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Top Tips, Tools and Tricks for Remote Work

Rodolphe Dutel, Buffer team member and founder of Remotive, recently joined us to discuss remote working.

Rodolphe has spent many months traveling and working from all corners of the globe and has even sailed across the Atlantic Ocean. He brought many of his lessons learned, tools of the trade and general advice to #bufferchat!

pablo (13)Catch all the great tweets from the chat here, or read on for the highlights:

How do you define “remote working?”

From Rodolphe:

Remote working is the ability to work from anywhere, with/for people that can be located anywhere too! :)

More great insights:

  • “Remote working is working from anywhere that’s not the actual, physical workplace. Even if both are in the same town.” @V4Violetta
  • “Remote working is the freedom to be wherever you do your best work.” @Tylerrobb
  • “Being anywhere in the world, fulfilling the requirements of a job with support from others only really via technology” @rebeccalouiseee

What are some of the major benefits working remotely?

From Rodolphe:

  • I truly enjoy the flexibility remote working brings, you get to manage your energy and your time every day.
  • Remote working allows me to spend quality time with friends & family and to travel more (up to 50% of my time)
  • I love @joelgascoigne‘s answer: people choose ideal work environment (home, office), instead of forced into 1 setup by company

More great insights:

  • “It can also save both the company and the employees money, with rent/utilities for the biz, and commute for the emps.” @bberg1010
  • “Working remotely = increased productivity due to less distractions/people stopping by.” @The_ChrisBryant
  • “I truly believe if we eliminate “rush hours”, the world will become a better place with less stress, more empathy :D” @julietchen

Where do you find yourself most productive? On a plane, train, or maybe even the coffee shop?

pablo (35)

From Rodolphe:

  • Since not all tasks are created equal, breaking tasks down in actionable items on paper really helps my productivity.
  • I’m a fan of mixing locations: Mornings at coffee shops, afternoons in a coworking space & evenings at home :)

More great insights:

  • “I do my most productive thinking & planning from my backyard.” @LMHinz
  • “Not any particular physical place, but with a good cup of coffee and sweet music pumping through my headphones.” @KeewonMa
  • “My balcony has some magical power…it’s by far the most productive space for me…maybe bc I’m removed from distractions” @apartmentalist

What are some tools you use to keep on-task and organized while on the go?

From Rodolphe:

More great tools:

How do you network and meet people without an ‘office’ environment?

From Rodolphe:

Socializing as a remote worker is tricky, at @buffer we’re lucky to meet up every 5 months through our retreats

More great advice:

Is working remotely the future of work?

From Rodolphe:

  • There will be about 40 million of full/part time independents workers in the US by 2019 (source @MBOpartners) :)
  • Also, cost savings for companies & time savings for employees – remote working in gaining a lot of grounds!
  • Remote is an evolution of today’s workplace and will certainly be offered as an option for workers in the future
  • Workers will be able to experience remote, and see how it feels for them to work & interact this way
  • Hiring talent from anywhere will help building amazing and diverse teams!

More great insights:

  • “It as the future of work is probably a stretch. More orgs will definitely redefine their model to include remote work.” @2025Solutions
  • “I think part-time WFH, like on Fridays or in the AM to avoid traffic, is a great “future shift”. @avizuber
  • “Some people want/need an office or group environment. But for those that want to be remote, I think it will become easier.” @Odalis_SM

What are some helpful blogs and resources on remote working?

From Rodolphe:

More great resources:

Thank you so much for everyone who joined in on this great chat! Catch #bufferchat each Wednesday at 9 am Pacific/noon Eastern and join our Google+ community for the latest news.

Do you have any comments or answers to these questions? Leave your thoughts in the comments! We’d love to hear from you!

  • Thank you for sharing great insights about remote working and another big thank you for including our company Twitter – Remote Staff.

    What I love about remote working is that it connects business owners to a wider talent pool and give professionals from around the globe opportunities to harness their skills.

    • Remotive

      That’s true Chris, exciting to see how a larger talent pool is bringing awesome opportunities :)

    • Exactly! Remote working is a great chance for connecting with people all around the world and sharing their skills and experiences, like we see in this article.

  • Useful Tips Provided !

  • Hey Nicole I really like your list and I think you mention so many great apps there.
    We work also remote in our startup with people based in Berlin, London, Manila and Delhi. We actually also wrote an article about the tools we are using:

    I’d like to challenge you on one fact you are mentioning:

    “There will be about 40 million of full/part time independents workers in the US by 2019”

    I know that many startups like to use numbers like this to explain why their next app or tool for remote and/or independent worker will be so much in demand (I’ve done it myself many times).

    But I actually think, that a huge proportion of the level of independent workers will be sitting in an Uber taxi or working on TaskRabbit or Fiverr. What I am trying to say is that the type of independent workers is changing and we should not assume that the we will just get more of the same independent workers we have at the moment (journalists, sole traders, consultants,…). What do you think?

    • Remotive

      Hey there Felix, thanks for your cool answer :) You’re absolutely right, independent workers will come under many different forms!

      It feels like a great addition to those numbers to add that some people will be working as full remote employees, other partially remote – and not all will be in an office environment :)

      Best of luck with your distributed startup Felix :)


  • Chrysalis Software & System

    Nice Post !!
    Thank you so much for sharing with us !

  • Great article Nicole! I am a big fan of working remotely. I run my Small Business in Australia ( and am training my customers to reach me via email or messenger, as well as ensuring my projects do not tie me down to a physical place. This I find allows greater productivity as I can fit in more work around my family life and into non-business hours. It is also great being able to do work in any spare time from almost anywhere I have internet. Great for holidays! Thanks for a great read :)

  • Kate H

    Great information (we also love Trello & Slack for communication & collaboration)! If you’re looking for remote work tips from a company that is 100% distributed, we just published a blog you may be interested in: “Remote work tips from Chargify’s distributed team”

    If you have a chance to read it, would love to hear your thoughts!

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