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Respond at 6 Months In: New Website, Moving Forward on Prototyping

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Six months ago Respond launched…


It’s incredible just how fast time moves when building a startup. Massive highs and lows all in the course of a single week. In fact, I’ve heard some team members compare working in a startup to being in a pressure cooker – everything just happens quicker.

Towards the end of February Buffer officially unveiled Respond and began welcoming customers. In just six short months we’ve shipped a ton of features, fixed hundreds of bugs and learned far more than we can share in a single blog post.

We’re still just as excited for where Respond is headed. We haven’t even begun to scratch the surface on social customer care.

Prototyping for the win

Last month we shared a bit about our prototyping process and how we’re using it to quickly build and validate new ideas for Respond. Our team is moving full steam ahead on some exciting changes and new product initiatives that came out of recent prototypes and customer interviews.

With the world-class support team at Buffer to draw inspiration from and our relatively fresh perspective on the growing social customer care space, we think we’re uniquely positioned to introduce some truly innovate ideas.

We can’t wait to share more soon ?.

New marketing website is here

In August we shipped phase one of our all new marketing site. We’ve added a ton of new content to help potential customers better understand the product. We’ve also completely rewritten the copy and positioning, making it super clear that Respond’s focus is squarely on providing social customer service software for support teams.


Our new site will serve as the foundation for a number of upcoming marketing initiatives in September and beyond.

Over to you

Is there anything you’d love to learn more about? Anything we could share more of? We’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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