we do. Writing on the Buffer blog reminds me of this every day. Engaging with this community—its excitement for social, its wisdom, grace, and joy in conversations— has been an incredibly rewarding experience. Same goes for my interactions with the Buffer team. I count it quite a privilege to write and share what I’m learning and discovering and to do so with such an amazing, happy group of people.

What is your idea of perfect happiness?

Showing love to others—be it quality time with family, investing in the lives of those I care most about, encouraging people with a kind word, or writing helpful stories that people can connect with.

Also, watching a football game with the sound turned off is pretty great.

What is your greatest extravagance?

Every summer, I purchase a 36-count case of bottled water. Makes me feel like the Great Gatsby.

Which talent would you most like to have?

Each time I go to a concert, I wish I could play the guitar or the drums, depending on how cool the band’s guitarist or drummer is.

Who are your favorite writers?

Anne Lamott, Mark Twain, Dave Barry, Gregory Ciotti, Demian Farnworth, and generally anyone who writes from an authentic, transparent, hopeful place.

If you were to die and come back as a person or thing, what do you think it would be?

First, I would come back as a bug; I have a lot of leftover curiosities from watching Honey I Shrunk the Kids. Second, I would come back as a dog because they sure seem to have life and happiness all figured out. Third, I would come back as a wildflower atop a western-facing mountain so I could see the sunset every day. Fourth, I would come back as a dollar bill, just to see where all I’d visit (and the things I’d pay for). Fifth …

(I do get multiple reincarnations, right? If not, I’d opt for puppy dog.)


Not only does Kevan know a ton about social media and marketing topics, he’s delightful to talk to about books, culture, fatherhood and much more.  I really hope you get a chance to connect with him on Twitter and get to know him better.

(By the way, we’re always on the lookout for our next team member—here are our current open positions!)

  • Amanda Proo

    Welcome Kevan! I’ve enjoyed your posts so far and look forward to many more!

    • Thanks so much, Amanda! It’s great to be on board. :)

  • Brooke

    Loved your “length of everything” post, kevan! Totally bamboozled me! Haha Congrats and can’t wait for more epicness form you!

    • That was one of my favorites to write. :) Hope it bamboozled you in a good way!

  • Awesome addition to the team, truly enjoy the posts and the insights!

    • So great to hear this, Nick! Thanks! :)

  • w00t! A hearty congrats to Kevan, a splendid addition to the splendid Buffer team!

    • Thanks a million, Janet!

  • Yay Kevan! I love reading your blog posts! Your idea of perfect happiness is wonderful and aligns with mine, only I watch my Steelers play at full blast. :)

    • Thanks, Laura! Go Steelers! You’re a saint for being able to listen to Jim Nantz and Phil Simms that loud! :)

  • Congratulations Kevan! Have been loving your writing and am so pleased to hear that you have a wide range of things you’d ‘come back as’ – I can’t make my mind up on that one either! Looking forward to lots more insightful contributions from you going forwards :))

    • Haha, thanks Liz! What options are you considering for what you’d “come back as”?

  • Yayyyyyyyy! Congrats Kevan!!!

    My name is Thea and I approve this message. :)

    • Woohoo! Thanks, Thea! :)

  • Monica

    Congrats Kevan. This is indeed something I was waiting to happen for long. You deserve every bit of the recognition. Amazing work and a great human being.
    Way to go ! :)

    • Thanks so much, Monica!

      • Guest

        The pleasure is all mine :)

      • Monica

        The pleasure is all mine :)

  • Agnes Dadura

    Congrats! Yes, I do remember that face from a lot of great posts! Good job, and looking forward to more :-)

    • Thanks, Agnes! (It’s awesome to recognize you, too, from all the great comments conversations we’ve had.) :)

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