The Latest in Remote Working: Trends and 200 Companies Hiring Remotely

I worked in traditional offices for a few years before I decided to start working remotely: it has been both awesome and challenging!

Working from anywhere frees you from commuting, it also requires you to be organized and productive, everyday…

So, I created to share my thoughts and learnings, it’s now the largest newsletter on Remote Work.

In two years, we’ve connected with thousands of remote workers and hundreds of …

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What Family Leave Really Looks Like at a Tech Startup

Around 8 weeks after giving birth, I began to panic.

It was a rough time for us — our little one wasn’t too keen on sleeping at night and endured colic that left him crying for hours at a time.

With my return-to-work date only two weeks away, I wondered how it would even be possible — especially because we hoped for me to continue as the baby’s primary caregiver while working full-time.

Doubts crept into my mind:

Would I even be capable in …

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Are You Creating Forward Motion Or Stop Energy?

Buffer is now the largest team I’ve ever worked with.

This time last year there were 29 people on the team. Today there are more than 80.

Hyper-growth mode is both exciting and scary because it means a new chapter and challenges. One thing that’s been on my mind is how can we keep our startup mindset as we keep growing.

I have been seeking advice from a few people I look up to, and last September I chatted with Greg Brockman, who was the CTO at Stripe when …

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5 Ways to Break Your Filter Bubble and Gain New Perspectives

It’s nearly inevitable: Humans tend to associate with those who are similar to us—whether politically, economically, racially or otherwise.

This phenomenon, called clustering, is so prevalent that white Americans have 91 times as many white friends as black friends, according to research from the Public Religion Research Institute reported in the Washington Post:

And not only are we more likely to have friends who are similar to us, but many popular social networks employ algorithms that “reward” articles or opinions they think we’ll like. According to WNYC:

“In a company-sponsored study of 10.1 million of the …

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Why Diversity Matters in Technology: Hello From Buffer’s Inclusivity Catalyst

Recently I learned something new about the history of photography that illuminates a lot about the relationship of technology and diversity.

In the 1950s, Kodak sold almost all the color film used in the U.S. To make sure the colors of their prints were calibrated correctly, Kodak had to set a standard that any studio that processed film could match against.

So they came up with the Shirley card:

Shirley cards, likely named after the first model to pose for one, became the standard for color calibration in photo labs …

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Creating Pablo: A Year of Lessons from a Startup Within a Startup

When I started working at Buffer, there was a phrase I heard often when discussing projects and ideas: “Let me reflect on that.”

It’s a sentiment I had rarely heard at the previous tech companies I worked for, and it surprised me.

While moving fast and making quick decisions can be a very valuable approach, I have learned from Buffer that it’s also great to make the space to pause and reflect.

At the 1-year anniversary of Buffer’s image-creation tool Pablo, it feels like a good …

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Building in the Open: Introducing Buffer’s Transparent Product Roadmap

Buffer is known for being transparent in radical ways. We share our revenue. We share the diversity of our team. We share our cultural evolutions and learnings. We share our salaries.

We keep sharing because we keep learning so much along the way! So many of you participate in discussions and help us shape the Buffer path. And we’re inspired when we hear that our story might have helped you shape yours!

So you might imagine my reaction when I saw this blog …

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‘I Didn’t Notice:’ Why I Trained Myself Not To Be a ‘Woman in Tech’

For a long time, almost as long as I’ve been a member of the exclusive “Women in Tech” club, I’ve avoided talking about diversity.

I modeled myself after Marissa Mayer, who when asked what it was like being the only female engineer at Google (back in the day) said, “I didn’t notice.”

I completely believe this. It’s often very useful not to notice.

Perhaps her blindness came naturally. For me, I trained myself not to notice being the only woman in the Slack …

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5 Flexible Work Strategies – and The Companies Thriving With Them

They call us “The Sandwich Generation” —the group of workforce-aged adults who are not only caring for their aging parents, but also balancing the needs of their own children.

It might be hard to understand the term until you experience it firsthand.

When my father-in-law had an unexpectedly difficult time recuperating from surgery last summer, I was stunned at just how upside-down it turned our lives.

If you’ve been through the prolonged hospitalization (or any other intense, sustained medical treatment) of a family member, you know: You may become …

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Representation Matters: 25 Images to Honor International Women’s Day

Buffer got two incredible notes in our inbox over the weekend:

“Hi Buffer/Pablo! I love using Pablo. I hopped on to make some graphics for International Women’s Day for my business and couldn’t find any good graphics. Please can you change this. When I typed in women and girls I got women whispering to each other, girls holding hands, and a woman in cutoff shorts fueling a gas tank. Please upload some inspiring images ahead of international women’s day. Thanks!”

“I love …

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