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Closing Down Buffer’s Suggestions Feature: Here’s Why and What’s Next

Being a part of a company that is run according to a specific set of values brings a great amount of clarity into everything we do at Buffer.

Looking to our values becomes particularly important when there’s a challenging decision to make—for example, how to move forward with a feature that hasn’t yet found its fit.

When we practiced this reflection with Buffer’s Suggestions feature recently, we decided that they’ve reached the end of their journey. Beginning August 1, we’ll start turning off Suggestions in phases, the final phase to be turned off somewhere around the end of August.

I know that for some of you, this may not feel like good news. I’d love to share with you our deliberation and thought process to help explain how we came to this decision and what might come next.

Why remove Suggestions?

We created Suggestions in order to make it easier for our customers to discover great things to share. While this feature fulfilled that mission, it missed the mark in a few pretty big ways:

  • The content was focused on only a few different topic areas, not necessarily the topics you would naturally choose to share around or in your preferred language.
  • The design of Suggestions prioritized sharing content over consuming content.
  • Having the same pool of suggestions for all our customers led to lots of sharing of the exact same posts, which didn’t feel like a very authentic experience.

When we reflected on Buffer’s values and how they might apply here, one element stood out in our value of “Listen first:” You focus on listening rather than responding.

Buffer value 5: listen

By making it so easy to share Suggestions, we haven’t spent as much time encouraging listening as we should have.

Even if we were able to make changes to this element of Suggestions, we would still face the challenge of creating a system that retrieves relevant, personalized content for each of our users, whose areas of focus and expertise are wonderfully varied and diverse.

We haven’t been able to overcome that challenge, and we have no desire to give you a product that doesn’t make the grade. And that’s how the decision to retire Suggestions became clear.

What happens now?

We know content curation is an ongoing task for social media managers, so we want to give you as much time as possible to adjust to this change.

After August, we defer to the many other great tools that offer personalized content suggestions. Here are a few that we particularly like:


ContentGems monitors the best online sources, including 200,000+ news sources, blogs, and social media accounts, and filters the results based on your keywords, social signals, and more.

 LinkedIn Pulse

LinkedIn has expanded rapidly as a content platform, and there are enough good stories on LinkedIn to make their Pulse page a fantastic source of solid content. Pulse includes customized stories according to those whom you follow on LinkedIn and you can also receive Pulse via email: weekly, daily, or as soon as new content is posted. To turn on the LinkedIn Pulse email, visit your Email Frequency settings, and change the settings for Updates and News.


Browse the collections and trending lists straight from Medium to find great content, or follow your favorite writers. Based on whom you follow, Medium sends emails with content it thinks you might like.

This daily newsletter collects the stories that have been shared most often by those you follow on Facebook and Twitter. Your digest then becomes a reflection of the content that is most important to your audience—a pretty good indicator that you’re onto something good to share. You can edit the settings to receive five, 10, or 15 stories each day.


Nuzzel is another one of the “news from your friends” apps, letting you connect your social profiles in order to surface the stories that your circles are sharing. A few neat features of Nuzzel include:

  • Not only news from friends but also news from friends of friends
  • A list of replies and tweets referring to the top content shared by friends
  • A boomerang feature: stories that might have slipped your attention


The site collects the top stories and visuals from some of the best communities on the web and delivers the content in an easy-to-browse layout (or via email, if you’d prefer). You can cycle among a handful of different sites without ever leaving the Panda homepage.

  • Hacker News
  • Growth Hackers
  • Designer News
  • Product Hunt
  • Lobsters
  • Dribbble
  • Behance
  • Awwwards


Prismatic delivers a personalized, social news stream of interesting links based on those you follow on your favorite social networks and on your chosen categories and topics of interest. The content discovery carries over to the web, too, where you can browse stories and edit your interests and followers.


SmartBrief boasts more than 225 unique newsletters, broken down into 40+ topics. Whatever your specific industry or niche, chances are that SmartBrief will have a newsletter for you—chock full of curated news and information.


Swayy connects to Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to discover the topics and stories that are trending among your circles or being shared by your community. You can access this content directly from the Swayy dashboard (as well as view analytics on what you’ve shared via Swayy), or you can see stories via the Swayy daily email.

Buffer Feeds

You can also add your favorite RSS feeds to your Buffer social profiles and share links directly inside your Buffer dashboard—Awesome and Buffer for Business customers can connect up to 15 feeds per connected social profile. (Those on the Individual plan can try out Feeds by signing up for a no-risk, cancel-anytime trial of Buffer for Business, which gets you access to feeds, team members, robust analytics, and more.)

And 100+ more on the Buffer Social blog

For even more content curation options, including great newsletters, more tools and lots more, here are a few handy resources from the Buffer Social blog:

What’s next?

I know for some of you this will be a disappointing change, and I am so sorry to create frustration for you. I can tell you that we’re not through trying to make content curation a better, easier experience.

We’re so grateful to have heard from some of the amazing people who use Suggestions every day and that it’s useful to have a single place to go and quickly find great content. We’re here to serve you all and feel passionately about making life easier for each of you. This decision will help us focus on providing the best content sharing experience possible.

We’re already looking ahead to new opportunities to build tools that empower authentic social media interactions and help you be your own content curator—whether that’s through RSS feeds, Twitter lists, guest curators or any number of other ideas we could be exploring soon.

We’d love to hear from you about your content curation workflow, your needs and wants, and what sort of tool or feature would be the most helpful for you. Any feedback or thoughts at all are always welcome—please share it all in the comments.

  • brandonmccloskey

    This really sucks … It was 1 of 2 reasons I went with Buffer instead of HootSuite (2nd being customer service). The suggestions helped me to quickly load up my queue with content so I didn’t have to worry about my social media. Now I have to develop my own thus taking valuable time from my business.

    • Really sorry to have created this bad feeling for you, Brandon. I can definitely see how this could feel really awful. I wish we could have solved some of these challenges and gotten this feature into a great spot for you; I can promise you we’ll keep working on it.

  • Nathan Murphy

    Dammit. This was my favourite buffer feature and the only thing I’ve actually used it for.

    • brandonmccloskey


    • Ack, so sorry Nathan, hate to interrupt your workflow this way. :(

      • Nathan Murphy

        All good Courtney. I was a free user in any case, so makes sense from Buffer’s perspective to improve the product for how paying customers are using it!

    • Hi Nathan, I’m working with people who loved Buffer’s suggestions to develop an app that keeps providing them with great content in the same way.

      Could you send me an email if you’re interested in being part of the beta launch?

      Email me at:

      • Sam Maropis

        please add thanks

      • Nicholina Womack

        I AM VERY interested in being part of a beta app. I really utilized the buffer suggestions for my content curation.

      • Elaine Marshall

        Please add me as well –

      • Same here. This feature was a big sell for me. Not sure why removing features doesn’t remove dollar signs from the monthly investment as well. Just would seem fair.

      • Hi Nathan, I’m interested. Is there a way to indicate this w/o adding my email to the comments so it doesn’t get scraped?

    • Vasudha Veeranna

      Hi Nathan, if you’re looking for an alternative content discovery, curation and scheduling tool, I’d like to invite you to try DrumUp ( It’s a free tool that lets you find interesting content, schedule posts to multiple accounts and also connect your blog’s feed with your social accounts. If you do try the tool, I’d love to hear your feedback and suggestions on it.

    • Mem

      Hey all – so the dust has settled. We’re fast approaching the one year mark since Buffer suggestions were part of our lives.

      I wanted to reignite the conversation and find out how everyone’s sourcing content these days.

      What’s your workflow for curating relevant content for you/your client accounts without spending all day trying to find it?

      I know there were a few websites/services mentioned in the comments at the time of this announcement (some of which appear to no longer be around)…is anyone still using these? Any good?

      I’ve compiled a list of 94 of my personal ‘go to’ websites that I now use….content aggregators/viral sites/quotes websites etc.

      You can check out the full list here (no opt in required)

      Curious to hear how everyone else has adapted – let me know!

  • Agree with the others who have already commented. It was the primary reason I switched from Hootsuite to Buffer. Not sure whether I’ll stay or not, especially since I am paying. That was one of the features I thought I was paying for.

    • Hey Kathleen, deep apologies for forcing you into this decision, I know that can’t feel great at all. If I can answer any questions at all for you to help you figure things out, please let me know!

      • Courtney, I understand that it’s typical to divert attention away from people’s frustrations by saying “I understand” but Kathleen DID have questions about why your team thinks this is a good idea to just up and drop – ESPECIALLY without adding something to replace it.

        So here’s a question – why not add something that solves the problem that Suggestions solved?

        Buffer was a great multi-faceted app – do YOU want to go and have to learn yet another app and sign up for yet another service just to do something that you were already paying for and used to? Of course not.

        Let me break it down the entirety of this comment thread:

        Customers don’t like when businesses give people something and then take it away from them. They’re relying on you to help build their things. We’re all on a massive team as web developers and it really sucks when someone drops the ball.

        We’ve all done it – but for a feature that has become an absolute staple in our workflow to just be gone and now there’s a hole that needs filled – that just sucks. There’s no other way to say it.

        And I am pretty sure that there’s a lot of folks that would agree with me on your dev team. Decisions like that usually are made because someone at the top of the money food chain is too disconnected from the reality of what makes their business run: the customers.


        I’m still going to keep the “Awesome” plan…for now. But this kind of business move does not make customers loyal to your company. It makes us feel like we don’t matter to you – and that’s why your competition is trolling your comment feed.

        Just some thoughts.

        • Hey there Ryan,
          Thank you so much for taking the time to share these thoughts with me. I know it probably really sucks to be in this situation and feel like you’re not being heard the way you would like to be. This may not help much, but I can promise you I have agonized over this decision for exactly the reasons you state. Although this feature has some big problems (detailed above) it also has some passionate fans like yourself, and that means so very much to us. Would it be OK if we emailed you to talk further about this? We definitely want to create new features that solve the challenges that Suggestions attempted to, and I think you’d have some great insights to help make it great. Totally understand if that’s not something you’re interested in, I know we’ve created a hardship for you already.

          • Hi Courtney – yes that’s fine – you can contact me at our website – just click the contact button it’s the easiest way to reach me. Thanks.

    • Rebekah Kronjaeger

      Yes! This was why I switched form hootsuite to buffer as well. Not sure what I’m going to decide about this yet.

      • Same with me. I don’t understand the reasoning that is given-that it prioritized sharing over consuming, and that we need to ‘listen’ more.

        I totally get that there’s a two way street in social. Listen, look for ways you can solve problems, provide value, instead of ‘here read this, here read this’ etc.

        That said it isn’t Buffer’s job to tell a person/business how to do social. Perhaps, depending on their goals, this suggestion feature may have been the right solution, maybe. Maybe not.

        It’s obvious that the suggestions feature wasn’t done properly.

        It needed to be industry specific.

        It needed to be relevant to me and my customers and potential customers.

        It needed to integrate hashtags as appropriate.

        It’s a bummer it’s going away, there was a lot of potential in it, even if it did promote sharing, instead of consuming.

        • DirtCheapStartup

          We’re building exactly that Tyson! Would love more of your input Chunk

    • DirtCheapStartup

      Agreed… the Awesome plan gets less awesome :(

  • Ross Parmly

    Courtney, thanks for taking the time to walk us through the team’s thought process here! Admittedly I was sad to hear that we were losing this feature, but I find it refreshing that Buffer is sticking to their values even when it comes to removing a feature loved by many. That takes courage.

    Maybe there will be a way in the future to make suggestions more personalized, authentic, and robust? Until then, I appreciate all the helpful links to other content curation sources. Thank y’all for a good ride and for sharing some really neat content while this feature was live :D


    • Thanks so much for your kind insights, Ross! It wasn’t an easy decision but I do think it’s the right one. We’ll definitely keep dreaming and keep you up to date, hope to share a great solution one day soon!

  • Lazy people like me love the suggestions features :) … But your reasoning makes perfect sense. Suggestions are a shortcut and defeat the real purpose of “social” media in the first place. Well done for making an unpopular decision for the long term good.

    • Thanks for being so understanding and patient with us, Damien!

    • Not exactly Damien. Content curation can be an excellent part of your overall social media strategy, as long as you’re mixing it with publishing your own content as well.

  • eWebsiteBroker

    This are very sad news. The “Suggestions” were one, if not the top feature, that made me use your tool. Though there are other news aggregators out there such as Feedly, your “Suggestions” tool provided convenience, easy to use, and ability to easily add news without going to other site.

    Are you sure that Buffer will be better off without it ? The overall balue of Buffer will be diminished. And, if you eliminate the “Suggestions” tool, Buffer will be more similar (instead of different) like your competitors.

    I apologize, but I think the decision does no make sense to me.
    My two cents — please reconsider !


    • Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts; we still feel passionately about helping you share great content and want to keep going there. I hope this decision will help us focus on providing the best content sharing experience possible.

  • adamwoodsaus

    Oh no, that’s such a shame (and a touch annoying). It removes the reason I use Buffer. Businesses go in different directions, I get that, but I’ll be moving to another platform. Good luck though.

    • Thanks for leveling with us, Adam; I’m really sorry to create this change for you! Wishing you all the best also, hoping our paths can cross again.

      • adamwoodsaus

        Can I also congratulate Buffer on it’s roll out of this new direction for its core business? Your timely communication, your principled approach to your core set of values, and your willingness to explain your position on this very page have turned me around. Maybe the future for my business might be less content, but also better, more relevant, more bespoke content for our customers. Whatever we decide you’ve convinced me to stay for now…

    • jimhitch

      Thanks for understanding, Adam. We’re sorry to have caused a decision and extra work to choose another provider here. I know it sounds strange to say at this moment, but if there’s anything we can do to help, please do let us know…

  • Patrick Klima

    Ah, too bad! Yes, I liked the Suggestions, too. I was finding articles I really enjoyed and would never have seen!

    Courtney, I can totally understand your perspective, too. Amplifying the signal for a few select authors who made it into the Suggestions doesn’t really fit with what you’re trying to accomplish with Buffer. I did find myself fighting the urge to mindlessly share content with neat titles.

    Would it be ok if I make two suggestions?

    You might look into improving your Feeds function a bit, as a trade-off. For example, during on-boarding, your Feeds could ask me “what are your favorite sites?” and then go and find the RSS feed for me. (Since I don’t do it that often, I found seeking out the RSS URL to be a bit of a friction point.) Or, if I have topic interests in mind instead of sites, then maybe you could offer a topic-based directory of sites for users to choose from (giving 3rd-party bloggers an incentive to join your ecosystem ;-).

    And, second, I’ve really been enjoying the Buffer blog, as well as the sites featured in Suggestions. Maybe you could add a section to your blog for “stuff we think is awesome” and then make it easy for me to add those content sites to my Feeds. (This sounds similar to what you talked about in your post.)

    I could easily see those two things becoming even better than your Suggestions feature!

    Thanks for everything, Patrick

    • +1 for the topic directory idea. That would be a phenomenal resource.

    • Yes yes yes, Patrick! Love all these suggestions so much! I have high hopes that Feeds will be the next area to really beef up to add lots of different ways for a customer to create their own custom curation system. The topic areas is awesome, and the “stuff we think is awesome” area would be amazing, thanks so much for sharing these great thoughts!

    • Ross Parmly

      Casting my vote for some of Patrick’s fantastic suggestions! Love the idea to add a “Stuff we think is awesome” section :) It’d be neat to still have a pulse on what the team is digging into, even as the Suggestions feature goes away.

      Also, love that idea to make Feeds more robust! I love how Apple Music onboards the user through an interactive music selection process so they know how to best cater to you. Maybe Buffer could eventually incorporate something similar? Really neat ideas Patrick!

      • Yeah, that onboarding concept would be really neat, it feels like there’s a lot of cool possibilities for us to explore!

  • I used Buffer alongside Klout to schedule curated and own content. Scheduling function in TweetDeck doesn’t need an additional app. So it might be: bye, bye Buffer!

    • I hear you, so sorry to have created this tough decision for you! Totally understand how fewer apps and tools creates a quicker and easier workflow, makes tons of sense,

  • Neha Dhiman

    I loved the feature! Days when I couldn’t think of anything, Buffer was my favorite resort. It is sad..I don’t know how will I carry on without the suggestions tab..bye bye twitter followers.

    • Oh no, I’m really really sorry Neha. If you happen to give one of the tools above a try, I’d be interested to see how it goes for you!

  • Jbs

    I think your userbase is going to decrease significantly, especially when another service provider comes along to offer that feature since you no longer do… ;(

    • Thanks for looking out for us here, I hope that we’ll be able to keep working on content curation features!

  • Courtney hi

    I’ve been feeling for a long while, ‘canned content’, doesn’t really do it for me.

    I’ve mentioned to your colleague, Kevan, the most meaningful engagement
    I get on Facebook, as measured by Facebook ‘Insights’, is from personal
    ‘status updates’, the authentic ‘me’.

    I’ll continue using Buffer as a scheduling app, with my personally selected content !

    • Hey there Ruth, I’m so grateful for this great feedback! It seems like strong validation for what we’ve been feeling as well. How do you go about choosing and sourcing your personally selected content? I’d love to hear more about your workflow!

  • Tyson_Q

    You guys just made a horrible decision. This is the primary reason many of your users use you over the competition. Automation for SMB’s is king…. you’re adding friction. Shame on you

    • I’m so sorry for the frustration we’re causing with this decision, Tyson! I know how useful it is to have curated articles right in your Buffer and adding friction to sharing is the last thing we want to do. We’re hoping this decision will help us push ahead with that in new ways and are so grateful that you’re holding us accountable here.

  • Anshumman

    disappointed, that was my favorite feature and now its going away. i was planning to go for amazing but i thing i will hold or do something else.

    • Really sorry to create this disappointment; if I can answer any questions at all to help you figure out your next move I would be happy to!

  • Also very disappointed :( Now all I can use it for is scheduling; plenty of other options out there. Sorry Buffer

    • Really sorry, Tina; I hope you find a solution that gives you what you need!

  • Daniel

    To those of you who actually liked the suggestions feature, you should check out

  • Passle

    Hi Courtney, I think that’s a brave move on your part! It’s going to encourage me to use your Feed section much more, which can only be a good thing. Is there a way of integrating Swayy with Buffer? At the moment I copy and paste their tweet to yours, but there must be an easier way…. Thanks! Claire

    • Really appreciate your encouragement, that means so much! Hmm, good question on integrations, I am not quite sure on that but I will check into it and see what I can find out. I know Jeff from ContentGems mentioned an integration that sounded pretty smooth, that might be a great one to try!

  • I am going to miss it since it was my number one source for content to Twitter, but changes are mostly for good. You guys really listen to your customers and if you decided to make this change, I am sure you have a strong business case supporting you.
    I am curious for what’s coming next on Buffer.

    For now, I will be relying more on Feedly and ScoopIt then.

    • Wow, I am so humbled by the faith you have in our team, Debbie. I promise to do my best to honor it and create something worthy of you and all our customers. :) Great alternatives, sounds like a good plan!

  • Ava

    I’ll join with the others here as well in saying this was something that Buffer was doing better than anyone else. I’m disappointed to see this feature go. Not only did I use it, but I recommended it and now all of these people will be going to Buffer to look for something that is disappearing. Way to go……..

    • Oh wow, Ava, I am so deeply sorry that we violated the trust you had in us this way, it means the world to me that you would recommend Suggestions to others. Could you possibly picture Feeds having the same utility for you one day? I’d love to work toward that!

      • Ava

        Possibly, yes. I’m willing to try it, but Buffer really was doing this better than anyone else! I’ve had more Retweets and Favorites using your links than mine! LOL I’m not going anywhere. I’ll look forward to seeing what Buffer puts together. I’m sure after all of this feedback, we won’t be left hanging. Thanks for your time.

        • Ava

          I explored this further and realized that the Feeds function is a paid feature only. I’m not going to pay for something that I got for free before and I’m definitely not going to pay for it when I have found something better –

          Thanks for the great feature and free account, Buffer, I fear our time has passed. I wish you the best as I feel you still have much to offer those willing to pay. I’m just not in a place where I can or am willing to do that now.

  • I won’t lie; I am pretty sad about this. I enjoyed Suggestions for the fact that it connected me with content that I wouldn’t have found otherwise – there were plenty of things that I read and never shared, so I appreciated the tool for expanding my horizons a bit and getting out of my comfort zone of the same sites all the time.

    On the flip side, in all my interactions with Buffer, I’ve come to trust you guys a lot. I know you’re trying to do your best and figure it out as you go along – everything is an iteration, right? So, with that, I’m “choosing positivity” and looking forward to the next bigger, better thing to come out of the Buffer labs :)

    • Wow Amanda, I feel so fortunate to benefit from your thoughts here! I’m really sorry that we’re interrupting the discovery flow that you built up and am so grateful to hear how this feature was useful to you. We heard this come up several times as well as when we were talking to people about Suggestions and it’s something that we’re hoping to help with as we improve Feeds.

      So grateful to have your trust here Amanda and we’ll do our best to live up to that!

  • Gary Kind

    This is a completely crazy decision with no decent reason for switching it off. I don’t want yet *another* sign-in to yet *another* service.

    Sorry guys, if you are lean and good startup guys you will listen to the feedback and act accordingly.

    I’m looking to reduce my SMM time not increase it.


    • Gary, I absolutely hear you. I hate that we’ve created frustration for you and more steps in your workflow. Could you possibly see Feeds being part of a solution for you, perhaps with some changes?

      • Gary Kind

        I use Feeds now Courtney but even that its two button clicks as opposed to one for Suggestions. I thought you were guys the kings of UI design/experience/conversion rate optimisation?

        The overriding sentiment in all these comments is how its a bad idea. I get the whole ‘take stuff out’ really I do but not when your userbase starts complaining! :)

        • Ah, great feedback, Gary, I’d love to get working on how to make Feeds a more seamless and useful experience for you, hopefully one that could rival Suggestions! I know that’s likely not what you were hoping to hear, so sorry. :(

  • Kody Atkinson

    While I will miss seeing what pops up each day that might be interesting to me, I do think it is impressive that Buffer is willing to make a values-based decision despite the inevitable backlash. I’m curious about the distinction between suggestions and feeds. It seems that they have the same potential for click and share without reading. Are feeds okay because I add them while suggestions are not because Buffer adds them? Genuinely just curious. Thank you for being a company that lets their values be their guide!

    • Thanks so much for your support, Kody! That means the world to us as we strive to improve here. Really appreciate your question about the difference between Suggestions and Feeds as well, we thought a lot about this and felt like Suggestions were a bit more of us “pushing” content out rather than helping you pull interesting content in from the places you already know and value.

      I do think that we still have a ways to go with Feeds to fully get to that point and we’re hoping to have the ability to really focus on that soon!

  • Lynne J. Johnson

    Yep moved from Hootsuite to Buffer for this reason. Bummer Bummer Bummer. I think we are all big people and can decide for ourselves if we want to share what others may have shared. :( Oh well.

    • Thoroughly agreed.

    • Ditto on adult decisions, but what happens when the feature does not propose anything of value for all your diverse accounts? Through our agency, we are interested in Agile, Lean, responsive design, growth hacking, photography, fashion… You get it. But all suggestions ever proposes are startup news and 9 ways to launch an email campaign.

      If the content proposed cannot follow user needs at large, it is the right decision to make, regardless of how great it is for a few of you. It’s a simple application of utilitarianism in a rapid business like Buffer ;)

      • Hector, you nailed it. This is absolutely the core of what we could not quite get to. It would have been such a privilege to be able to find great content for all the wonderfully diverse interests of our customers, it was just a challenge we could not quite solve. I’m really hopeful Feeds could become this solution with some extra work.

      • Lynne J. Johnson

        Hi Hector, Agree if you simply push out content without reviewing and deciding which portal to use absolutely Buffer is spot on. I like to think we take time to personalize …

        I didn’t want it to seem like I’m disappointed with Buffer – I consider Buffer a great partnership tool — just really enjoyed the content creation. Thank you for the content suggestions too Courtney!

    • Great point, Lynne, thanks so much for sharing this thought. I absolutely agree; all our customers are so smart and great at what they do. Any implication that we know better at all is totally my fault. I think the biggest issue might be what Hector mentions below, that the content we curated was often too broad to fit the specific interests of our customers and was a lot less useful than it could have been, this was the challenge we could never quite solve unfortunately.

  • Ron Webb

    Courtney, I used the suggestions function quite a bit, but admittedly, it was when I was in a hurry or was being lazy. While I’ll miss it, I also use other tools when I’m in a hurry or lazy.

    Kudos to you and the team for making the hard decision to stay focused on what you believe is your core. Strategy is as much about figuring out what is not worthy of distraction as it is about setting your direction. Plus, I know you guys will come out with more awesome stuff in the future to wow us.

    • Appreciate the encouragement so much, Ron. I want you to hold us to it; can’t wait to come back here and share new curation tools!

  • amybof

    Hugely disappointed in this decision. Buffer has always been a SHARING tool, not a consumption tool, and the removal of this feature just makes sharing a little bit more difficult. I was thrilled when our entire social team switched over to buffer earlier this year. I will be sad to see it go if we collectively decide other services (that, unlike buffer, we aren’t paying to use) can equally meet our needs in light of the removal of this standout buffer feature.

    • Definitely understand where you’re coming from here; I hate that we’ve made things a bit tougher for you with this decision. Hopeful that you’ll find a solution that feels great to you; I would love to work toward developing Feeds to the point that it might possibly work here.

  • I was using buffer suggestions for some of my SM accounts, but not all. I think you’re making the right decision with removing them. Thanks for the resources and good luck ahead.

  • Thank you so much for these resources! Sad to hear the feature is sunsetting, but definitely understand the Buffer team’s point of view. Really appreciate the transparency!

    • Hey Natalie, really appreciate you sharing this note! Those 10 resources were my main sources for finding Buffer’s suggestions, so I vouch for them all personally!

  • fedup now

    I will be leaving after my subscription is up unless this decision is turned over. Curation is not that hard. You guys have been doing a good job and if this is a way to reduce the # of employees @ Buffer I defenitely will not support it.

    • I am so so sorry to have created this feeling for you. :( I’m glad you liked the suggestions; I l really loved curating them every day. It just became clear that there was no way to do them on a scale that would do justice to all our awesome customers. And thanks for thinking about this through the lens of our team; there are definitely no cutbacks planned! This change will allow us to reallocate some time to making Feeds a better and more robust solution for future curation.

      • fedup now

        I understand you are doing your job, Courtney, and I very much appreciate your reply. Please understand that Buffer is charging a fee for this curation feature, among other benefits. Now that this feature is being cut we will still continue to be charged more than other services that do exactly the same thing. Buffer is removing their competitive edge. Instead of evolving the curation process, they are completely removing it because it is too “hard”. That isn’t fair to customers and I now do not see a reason to set Buffer apart from others.

  • Like many others here, the content suggestion feature is the reason I switched from Hootsuite to Buffer in the beginning. But I have to say I stopped using it lately because of the reason you listed:

    “Having the same pool of suggestions for all our customers led to lots of sharing of the exact same posts, which didn’t feel like a very authentic experience.”

    I still think you were amazing content curators and I would love to keep reading content curated by the buffer team. The keyword here is “reading” which the tool wasn’t focused on. That’s why I really understand your decision. It was an amazing feature but it led to a user behavior that is not in line with Buffer’s culture. I hope you find a new way to help with more genuine content curation :)

    • Hi Aurelie! Always so lovely to talk with you here. :) I really appreciate hearing your point of view here, and that our reasoning is in line with what you experienced as well. I’m hopeful that with some work, Feeds can accomplish a lot of the same curation but with lots more personalization, which would be a great change!

      • I read more comments above and there are some amazing ideas on how to make feeds work as the new curation tool. I can imagine how hard it was for you to decide to get rid of the feature but I’m part of the few people who think you made the right decision. I am excited to see what will come next and I really need to start using feeds.

  • If Buffer offered free reports or something other niche as they did with Suggestions that I may stay but as of now, I’ll have to go. Removing your differentiator from your lineup is truly shameful.

    • That’s a great thought, definitely feels like the right direction to create value through a specific feature. So sorry about causing you frustration through this change!

  • Elizabeth Friesen

    So sad. Shedding real tears. I loved this feature. It saved me so much time and energy. My Twitter following and engagement increased exponentially almost immediately after I started using the suggested posts. You made me, and everyone I shared that content with, smarter and better informed. You exposed me to sites and people that I never even knew existed. To say that I am extremely disappointed would be an understatement. :(

    • Oh no, Elizabeth, I’m so deeply sorry to have created such a bad feeling for you. I truly loved curating content suggestions; if I could do it for every customer I would love to try! I wish this were a challenge we could have conquered, we will keep trying!

    • Hey Elizabeth, I’m attempting to re-create Buffer’s suggested content feature in a stand alone app.

      Would you be interested in being an early beta user? You seem to be the perfect person I’d like to learn from on how to make it into an awesome service.

      • Roey Nickodemus-Hilliard

        I’ll test– send me deets to

      • Elizabeth Friesen

        Thanks, Craig. Sounds interesting! I’m rarely on Disqus, so I don’t see my messages here in a timely manner. We’re already connected on Twitter (I’m @emfriesen) so please get in touch there. :D

  • FoodieFace

    That’s too bad, it was the one feature that influenced me to become a paying subscriber. Oh well, back to Hootsuite I go!

    • Really sorry about changing your workflow, I hope we can show you a tool in the future that might be a good fit!

      • FoodieFace

        Me too, you guys have been great! Thanks Courtney

  • Elivan Souza

    Horrible bad terrible news. NOT impressed.

    • So sorry to create this frustration for you, Elivan. I wish we had been able to solve this one and offer personalized suggestions as I heard suggested by so many customers. :(

  • We saw the writing on the wall with Suggestions being killed off so, we started looking to add RSS feeds to fill the gap. But, here’s another problem with your business model; feeds can’t be shared between social feeds in Buffer either! UGH.. So, we have all these social accounts linked and essentially have to keep a spreadsheet with URL’s and paste those into RSS feeds for each social channel. Why not make those optionally shared to other social channels when we add them? Right now, pricing is your biggest competitive advantage compared to Hootsuite and others.

    • I agree, I’d love to be able to put an RSS feed automatically into multiple channels. Right now, going through and pasting them in as you described can be tedious if you use quite a few.

      • Can totally see how that would be quite taxing, thanks for sharing this pain point!

    • Oh wow, this is incredible feedback, thank you so much for sharing your workflow and pain points here! My hope is that we can now begin to focus on Feeds much more, solve these challenges you mention and create a much better curation and sharing experience!

  • Z-Solutions

    I agree with Nathan that this is the only feature we’ve ever used. With this change I’m fairly certain we won’t make the move to utilize your services for our business. I don’t understand what else you would even purchase buffer for; if not for suggested content posts? I understand we can add our own posts but this means more work for us and if we’re going to share we can do it easily on our own via Twitter. With over 1.2k followers you had a great outreach with just one account! I can only imagine how many others you had using your program with huge outreaches! I’m sad you’re doing this and I guess we’ll try using your product for free while the change is made but I’m almost certain we won’t be purchasing Buffer. I’m glad you told us before we made the decision to move ahead with purchasing!

    • Hey there, thanks so much for sharing these thoughts. I’m glad the timing works out for you to make the most informed decision possible and we’d be happy to answer any questions you might have. Really sorry for this frustration we’ve created.

  • Artemis Sere

    I’ve been a big supporter of Buffer, mainly for its suggestion engine. You will now lose your curation differentiation. Sad. Even Klout offers this. Too bad. Will reduce the stickiness I have with Buffer.

    • Really sorry to disappoint you here; I wish we could have made Suggestions work for the long-term. Hoping to build more and better content curation tools in the future!

      • Artemis Sere

        I wish you did too. Dropped down from an Awesome plan to a monthly one to see where this goes with Buffer. I use 3-4 content scheduling tools right now, and Buffer was my go-to. I appreciated the Suggestions option to fill in gaps in my content schedule, and I had no issues with overlapping content with audiences. As a Content Marketer, this is disappointing. If anything, now you’ve given me a reason to try Hootsuite more, as your service now isn’t very different than competitors. Good luck.

  • I liked the Suggestions feature but found myself using it less and less as I built up my Feeds stream to better suit my interests. Still, I’d love to see an increase in the max # of feeds (to maybe 20) to make up for the loss of Suggestions. And thanks for the recs for other content sources!

    • This is a great suggestion, thanks so much Althea. Really glad to hear Feeds has been handy for you, I’d love to hear your process and how you use them! Feeds feels like a great way to create a personalized content curation system. :)

    • I’ll second this. I’d also like to see it be easier to find and add relevant feeds. Feed suggestions if you will.

  • I really hope you reconsider this decision. I absolutely love this feature. While I sort of understand the reasoning, I used this features as much to discover as to share. Now if I use Medium, or io9, or Panda, I have to add an extra step to share. This was something I felt truly separated Buffer apart.

    Please, please, PLEASE consider this input from your users on this matter before going through with a decision. And after considering, sleep on it, and consider it again.

    • Hey there Benjamin, I really appreciate you sharing these insights here. I apologize that we’ve created more work for you; I’m really hopeful that we can get focused on creating a better, more personalized experience soon.

  • Your rationale is very clear and you give us evidences for your choice, i will certainly continue using LinkedIn pulse

    • That’s a great one, thanks for your patience with us here!

  • Well this is disappointing. I understand the Buffer team’s logic behind this, but damn, I loved this feature. It made it extremely easy to find off-the-beaten-path content. (And yeah, I checked out everything before sharing it. It wasn’t that hard to do so, and it’s my responsibility to my followers.)

    You know what irks me most about this decision? The suggestions feature came across as Buffer being tremendously helpful to its users, many of whom (like me) are content curators. In my mind, helpfulness is a huge part of Buffer’s brand. (Just look at your blog! I freaking love your blog!) Turning this off is a big step back from helpfulness. And I’m bothered by the hint of a “we know better than you what’s good for you” tone in this. That’s not listening first, guys.

    • Hey Andron, I wanted to thank you so much for sharing these thoughts, particularly around the tone that you noticed. That’s great to know; it’s definitely not what I wanted to impart. In my experience, our customers pretty much always know far more than I do!

      Maybe a better way of expressing it might be that we feel it might be time to transition from “push” content (suggestions that we find and share with you based on our viewpoint and experiences) to “pull” content (giving customers a way to pull in the content that’s most important and then share it).

      Content curation is a huge passion point for me as well. If it helps, I promise to keep pushing in this direction. Would love to create something new we can share with you soon!

      • Thanks, Courtney. The “push-pull” difference is a good way to explain the shift. Best of luck, and I look forward to seeing what’s next!

  • Jeff K. Ward

    Hi guys, Jeff from ContentGems here. Content suggestions is a tricky thing to solve so we totally understand. Thanks for listing ContentGems as an alternative. Our service works very well with Buffer as we have Buffer sharing built-in and you can also pipe your custom ContentGems RSS feeds into Buffer Feeds. Best of luck with what you have planned next. And again, thanks for the shout out.

    • Oooh, that’s super handy to know, Jeff; thanks so much! I might give that a try for my own account! :)

  • Patheos Faith and Work Channel

    Please, please, if you must go through with this, double the number of Feeds. I could easily use 30 feeds. And I will really miss this. Content was great for our audience and I read so many new things I would never have read elsewhere because of it.

    • This is awesome feedback, thank you so much for letting us know how Feeds could be better and more useful for you! I will miss Suggestions too, it was a neat exercise to read and share so much.

  • Norah Salazar

    This was a tremendous help outside my usual topics and it will be very missed.

    • jimhitch

      Thanks for letting us know how much you valued the feature, Norah. Sorry to impact your workflow here. We’ll do our best to bring you more great things in the near future!

      • Norah Salazar

        I’ll be on the lookout. I loved the curated content, it made my Twitter feed so much more interesting and also connected me with other topics I cared about.

  • Jeremy Cabral

    I was initially gutted when I saw the news, but after reading this blog post – I’m actually appreciative that this feature is being retired. Such a great call to chop this functionality!

    • Jeremy Cabral

      Oh, and thanks for the links to find content suggestions!

      • Oh wow, thanks so much for sharing this insight, Jeremy! Feels great to know that the decision makes sense and resonates with you. All those tools are awesome, hope you find one you really like. And we’ll keep going on content curation as well!

  • Matt Aunger

    Will this make way for any other features coming through?

    It is always a shame to lose functionality, however I understand this decision, despite the impact it’ll have on my workflow. I, like many others, probably only read about 30% of the content I scheduled. The rest was skim read at best, just to ensure viewpoints and tone were relevant! I can’t imagine that was the initial intention for the suggestions feed.

    To be honest, I thought the point was to make it quick and easy for social managers to pad out their feed with quality, curated articles. Although we might not read the articles ourselves, we could post in confidence that they have been ‘vetted’ by Buffer and might be of interest to our respective audiences.

    Always a shame to lose functions, but will this make way for any new features coming through?

    Are Buffer going to venture into ‘listening’ functionality any time soon?

    Love to know what the future holds.

    • Great question, Matt! In attempting to suss out how to make this decision, we got really excited about the possibility of working on Feeds more and possibly turning that feature into a content repository, where a customer could put in feeds, Twitter lists of users you want to read content from, and maybe even other types of content. If that triggers any thoughts at all for you, I’d love to hear them!

      • Matt Aunger

        That sounds like a great feature!
        Are we talking side by side feeds like Oktopost and Hootsuite offer, or a single feed (made up of filters) similar to SproutSocial?

        I really like this idea. This could also lend itself toward ‘listening’ functionality that people seem to crave!

        Take with one hand, give infinitely more with the other. I like your style!

        • No idea yet what form this might take, it’s super theoretical right now. Glad it sounds exciting, I think it could be, too!

  • Well that definitely sucks, I was enjoying using it.

    • Really sorry to bum you out, Andrew. :( I hope we’ll be able to create something new you’ll enjoy!

  • Diana Navarro

    This was definitely a life/time saver for me. It will affect me. I can only hope the decision is reversed.

    • Really, really sorry to create this situation for you, Diana. Would our Feeds feature possibly be of use to you at all while we work to build new content curation tools?

      • Diana Navarro

        I don’t know but I’ll try it. Thank you though, this just shows how much everyone enjoyed this feature. And I appreciate the heads up :)

  • Robert Williger

    This will not make much of a difference for me. I really only used them when pretty busy and my queue was empty. For the most part, I enjoy finding and curating my own content and Buffer makes it easier for me to do that. I did think it was a feature that could be done better so understand making the decision to drop it. There will be times I will miss but overall I will not really notice.

    • Thanks for sharing your insights here, Robert! I’m so glad to hear that you feel curating your own content works well with Buffer, would love to hear more about how your workflow goes!

  • Suggestions was one of my favorite features, even though I mostly didn’t use it. It was comforting to know that at any time if I get busy and can’t find good content, that I can always hop into suggestions and add a few things. Specifically for twitter. I might have 40+ items in the que for Facebook, Linkedin and Google+ but run out for twitter because twitter is posted more often.

    • I totally empathize with that feeling, I feel it often, too! Hoping to create a new type of comfort feature with Feeds that could serve the same purpose :)

  • DirtCheapStartup

    Ugh… One of the biggest differentiators of Buffer and one of the main reasons I evangelized it everywhere… Tough decisions ahead..

    • Totally understand we’ve created a tough decision for you here, so sorry about that. I am so grateful to you for being an evangelist for Buffer and hope that we can continue to create the kind of features you want to share.

  • I agree with others. I loved this feature. For one thing, I don’t know who was doing your curation, but you were highlighting content that I was either absent or buried in other sources. In fact, you have become a primary source for posts on LinkedIn in particular. This will be truly missed.
    On the other hand, I listened to you and I appreciate and understand some of the reasons for changes that you are making. And I appreciate that Buffer went to the trouble to share this with us — important for someone like me who actively explores various tools for nonprofit organizations to adopt. However, especially for small to medium nonprofits that have significant resource challenges in doing their own curation, this will be missed.
    Bottom line, I’d love to see you reconsider . . . and I know a lot of others would as well.

    • Hey John, thanks so much for sharing your thoughts here. I’m glad the content we curated resonated with you, it was a hand-curated labor of love. :) I promise we’re not through working on content curation, I really want to come back to you soon with a new feature that’s even better and more targeted to your needs.

      • Always open to that. Part of what I do for the nonprofits with whom I work is explore and assess different tools for social media and other marketing. Small and medium nonprofits tend to be very lean on staff and other resources, and easy to use tools can really make a difference for them.

  • Emily Taylor

    Aw man – so bummed. Loved this feature. One of the main reasons I bought… :( Good on you for standing up for quality, authentic content though. Just would’ve preferred improving the feature rather than killing it.

    • I hear you, I would have loved that too! We tried to move toward a personalized algorithm, but it turns out that’s a tough nut to crack for a large user base. I think we have a good chance to create something great with an upgrade/addition to Feeds, I wonder if that feels like it might have potential for you?

      • Emily Taylor

        To be completely honest, I have barely touched Feeds. Perhaps this will be an opportunity to learn. :)
        I totally get that you can’t be everything to everyone. We struggle with that all the time with Tradable Bits. Good for you for standing up for your core business direction.

  • Heather D. Fulton

    This is horrible news. I very much hope you reconsider before you damage your user base significantly.

    • jimhitch

      I hear you on this, Heather and I’m sorry to deliver some bad news. We’re definitely listening and learning a lot here. Thanks for sharing your experience today.

      • Heather D. Fulton

        Hm, this was made to my previous note about it being a bad move. Thanks for the empathy, Jim. In the end, it seemed to have been the right thing for you all to do. Thanks!

  • It was a very useful feature.

    • jimhitch

      It sure was, Anthony! Thanks for saying so. Have a good evening. :)

  • I have an idea to help smoothly transition and not causing that much disturbance to your clients and members, I would suggest you may add links of your recommended “favorite tools ” to replace your
    suggestions page…. Thanks

    • jimhitch

      That does sounds smooth, Esmat! Thanks so much for tossing a possible solution in the mix here. That’d make it super easy for people to still get to great content from that point in the app, rather than feeling like they’re at square one again. Will keep thinking on that…

      • Glad that you liked the solution .. cheers Jim

      • Hi Jim Glad that you liked the solution .. cheers JimEsmat Morshedy

  • Ah, too bad, I liked the feature. Definitely felt the flaws with the tool itself and the overall concept, though. Definitely fell into the mindless sharing a few times ;) Props on fully testing this against the Buffer values- the feature always felt a little out of place with the rest of Buffer (company and app.) And thanks for the full explanation and alternatives! Keep up the good work.

    • jimhitch

      We so appreciate you joining this discussion, Jon. Sounds like you experienced what we did – lots of good, useful content and yet still not quite all it could be.

  • judd

    This is sad news. I found a LOT of great content I clicked through, read, then shared when appropriate – all in one spot.

    • jimhitch

      I completely agree, Judd. There was a lot of good content in there! Glad it served you well for a time. We’ll be hustling to bring you more good things, for sure!

  • Buffer isn’t a listening tool, so I find it odd that it is one of the values you have for the tool. It’s a publishing tool from what I see.

    That said, I too trusted Buffer and signed up to pay because I loved the added feature. I use the queue, but this makes the tool less valuable.

    It also gives me pause about embracing new features and functions by Buffer, since now I know they are another company ‘retiring’ features I grow to depend on.

    I understand that it isn’t my tool though, and things won’t always be what you expect. But when you ask someone to pay for a year at a time, I feel you should provide the service they rightfully expect for that period of time, then retire it.

    • jimhitch

      Hi Mary, I’m really sorry the change has created this uncertainty in your relationship with Buffer. I’ll shoot you a direct note so we can make a plan going forward…

  • PieterVereertbrugghen

    Sad, sad, sad.
    When I am searching (what I do) I find things I am searching for.
    When Buffer suggests, I find things I should have been searching for, but I wasn’t.
    To misquote Picasso: “I search, Buffer finds.”

    But then:
    “Avec le temps…
    Avec le temps, va, tout s’en va.”

    TX anyway and thank you to all the other Buffer-users for all their suggestions below to.

    • Oh wow, it’s such a huge compliment to hear that Suggestions were so valuable for you. I loved curating them, they were a true labor of love. I’m really hopeful we can create something even better soon.

  • Like many others here, I also chose buffer over hootsuite because of the suggestions feature (among other things) and was initially disappointed that it’s disappearing. I have just paid for one year of buffer for business, and it was not good news! However, my “hack” around this is very simple: I’m adding all the websites from which I find useful “suggestions” (before they disappear!) to “feeds”, and then just grabbing articles from these (which is sort of the same thing, but more personalised). It takes about 20 min, once, to add the desired feeds and …magic! my very own suggestions are ready. For now I have added about 10 blogs/news websites, and the results are pretty good with my buffer queue constantly topped up with great content for when I don’t have time for original posts :D

    • Kirsten, this is such an elegant solution, how great! I’m featuring this comment in the hopes that other people might give this a try also. Thanks so much for sharing your process here!

      • Wasn’t expecting this, but thanks! If my solution can also be helpful to others all the better!

      • You know what would help a TON – automate this for us. Take the list of sources you use for Suggestions and put them all in my Feeds. Or give me the option to do so. I will then happily edit the feeds to keep only the ones that work for my audience. This would be a big help Courtney! What do you say?

    • Cal Bachand

      Kudos to you for finding a solution that works so quickly! :D

    • Dale Penn

      Congrats go to Kirsten for turning Buffer lemons into Buffer lemonade!

  • Well, that is a big disappointment as I liked that feature the most. But sometimes you have to give up on the good to go for the great in what ever future shape of form that comes in.

    • Wow, what an awesome way of putting it, Ollie! I really want that to be the case, and I think we can get there!

  • Steven Feeney

    I completely understand the rationale; as Buffer users we were creating and enabling our own community filter bubble.

    Also, I would question just how much of the shared content was distributed without ever being read.

    Gutsy but principled move Buffer.

    • Thanks for sharing this, Steven, really appreciate your support!

  • Hey Courtney, thanks a lot for describing why you’re shutting down suggestions. I loved them deeply, probably because I don’t have much time exploring all the useful content to share with my audience by myself and you’ve guys made a perfect job so all I needed and wanted to share was right there, one click away. Right now I’ll have to do the job myself and I can see the benefits – I’ll read more, listen more, share less and engage in the communications. Sometimes less is more right?
    Anyway, I’m so much looking forward to the new features and updates you may introduce to the Feeds – maybe allowing more feeds to enter there? 15 seems like enough for someone, but looking into my Feedly account, I have over 200 sources there :)
    Do you have any roadmap available or a features planned to be released somewhere? It would be great to see what are you currently working on any time.

    Thanks so much Courtney and have a nice day.

    • Wow, Panda looks really great! Thanks a lot for the suggestion :)

      • Thanks, Petr, for these awesome thoughts! Glad you’re digging Panda! I’m really sorry to create a change that’s going to weigh down your workflow, that isn’t great. I hope that we’ll be able to get Feeds into shape with your feedback and the feedback of other awesome customers like you. :) More feeds sounds like a great suggestion, can totally see how you might need a bit more space to create that personalized flow.

  • I think the quotes part doesn’t need to be turned off. It’s great to have a quote of the day. I found the ones on marketing and leadership some of my better shares on LinkedIn. Perhaps, and I think a way forward is to have a tool that looks at popular and trending topics and SHARE those. That way, everyone using the app IS ON the pulse. That for me would have real value, and something which, in certain verticals, be the thing which can easily convert the free user into someone who wants to pay. Just a thought.

    • Claire Knight

      This is a good idea. I’ve had had an interesting amount of success from the quotes too.

      And whilst I get why Buffer have done this I want some value for the rest of my Awesome year.

      For most of my profiles, the suggestions were not always of value or appropriate (though for the one they were I loved them). But the quotes were much more generally applicable.

      It could also be tied in with the tool that was created to have an image in a tweet!

      • Nice. I’d love to know the tool and process you’re using. I like using Twitter Cards and attaching images. As well you know, those get the most clicks and shares.

        Incidentally, having an infographic or gartner / ipc / consultancy report tool as a suggest would be cool as well

        • Claire Knight

          Nothing sophisticated to be honest. I tend to either not use the image (seems to work OK for me on Facebook pages oddly…), or craft by hand and add manually to my Buffer rather than via the suggestions.

      • Great point, Claire, I think I should have pointed out that we still have a large stockpile of shareable quotes at our Pablo tool, Just in case that might help at all! I know we’re thinking on how and if Pablo could fit into the Buffer dashboard as well.

    • Great suggestion, love the idea of moving toward popular and trending topics for focused areas. I’m glad you liked the quotes! As I mentioned to Claire below, we have a large stockpile of shareable quotes at our Pablo tool, Just in case that might help at all!

  • Karen Harrison

    I am bummed about losing the Suggestions feature, but it did bug me a bit there were only certain topics to pull from. Must confess I’ve been using Hootsuite as a comparison. They have a suggestions feature too, but allow you to enter the topics you want, which opens the possibilities tremendously. Any new features coming to replace loss of Suggestions?

    • Great question and thoughts here, Karen! I’m excited to think on how we might build out our Feeds feature further to get to something a bit more like you’ve suggested, perhaps with the ability to input topics, sites or people whose content you enjoy and create your own content curation stream.

  • This is sad.. I depended on this feature to read lots of new content (& perspective)

    Suggestions, You will be missed :(

    • I will miss them too. :( Hopeful to keep working on content curation tools for you!

  • Quite sad about this. I’ll need to check out some of the curation tools you mentioned.

  • I think you made the right call here. From the beginning, I was wary of sharing content from the suggestions feature before reading it myself—and the easy call-to-action was just to share it.

    • Thanks for the validation here, feels great to have your support on this, John!

  • That’s too bad. I really enjoyed the feature.

    • So sorry to create disappointment for you, Andrei; I hope we can build something just as good really soon!

  • I really liked the suggestions, I had wished they were more in depth, but you made it very easy for me to share great content about blogging.

    • Thanks, Stephanie, I agree they could have been much more in depth, that’s a big reason for the change!

  • bbambury

    I get it. I used it a lot for one client, but rarely for myself and my other clients. It was definitely focused in too few areas and I did indeed see repeats out there. Thanks for thinking this through and doing the right thing – the thing in line with your values!

  • NOoooooo!!! So sad. My favorite feature by far, and always my selling point to clients to get them off Hootsuite.

  • Here’s an idea… make a Buffer Community where we can post trending content that other Buffer users are posting. Similar to suggestions, you take what you want and ignore what you don’t. Cool way to support other users and their missions.

  • buginsoup

    I understand. More than once, I wrote your team that your content curation efforts seems to be less or not effective due to diversified type of content users require. I found yours very less useful to share with our followers – may be 10-20% content were useful and rest were not, well at least to us. :-) Its a wise decision that you closed it.
    However, I am sure buffer, needs to grow with features – I’ve not seem much new tools except one Pablo. I am sure users will ask for more sooner. I am sure you are working hard, and I look forward to get new things. Cheers.

    • Thanks so much for the great thoughts here, I think you’re absolutely right about growing with new features. We have a lot of stuff we’re working on and we’re discussing how to better pace ourselves to roll out new features more quickly! Hope you’ll stay tuned!

  • This always seemed like one of the key features of Buffer to me. Past that, I’m failing to see the significant feature differences between Buffer and other social media SaaS products.

    It will be interesting to see how this pans out in terms of revenue movement.

    • Thanks for sharing these insights, Paul, we’ll be happy to keep our audience posted with all our numbers!

  • Grade 1 Promotions

    I really liked this feature, Suggestions and used it all the time. Disappointed.

    • Really sorry to create this disappointment for you, I apologize.

  • Grade 1 Promotions

    Sigh, this is bumming me out majorly. :(

  • Michael Dillon

    HAVE YOU PEOPLE LOST YOUR MINDS? The suggestions was the only reason to use Buffer. If you get rid of it, what good are you? It’s like Facebook getting rid of “Like”. ‘Bye Felecia.

  • Cal Bachand

    Am I the only one not disappointed by this decision? I never used the Suggestions feature because it did not feel authentic and I was afraid that I would be sending out the exact same Tweet as 100’s (or more) of other people.

    It only takes me a few minutes a week to keep my Buffer topped up with content I’m genuinely excited to share because I found it to be interesting/important/fun. With the amazing resources listed in the article and the 100’s of others available, it’s really quite easy to find content to share.

    I applaud Buffer for applying and staying true to it’s values even when it makes for difficult decisions! In fact, I can see at least 5 of the values reflected in this decision. (Listen, Reflect, Do the right thing, Communicate with clarity, Transparency)

    I’m confident that in the future Buffer will create a new solution that works for everyone, but for now, I think this is a big step in raising the quality and authenticity of everyone’s SM feeds.

    • Thanks, Cal, it feels great to know that this decision resonates with you! I’d love to hear more about your content curation process!

      • Cal Bachand

        I keep it pretty simple. I gather articles mostly from the awesome people I follow on Twitter and from the blog posts I’m subscribed to by email.

        I think an awesome solution for Buffer would be to add a feature that works like where it gives you a personalised news site, based on your Twitter timeline. Another interesting concept is

        Hope this helps Courtney! :)

  • Steven Johnson

    So sad. That feature is the only reason I use Buffer. In the absence of this, if I could integrate my feedly account to do the same thing, Buffer will keep me as a user for sure!

    • So sorry, Steven! I’d love to see what we can do to help you out here!

  • Laura Khalil

    I think this move is brilliant! Thank you for sticking to your values. Too often, we become content promoting machines, without really paying attention to what we’re sharing (I’m guilty of it myself). And we end up turning into our own social media “bots”, mindlessly promoting content, but missing a big piece of the puzzle. Social media is about so much more than just sharing a bunch of articles you may or may not have read so you can gain followers. It’s about share great content AND connecting with your audience. Having conversations, reaching out, interacting. Thanks for keeping us honest! Keep up the great work!

    • Laura, thank you so much for sharing these kind thoughts! Really excited to see what we can build for you to allow you to become your own content curator through Buffer!

  • You forgot to add Hootsuite to the list of resources that offer suggestions. I know why they aren’t added but it seems like suggested posts are a huge component of social media scheduling. Bummer….

    • Great one, Ryan, I haven’t used Hootsuite for that but I’ve heard others say they really enjoy them!

  • Sad. Pretty new to Buffer and really liked this feature. Get the rationale though. Curating content is no easy task. Will definitely be taking Kirsten’s advice (above) and keep an eye on which sites I want to add to my feed over the coming days.

    • That sounds like a great solution, sorry to create any confusion at all for you, Marina!

  • Quite disappointing.

  • Kate Bourland

    This was my favorite buffer feature as well and the main reason that I use it. I find that the feeds are difficult to use. Not at all understanding why Buffer would be used for “listening” -it’s a curation tool. Seriously bummed.

  • Ashley Whitney

    Noooooooooo!!!! I love suggestions! I have discovered so many articles that I wouldn’t have found otherwise. Definitely not happy news. :(

  • If anyone is interested in continuing to get content suggestions, I’m very close to launching a simple app that provides suggestions in exactly the same way Buffer does (did).

    Sign up here:

    • Roey Nickodemus-Hilliard

      Looks interesting…

      checking it out now. :)

  • Crap, there goes a huge referral source to my own blog as I’ve been featured a few times. However, I’m grateful for the exposure while it lasted and I will always love Buffer for that :) Cheers.

    • DirtCheapStartup

      Ryan, we’ll be sure to add your feed and the Harpoon feed as well inside Chunk

  • Although I did enjoy using the suggestions occasionally, I felt lazy using it—and I didn’t know where the sources were coming from. Being suggested by Buffer added some credibility, but would it match my content standards?

    I think that this is a great idea for the health of content marketing, you should know exactly what you are sharing with your network.

  • Ed Katz

    Say it ain’t so! I LOVED this feature! Sorry to see this go.

  • Varga LászlĂł

    I’ve just cancelled my subscription because of this news.

  • This is a shame. Having suggestions at my fingertips was a great way to offer additional items to my feed. Honestly, it feels like a core part of Buffer.

  • Alicialm

    I have to say although I understand your reasoning, I am very disappointed. This was a GREAT feature and, like others said, a main reason I paid for Buffer. It was like having my own VA curating great content. While these other options are viable, it will take more time to find this great content to share with my followers.

    • jimhitch

      I hear you on this, Alicia! It really was like a VA curating your posts! And we’re so sorry it’s been such a disappointment to not continue the service. We hope you find a new rhythm soon and that your followers are even more appreciative of your personal curating touch.

  • Ellen Curtis

    I would add to the content curation list.

    • jimhitch

      Interesting, I haven’t seen that one Ellen! Will give it a go…

  • Peter Stuart Smith

    Exactly. It was the only useful feature on the site. Thankfully, I was still on the free service, so at least I didn’t have to pay for a feature that no longer exists.

    • Thanks for sharing how valuable this part of Buffer was to you, Peter. We’ll do our best to build more things of value for all customers – free and paid alike. :)

  • mas

    Sad to know that Suggestions will be gone soon. It’s also the reason why I chose to use Buffer. :'(

    • Sorry to hear that we’ve removed a key feature for you, Mas!

  • This might signal the end for non paying people spreading the word. Trust me, that’s as good as money. But then again, I want to believe you guys have done your home work well before arriving at this decision.

    • I hear you on this! We did a lot of homework, for sure, but you’re right – we’ll always rely on happy customers to help us grow and meet more happy customers. Committed to keeping that going, even thought it’s a different path than some might’ve envisioned. Thanks for writing in!

  • I agree with @Kirsten that it was a fave feature. I would ask for more feeds in personal plans, as a possible accommodation to those of us who have loved Suggestions… :-)

    • That’s a very reasonable idea, Skip. We’re always open to things like this and the team on this area of the product is mulling it over…

  • I’m particularly interested in the following point made:

    “The design of Suggestions prioritized sharing content over consuming content.”

    You wouldn’t recommend a movie you haven’t seen, would you?

    I can’t stress enough the importance of CONSUMING content before SHARING it, which is why I’m glad this was recognized in the decision to remove the tool. Kudos to the Buffer team for pointing that out.

    A curation practice that has been working for myself is discovering content through the use of other curation tools, and also through organic discovery (a natural process in which I stumble upon content throughout my day via email newsletters, community forums, social feeds, etc).

    That being said, a tool worth mentioning for content curation and scheduling is Hootsuite’s new Suggestions tool. The mobile app is my secret weapon when pressed for time and on-the-go.

    And, of course, I read through everything and only share the best of the best stuff with my audience.

    Read before you share! Tools like Suggestions make the curation process easy, but it’s important to hold a high standard to the quality of content you share, which can only be achieved through actual consumption of the content itself.

    Happy tweeting :)

    • Love your perspective here, Mike. Thanks for sharing. Reading before you share is solid advice! :)

  • Not a significant impact on my love of Buffer. I use Buffer for automating and scheduling after moving away from Hootsuite for that purpose. While it’s nice to have had the suggestions feature baked in, I’ve been used BuzzSumo ( was surprised to see it not on the list). Would like to see the direction Buffer is headed, away from content suggestions ( Klout is offering that feature now also.)

    • Thanks so much, Avi, for sharing your thoughts and encouragement here! BuzzSumo is a great tool, thanks for adding that to our list!

  • Birgitta Granstrom

    Congrat! According to me you have make a great choice! Agree with you that it started to be more about just sharing. By this choice you contribute to keep a high standard on content marketing. I loved the feature and use it but become tired of to many “buffer-shared” content without a personal touch to it. But all this sharing is also a great complement that you succeed:-)

    • Thanks so much for the encouragement here, Birgitta!

      • Birgitta Granstrom

        My Pleasure Courtney!

  • Lisa Jennifer Petr

    Wow, I run 5 businesses and multiple social media feeds. This function really helped me save time in my already very hectic day. Really really sad because so many of the suggestions were good. Hope you can come up with a user interest driven suggestion feed instead of us having to hunt and pick everything which was why I used buffer in the first place. Ugggg

    • Oh no, so very sorry, Lisa, to have create such a negative change in your schedule and day. I hope we can make it up to you in the future; we’ll keep working toward this!

  • traderome

    It was great in concept, but the reality was many times it produced recommendations for content and sites that very light on content and credibility. That said I don’t know if that was a reason to shut it down more so than work to improve the quality of suggestions.

    • Hey there, I definitely agree with your thoughts here; suggestions could have been much more consistent and high quality. Thanks so much for sharing!

  • This is really unfortunate.. This was one of the reasons why I decided to move forward with Buffer.

  • Lenny Murdock

    Hey Buffer Team,

    I’m pretty surprised to hear this update – not sure you guys really understand the magnitude of this decision. I know quite a lot of people that pay for Buffer specifically for this feature. There are tons of online marketers that are going to switch to something else out there. Who are the majority of people paying for Buffer? Online marketers…

    I get that you guys want to appeal to a broad group of people because that means more money but you’re shooting yourself in the foot by getting rid of Suggestions. Every other social queuing app with a suggestions feature out there is salivating because they know a lot of your users are going to jump ship and head over to them.

    One last thing, I thought Buffer was known for being transparent? Why didn’t you put this up to a vote for your paying customers? It seems like they should be the ones who make the decision.

    A Severely Disappointed (Now) Ex-Customer

  • Cindy Dalgleish

    I actually think this a solid move and will be happy to use other blogging platforms to just add to my personalized schedule ;) and can also recommend swayy.

    Do one thing well or many things poorly.

    I love what buffer does for my sanity releasing me from constant pressure to be, not only online but focused so intently on social media.

    Thanks guys, hard decision but I think the right one. ;)


  • BlueBest

    That’s unfortunate that Buffer is discontinuing Suggestions :( I really liked this feature. Some good news though – just released a similar tool, and although I haven’t tried it yet, apparently it works great!

    • Diablo 3

      Awesome! Thanks for the share

  • Melody Writes

    My social media followers love the info provided through Buffer’s suggestions feature and the fact that I pay to funnel info through Buffer testifies to the fact that I wanted a one stop shop. I must say I am disappointed.

  • Veiled Sky

    Risky business move for Buffer since the suggestions feature was very popular. I guess this is Buffer’s way of weeding out the freebie users and focusing more on its paying members.

  • Outsmarts

    You should try Hootsuite’s suggestions feature, I liked Buffer better but it’s a good alternative.

  • The content in “Suggestions” was only somewhat related to my field but I did use it as filler when I was feeling lazy :) This change gives me a nice kick in pants to either create or seek out more sites to add to my feed that are more relevant to me and my audience. Regardless of the change Buffer is still my jam :)

  • Alba Riba

    I think this change affects more negatively users that don’t pay any fee. Sure it needed improvement (such as being able to give suggestions in different languages) but it worked fine to me. Now I feel forced to pay something so I can have the feeds tool or just search content on my own and share it directly in twitter or facebook without using buffer.

  • Rob Jordan

    Poor decision to kill the feature and THEN ask for wider feedback. It seems you haven’t listened at all.

  • Like many others here, I am saddened. I was a big fan of Daily, then that went away. Now Suggestions is saying goodbye. Yes, I was lazy, or just plain busy, and it help tremendously. I will have to start looking at the feeds and see how that works. Thanks Courtney and all.

  • Nejo Dj

    Like every big change people go crazy, it’s like when Facebook add something new and shut down old stuff, many would picket just because they don’t know what could happen the day after.
    I liked “Suggestion”, but I agree with this decision by the Buffer Team: A new way of finding and sharing content could improve the service, more personalization, more freedom, more contents. Maybe we need some time to install new habits, like many other changes in social media, but If someone would use no more Buffer because the lack of Suggestion, they came to wrong place.. :-)

  • I will try to have an open mind… but I think evolving suggestions would be a better move than killing it. I am totally down with evolving your product to listen more and to start more conversations instead of pushing out content – I get that. So change suggestions from “stuff Buffer suggests” to “conversations in your network that you should engage with”.

    Suggestions needed to be more sensitive to the topics that are discussed by my followers, but the fundamental value there is worthwhile. If Buffer could look at my stream and realize that my followers are talking about say – Recruiting in Healthcare – and suggest web content related to that it would be very valuable. Like I’d pay for it valuable.

    • DirtCheapStartup

      Couldn’t agree more. So we decided to build a free version and connect it to buffer, twitter and a few others.. Would love your input Chunk

  • rachelwells

    I was a big fan of Buffer Suggestions and I’m sad to see it disappearing. I agree the content provided was limited, but the ease of reviewing and then scheduling within one app was so good!

  • Sandra

    This is really a shame, but it makes perfect sense, specially the fac that the same content would be displayed everywhere.

    Lately I’m using Noosfeer as discovery engine. It matches perfectly with Buffer :)

  • DirtCheapStartup

    Well after being so bummed out about losing this feature, we decided to recreate it, totally free. Hooks into buffer, twitter directly and a few others.

    Check it out..

  • Jennifer Rosenblatt

    NOOOOOO! Don’t do it!

  • showboat

    Suggestions is the only reason I use Buffer at all. So, so long, I guess.

  • Emma Shows

    Well….there’s that, then. I utilized Buffer’s suggestions. And had buffer fail to post to several of my linked sites. It was a good try. Very disappointed. The suggestions feature helped me keep my queue topped up.
    Also a free user. As a public charity (a non-profit), it was a good fit and overall time saver.

  • Sander Mertens

    Knowing how easy it is to add a suggestion to your queue without reading it, I felt it devaluated the buffer brand. It made me in fact turn of the buffer URL shortener in many instances so that followers wouldn’t see it was scheduled by buffer. Therefore I think this is a great decision and will increase the authenticity of the platform.

    • Oh wow, that’s so interesting to hear, Sander! Feels like great validation here, thank you so much for sharing!

  • Michael de Groot

    I believe it’s a brave company who looks back at their values and decides to review the potential brand creep through their products. I agree with the decision, it’s not authentic for everyone to be sharing similar content. Soon we will also have Apple news and yet another source of content. Before suggestions came to Buffer, I used flipboard and emailed articles from there very successfully. RSS feeds work there too. Then iOS 8 was released and I was able to add the articles to Buffer with just 4 taps/swipes.
    Having been with Buffer for a while now and understanding their brand and values, I completely respect their decisions and know that through their product development we can look forward to more great new features. Well done and success!

    • Thank you so much for the thoughtful words and encouragement, Michael!

  • showboat

    I think you guys are overthinking why you’re closing down Suggestions. Your justifications sound very insulated and strained. It’s your company and you can do what you want, but Suggestions is why many people, including myself, ever used Buffer in the first place. Perhaps you should jettison Buffer and just start up

  • I noticed content was not catered to each [different] page connected, it was in general, thanks for the recommendation of these 10+ curation sites!

  • I didn’t really used the suggestions window a lot, but it seems like it was very important to many others who aren’t directly involved with the community as (maybe) I am.

    I think this will reduce Buffer Team’s task by a great deal, which means that you people should counter it with something more unique and more interesting.

    Since I always hated the fact that people shared suggestions without even reading ’em.

    • Good point, Ahmad; I hope we’ll be able to share some new features soon that feel like a move in the right direction!

  • Kindly inform your investors that if they’re going to make the call to cut out features that it’s only fair to lower the price your customers are paying. Especially when they’ve gotten used to a work flow and built their business model around it.

    And this is why I hate renting software.

  • Fare thee well Suggestions… You will be missed. However, don’t forget for those topics as well as the new Hootsuite Suggest app… Buffer you are still worth the paid subscription. Every cent!

  • We chose Buffer due to the suggestions feature mainly as well. Sad to see the feature will be gone. Seems like it was mainly because of the fuss that happened with Facebook and its guidelines. If suggestions were to come back, it would be good to have this based around categories for different users. I am going to miss the added benefit of education. The tool was not only great for content inspiration, but it also kept you up to date with industry news, insights and opinions. The feature worked really well for us. Not one of your best moves. I understand business is tough, however, consultation with your loyal users would have been more evidence of “listening”.

    • You are absolutely right here and your point is well taken; we could have done a much better job of listening. So sorry to have created frustration for you in so many ways on this one; I hope we can make it up to you.

  • Kelsey Jones

    This makes me sad! BUT another content discovery resource I’ve really enjoyed is (and now they aren’t telling me to say this). It is really good at choosing content I’d be interested in, based on the keywords I’ve put in.

  • Francesca Sedgwick

    Has anyone found another platform with the ‘suggestions’ feature? It makes my routine so much quicker on a daily basis.

  • aditi mishra
  • Wow… What a major disappointment. I have been a paid subscriber since Buffer’s early days. I have also recommended your suggestions feature to many clients. Now I suppose I will need to pass the bad news on to them. I will likely switch to a new service to manage social accounts, as the core feature I was paying for is now going away. I’ll keep buffer on my radar hoping for an alternative. Until then, thanks for your prior service and good luck moving forward.

    • Thanks for being a wonderful customer and advocate for Buffer, Pete! So sorry to disrupt your workflow and create a disappointment for you; I totally understand why you might need to move on here. I hope that we’ll cross paths again soon.

  • Lisa Johnson

    Well, I for one am not the least bit sorry to see Suggestions fall by the wayside. None of the suggested content bits ever had anything to do with the topics I choose to share. And it struck me as pathetic that there was a built in tool for people to keep recycling the same garbage social media posts that everyone else was posting. Maybe now people will have to actually share material that real value. Buffer is a great tool for managing my social media, and I’m more than capable on my own of finding and curating valuable content that engages my communities.

    • Hey there Lisa, thanks so much for this great feedback. Glad to hear you think we’re moving in the right direction; that means a lot!

  • Stef Kruger

    What a pity! I felt that this feature is what really made it for me! Will there be a starter package for beginners?

    • So sorry to create a disappointing experience for you, Stef! Do you mean a starter package for Feeds? That’s something I’d love to look into creating!

  • traderome

    The Suggestions feature is awesome and I would like to for you to please consider keeping them. Regardless you guys are awesome!

    • Thanks so much for the encouragement, so sorry we’re not going to be able to keep them!

  • Lawan Baldwin

    Whatever you decide by the end of August please bring back the suggestion feature it’s something that personifies buffer like the search engine is to Google. Whatever you do make it better not worst or disappear. I could do the feeds but that’s not buffer many other options or even plugins for that.

    Make it better, treat it as you would treat the only thing that holds your brand name and whatever the outcome be glad you did your best. I really love that suggestion feature seems I’m last to know it’s all almost gone now ;(

    Let me re-introduce you to my this thing you all simply call suggestion. Me and lady S go way back and we have a flow.

    You see there are days I get bored or too lazy to type and S helps me out with comfy topics fitting my blog. Some days, I don’t like all her suggestions but that’s the day she inspires me to write and share more. Some days I take the time to read the suggestions, some other times when I need someone to totally step in for me and keep the flow on the blog. Everyone knows there’s only one place on the internet with a feature fitting anyone can count on in a short notice and be fully satisfied, it’s S and she lives at buffer.

    I love her simple quotes, might not use them often but read then always. Please tell the lads and lasses at buffer I don’t know what happened they shouldn’t evict or change her. Tell them I love S and will miss her more if possible make it an option to whatever the next replacement would be let those who want to maintain the old feature be allowed & given permission to do so.

    Sorry I’m not up to try any beta option just #BringBackMyGirl-S

    So seriously guys I vote “No” to retiring this feature whatever you decide don’t change anything except if you’re pushing our buttons to see how much it means to us then I say make S more sexy. Make it so sweet that folks who bumped out of buffer or never heard about buffer will now talk about it all cos of the new sexy-sweet looks.

    Beyond boarders, beyond language, next to words and ideas we all need suggestions. I speak for one target audience – Bloggers Global.

    • Hi Lawan. Thanks for chiming in and re-introducing us in such a creative way. ;)

      • Lawan Baldwin

        My pleasure ;)

  • Kate Marissin

    Game changer for me, and I feel a bit dupped after getting a business account just for this one feature. Not cool! I canceled my account and am sad. It really was exactly what I was looking for…. Until this feature was dropped. Yeah, sour grapes now.

    • Oh Kate, I’m so sorry that the timing of this decision turned a recent upgrade into a bad experience! I completely understand why you canceled and are looking elsewhere. As time passes, please keep in touch, we’d love to keep building more things that’ll make you more successful on social. Maybe we could work together again if the story evolves that way.

  • Ah man, this is one of the features that made Buffer a must-use and must-recommend tool for me. I wonder about the way “Listen” is being used in this context, in the sense that there’s a point that “Listen” could also mean “listen to your customers and users.” Take Twitter, for instance: users started using hashtags long before Twitter caught up and they eventually built it into the system; they gave us a platform, watched how we used it, and then built the app so that it was easier for us to use it the way we used it.

    I think this feature is closer to hashtags a la Twitter than feature creep. It really did help us do what the app helps us do: be more productive with Social Media. So it seems that killing it because you weren’t doing it as well as you’d like (ref: “the content was focused on only a few areas” and “lots of the sharing”) aren’t really good justifications; you could have made it better. Thus, this is a principled decision about what Buffer is and how to do Social Media right.

    All decisions about strategic product development are at their core based on principles. Only problem here is that you’re doing the opposite of “You are suggestive rather than instructive.”

    • You make some great points about listening here, Charlie. Thanks for chiming in. I’m sorry this has felt so heavy handed to you. You’ve given me some good things to reflect on here, for sure.

  • Booooooo ! I loved it.

  • Rik Thomas

    I plan on asking for a refund. This is not the product that I believe in and paid for a year in advance. You can’t bait and switch a fundamental element of your product. I get why & your reasons, but this change isn’t for everyone. I hope you make it out on the other side of this. Good luck and all the best.

  • Stephen Berk

    How about providing individual users 2 or 3 feeds per profile instead of requiring an awesome or business plan to get that feature? It fits in your current model of providing a limited subset of the paid plans.

    • Great idea, Stephen; I’d love to see if we can work out something like this!

  • Suggestions made it easy to fill my Buffer but I can definitely understand why it doesn’t make sense for Buffer. I use Google alerts around specific keywords which allows me to curate relevant content and buffer from there.

  • Debbie Discovers

    I think it’s a good move. It’s obvious when the same quote from Hootsuite gets shared on the same day. I don’t notice it as much with Buffer. And while I found suggestions useful, I still had to go into the link, read the post, make it a point to add the author’s twitter handle, add my own comments, so I found it much more efficient to RSS my own feeds in. But Buffer, 15 is not enough!!! ? I have 8 fake Twitter profiles so I can add more RSS feeds to my Buffer lol…. But I’ve seen a Zapier recipe that can combines two RSS feeds into one which I haven’t tried yet. Anyone??

    • Great, great feedback, Debbie; thank you so much! This is a common theme we’ve heard and something we’re really keen to work on soon! Stay tuned; hoping to bring you some good news!

  • Ian Finn

    very disappointing. this feature worked just fine.

  • Dave Schoof

    Unhappy to lose the feature. I was already using many of your suggestions AND found the suggestions very helpful to me.

    • I’m so sorry Dave, I hate that we’ve created this frustration for you and I really hope we can make it up to you!

  • Dan Izzard

    For me, apart from the very occasional motivational quote I didn’t use suggestions. I found it could promote as easy route to sharing content that although may have been interesting at a glance could not have possibly reflected the values and relationships that companies were trying to build with their audiences. It’s a bold move for Buffer as it was a popular feature, but it’s best in the long run for people to really understand what they are sharing.

    • Hey Dan, thanks so much for sharing your thoughts here! Makes so much sense, and I really appreciate you taking the time!

  • Jerry Witman Jr

    I might be late to this update but I feel like this is a bad move. I only use Buffer for the Suggestions feature.

    Nothing else is part of my work flow. I use hootsuite for long term social scheduling (desk top only when I have time to schedule lots of things I don’t want to do on my phone)

    I use google analytics and Crowdfire for my measurements because they are more accurate that buffer.

    I don’t use feeds or contributions because they are paid features. And I have other apps for those features that are already free.

    The suggestions function was the meat and potatoes of the Buffer app.

    Now while I understand that content may have been repetitive on some levels that only happens because the functions of the contributions are what is lacking not the value of the suggestions feature.

    Why can’t I link my site to buffer and you pull content from my site? Why can’t I add my feeds to the system and allow it to be suggested to others. is this already a feature? That’s rhetorical, it doesn’t matter because the value of the app is the suggestions and these should be mechanisms that should be in place to make the suggestion area more robust. If you are letting people know or making it easy to add content then that is the flaw, not the content that is redundant not the repetitive nature of the content being shared.

    The funnel of information is the break down.

    So why would I use buffer now? What is the value you add to my work flow?

    Pay to play now? Okay what? A feed readers and social metrics that are completely off?

    Most of my tweets say I have reached 600 people but that’s the complete list of followers I have. Not the real metrics of how many times my tweets were loaded in the viewer.

    I love love love buffer. When I found it, it was a becon of light helping me find extremely great content to curate from my channels, without this feature I have to go else where and that really makes me sad.

    I wish there was a way I could help you all solve the content issues. Heck put me up in a hotel and feed me and I’d work round the clock to outline better ways to Improve the suggestions area.

    The fist thing I would do is change the name to “News”

    Second this would be drop the ability to Dismiss the content and only allow people to read content and in the second page offer the ability to schedule it.

    These two things already conform to the values of listening. You are asking people to read so they can know before they share then once the understand they can schedule.

    I personally read all of the content I curate because I believe in the same values. I want to offer the best content to my followers. They come to trust me because of the quality Buffer offers and I curate. Not because I randomly share everything.

    As you can see I am passionate about this change and thing it makes no sense. The removal of this feature takes all of the value away for me and since I don’t see or know the value of the Feeds or the Contributions functions I will have to find a new app for curation.

    But again there is this feeling that something else is really wrong here and I don’t think it’s features or functions or suggestions. It’s like you have a communications problem, explaining what features do what, explaining the value of these features, and understanding what is your real value in the market.

    I could be wrong and I hope it all works out but this removes all value to me, a value that could bring in a lot of revenue if a few changes were made and a little marketing push explaining the value of paying 4.99 to access the great quality content you have in the suggestion feature.

    • Hey there Jerry; I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your insights here and the time you’ve put into explaining them so clearly here. I’m so sorry to be creating frustration in your social media routine by removing a feature you enjoyed and feel so passionate about! If you’d be up for it, I’d love to have a member of our product team talk with you further about this. It would be great to hear more about how we can make this feature better for you; you’ve offered up some amazing ideas!

    • Hi Jerry, thanks for sharing in such detail what this service means in your content strategy. It’s really helpful to know your perspective on curating content, the other tools that make your life easy, and how Buffer has been a part of that story. If you’re game, I’d be happy to connect further. I think we may have a lot to learn from you! Sending a quick email your way, just in case you have the desire and the time…

  • Before it ends, just want to add my 2cents on this move to eliminate Suggestions:

    It’s a big mistake for Buffer to do this because some of us are relying on this option when we’re too busy to curate.

    Personally, Suggestions have worked 100% in terms of quality of content. Yes, sometimes one or two are inappropriate, but easily can say that this feature has made me feel that Buffer has my back, and because of Suggestions I have more often then ever before recommended the service to colleagues and clients. Please re-consider.

    Thank you.

    • Zorka, thank you so much for sharing these thoughts. It means so much to me that Suggestions made you feel that Buffer had your back, that’s so powerful and meaningful. If we could keep that feeling going, I would absolutely love to. I think if we were to keep going the same way, Suggestions might become disappointing to you as we haven’t been able to find a way devote enough time and resources to them. I am so sorry we have created frustration and disappointment for you; that isn’t great at all. I promise you we will keep going and try to make this up to you with a product that you can continue to recommend.

      • Thanks, Courtney. It sounds like there is going to be a replacement? An even better one?

        Now, that’s “awesome” to hear! Hopefully Buffer won’t wait too long to roll it out after terminating Suggestions. Sometimes users find replacements or don’t want to learn about something new even if simple to use, only because everyone already has too much to do.

        Delighted to hear this bit of news. It’s probably somewhere in all the conversations before I jumped in, but I didn’t have time to read them all. Thanks again!

  • I enjoy using Pocket for reading posts at a time at my descretion. Now Pocket has recommendations and (as I was participating in the beta I suppose) it can fully replace your suggestions for many users:

    “Recommendations takes the absolute best content being saved across
    Pocket and tailors it to your own saving and reading habits. The result
    is a feed that’s completely unique and personalized to you, and is
    filled with the most interesting articles and videos you might have
    missed otherwise.”

    Maybe you would give it a try? BTW: you can buffer articles right out of Pocket ;-)

  • Thank you for sharing the whole process behind shutting down a feature.
    Now I’dlike to be able for certain feeds to publish their content automatically (like my own project website behind a FB page or twitter)

  • Rianne Olde-Keizer

    I actually understand that decision (just found out about this). I liked the feature because I actually found great content through it and it was highly relevant to me. But I always had a bad feeling about using it because it did not feel authentic when you know that at the same time, thousands of other people are sharing that same thing directly. I tried to edit the posts but it still did not feel good. I mean, it might be the same without Buffer’s help, but I feel like my posts are more authentic when it comes from something I seek out, or from a source I follow personally, and then share the best of that source or the best result I found..

  • Hi, another “suggestion feature” user. I would kindly disagree on the third point Why remove Suggestions:
    “Having the same pool of suggestions for all our customers led to
    lots of sharing of the exact same posts, which didn’t feel like a very
    authentic experience.”

    As all of us have different audience and different followers, they won’t notice that this content is also shared in others’ timelines, so I don’t see the point.

    Anyway, I will keep using Buffer!!

  • Paperbackwriter

    The Suggestions feature was my favourite feature and the main reason I chose Buffer over any other, when I first read it was being cancelled I did a big movie style Nooooooooooo! but after reading this post I can see why you would do it . I also vote for Patrick’s suggestion I think his ideas are pot on.

  • This makes me kinda sad. I loved a lot of the articles that were suggested. They were great reads.

  • Debbie O’Connor

    I am totally gutted – the Suggestions has been the bit about Buffer that I have used the most and the thing that set it apart from other scheduling and curation tools. Very unhappy that I am going to have to look for an alternative curation tool because this one has been the best for me

  • Curvy CEO

    *a single tear rolls down my cheek* I am sooo going to miss this feature! Not only did my readers love it, but I stumbled across some great stuff as well!

  • This post was two months ago, and suggestions in Buffer are yet to disappear (just sooner). I’d just like to add that this gives us the more reason to work on producing great content for our brands. It is true, as implied here, that posts shared sometimes by some users via suggestions can be irrelevant to their brand’s character because they didn’t take the time to actually read it. Considering the updates Google (Phantom recently), Facebook (on native video posting), and other top networks are doing to their algorithms, it is just right that we give the type of content we produce and curate more thought. Thanks for this article, Courtney!

  • Nigel Hall

    I agree – thats very disappointing to lose “suggestions’….its the reason why I like using BUFFER …. :(

  • bdshaw

    too bad, really the only reason I was using it. Thanks for the run, deleting

  • Anne

    Bravo, Buffer! You continue to pleasantly surprised me with your content and business practices. I was bummed when I first heard this, but by the end of the post, I 100% understood what you were trying to accomplish. Hooray transparency! I have a big fat crush on your content team. Like, boy band levels.


  • This feature was never useful to me, so I’m ok to see it go. I think the Buffer team could come up with a personalized suggestion feature that draws on user data to form the suggestions, and I’m happy to wait for that.

  • Eric Schweitzer

    Count me among those who loved this feature from day one. To me, it’s what made Buffer awesome. Will miss it and hope someone picks it up.

  • I was very fond of buffer suggestions :( Now it seems that I need to rely on beta launch. I hope it will work fine for me too.

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