Question Your Goals

I’ll be the first to admit it: When I first got hooked on the idea of startups, the goal in my mind was monetary.

I wanted to be “financially free” so that I could do all the things I wanted to do but was unable to do due to money.

So my first startup was a “big idea.” It could change the world (or at least I thought so), and I would be rewarded enormously for what I would do — given time.

After trying a …

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Buffer in October: $7.8M Annual Revenue, Pablo 2.0 Launch, Customer Happiness at 95%

October was an unusual month for us, numbers-wise, as a result of us moving from 7-day to 30- day trials of Buffer for Business. Here’s more about that and everything else going on at Buffer in our October 2015 investors’ report.

Key metrics

2,841,519 total registered users (+3.0%)
226,445 monthly active users (+3.0%)
55,460 average daily active users (+2.0%)
$650,478 monthly recurring revenue (+1.0%)
$7.81M annual recurring revenue (+1.0%)
$2,546,589 cash in bank
56 team members across the world in 40 cities

It can clearly be seen in the numbers …

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A Personal Trainer for Your Goals: 4 Ways to Work with a Partner And Achieve More

In the world of weight training, it’s well known that having a partner can lead to seeing gains more quickly. And research has shown that those who switch from training alone to using a personal trainer see many improvements.

Similarly, pair programming has been shown to improve quality of code, as well as keep both developers in “flow” state for a more sustained period of time.

The people around you can have a significant impact on your behavior. If I tell a friend about my goals, I’m much more likely to …

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The Founder’s Paradox: When Thinking Big Holds You Back

While building Buffer, there have been times when things have started to go a little crazy.

It might be being featured in a big blog, seeing lots of tweets about us, or noticing a big influx of signups or upgrades. When this happens, it is very easy for my thoughts to drift off and to start thinking of the big-picture possibilities for us, long into the future.

It may be healthy to be ambitious, but often these thoughts occupy more time than they …

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50 Teammates, 17 Open Roles, New Calendar View & More: Buffer’s September Update

We reached the 50 team members mark in September! This feels like a big milestone and a special moment to reflect on.

For me, the most exciting part of this is that 50 people are able to join our journey of working as a fully distributed team, where you choose to live and work from the place which makes you happiest and most productive.

We’ve had several examples of teammates moving or traveling to find their happy place, or being able to move easily to help and be with their significant other for studies …

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How I Try to Lead When Everything Is Changing

“Perhaps the CEO’s most important operational responsibility is designing and implementing the communication architecture for her company.”
— Ben Horowitz

Buffer has recently grown to more than 50 people during our fastest 2 months of growth ever. I’ve found that a lot changes when you grow to this size, and any time the team grows quickly. There are a bunch of challenges and it’s also invigorating. It might be the most exciting and toughest phase of building the company so far.

Since I’m learning insights …

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How A Beginner’s Mind Helps You Build Something New

There is a myth in entrepreneurship that many newcomers believe, and it could be a key reason why many others don’t even “try.”

The myth is that you need to know how to do everything, and you need to do everything perfectly.

When you look at successful startups, it’s easy to believe that they did all the right things. The reality is often far from that. In fact, I think it’s very healthy to have a good dose of naivety while building something …

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Buffer in August: $7.49M ARR, Buffer for Video, Continued Growth

We’re delighted to hit almost $7.5M in annual recurring revenue and be fast moving towards the big $10M ARR milestone.

As a company, we’re starting to feel that some of our recent team growth and structure adjustments in the last few months are starting to take effect.

Here are all the latest numbers and updates from all corners of what’s going on in the Buffer team!

Key August metrics

2,673,418 total registered users (+3.1%)
211,520 monthly active users (+1.4%)
50,489 average daily active users (-1.9%)
$624,196 monthly recurring …

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The Top Reason We Haven’t Sold Our Startup

We’ve been lucky at Buffer to receive a number of acquisition offers along our journey so far. When I mention this to people, a key question that often comes up is “how did you decide not to sell?”

The earliest offer we had for Buffer was not long after we had started, and it felt fairly easy for us to say no, simply because we felt we wanted to see where further our current path leads.

In many ways, the reason we …

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Why I Don’t Shield My Team from Bad News

A prevalent concept is the idea that as a CEO or executive of a company, you need to shield your team from bad news, the risks of a startup, and other negative aspects that are inevitable on the startup journey.

I  believe this concept could actually be quite dangerous.

One of our core values at Buffer is to default to transparency. This means absolutely everything in the company is shared knowledge.

It was scary at first, not least because the idea goes very …

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