Introducing the New Buffer Salary Formula, Calculate-Your-Salary App and The Whole Team’s New Salaries

It’s been over 2 years since we first shared our transparent salary formula; we’ve been truly blown away by the response we’ve seen.

It’s been incredible to see how many companies have adopted our formula or a similar open formula, and it’s a privilege to be a small part of the larger conversation around pay transparency and equality.

It also kicked off a long list of other things that we wanted to make public. Here’s a roundup of things we’ve made transparent since then:

Our company-wide equity breakdown
Buffer’s …

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Question Your Goals

I’ll be the first to admit it: When I first got hooked on the idea of startups, the goal in my mind was monetary.

I wanted to be “financially free” so that I could do all the things I wanted to do but was unable to do due to money.

So my first startup was a “big idea.” It could change the world (or at least I thought so), and I would be rewarded enormously for what I would do — given time.

After trying a …

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Buffer in October: $7.8M Annual Revenue, Pablo 2.0 Launch, Customer Happiness at 95%

October was an unusual month for us, numbers-wise, as a result of us moving from 7-day to 30- day trials of Buffer for Business. Here’s more about that and everything else going on at Buffer in our October 2015 investors’ report.

Key metrics

2,841,519 total registered users (+3.0%)
226,445 monthly active users (+3.0%)
55,460 average daily active users (+2.0%)
$650,478 monthly recurring revenue (+1.0%)
$7.81M annual recurring revenue (+1.0%)
$2,546,589 cash in bank
56 team members across the world in 40 cities

It can clearly be seen in the numbers …

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There Is No Backup Plan

I was talking with Leo the other day about plans to launch a new Buffer feature when he said something that totally rearranged my mind.

He diplomatically opened the conversation with an “If we can…” type statement and I immediately keyed in on the uncertainty I heard in that “if”, asking about alternative dates and plans, the likelihood of this or that.

Leo quickly corrected what I had heard: “It’s going to happen. There is no backup plan.”

And immediately, my brain calmed. Shifted. Crystallized …

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Why We Ask Our Team to Grade Us Every Month: Buffer’s October Hiring Report

For the first time in October, we saw Buffer’s total team members (bootcampers and full time) rise above 60.

The Buffer team has more than doubled since our last retreat in Iceland, and we’re always giving thought to how to better cultivate the Buffer culture.

As a result, October’s hiring report focuses on some pretty big changes, including asking the whole team to give us a grade each month so we can keep improving.

Read on for all the numbers, experiments and changes in hiring this month!

Asking the …

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Why We Have Paid, Paid Vacation and Give Teammates an Extra $1,000 to Take Time Off

When I first started working on Buffer and learning on sites like TechCrunch about the kinds of amazing perks and benefits some startups provide, I thought unlimited vacation time sounded like such a great idea.

Giving everyone the opportunity to unplug whenever they needed felt so right that suddenly the “old world,” where you had a specific number of vacation days, didn’t even make sense to me.

So when new teammates would come on board at Buffer and ask …

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The Unexpected Challenge of Unlimited Vacation Time

 What job perk could possibly be better than unlimited paid vacation days?

Just picture the perfect work/life balance, the quality time you’d spend with family and friends (or maybe just a good book on the beach).

When I first began to catch sight of job openings with this distinctive perk, it seemed nearly too good to be true!

Now that I’ve been the lucky recipient of such a policy at Buffer, it’s fascinating to see things from the other side, too. At our …

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What Michigan Wolverines Basketball Taught Me About Hiring at Buffer

I’ve been a college basketball fan for as long as I can remember.

Sports teams are like any other organization: They strive to organize individuals to accomplish shared challenges and goals. 

As a Michigan Wolverines fan, I’m continually inspired by how Michigan’s coach, John Beilein, accomplishes these goals. Beilein is the only active collegiate coach to have achieved 20-win seasons at four different levels, as well as one of only 6 active Division I coaches with 700 or more career wins.

What’s unique about Beilein is his recruiting—his typical recruits …

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A Personal Trainer for Your Goals: 4 Ways to Work with a Partner And Achieve More

In the world of weight training, it’s well known that having a partner can lead to seeing gains more quickly. And research has shown that those who switch from training alone to using a personal trainer see many improvements.

Similarly, pair programming has been shown to improve quality of code, as well as keep both developers in “flow” state for a more sustained period of time.

The people around you can have a significant impact on your behavior. If I tell a friend about my goals, I’m much more likely to …

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Hacking Our Brains Against Bias: 7 Lessons from Facebook, Pinterest And Google on Building Diverse Teams

Working on making Buffer an inclusive place where all kinds of people feel they belong and thrive is one of my favorite things.

It’s a unique time to be working on diversity goals at a tech startup. On the one hand, there is quite a bit of work to do to make the strides we’d all like to make. On the other hand, there is so much hope and so many cool innovations, programs, and even tools that can help move us …

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