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12 Chrome Extensions to Motivate You With Each New Tab

At this exact moment, I have 16 tabs open in my browser. How about you?

With the full power of the internet at our disposal, it can be pretty easy to waste precious moments navigating to the…let’s say, less-than-productive corners of the web.

I’m as guilty of this as anyone—I’ve even shared extensively how often I get sucked into Facebook!

So it’s great¬†that there are quite a few folks out there focused on helping us keep track of what really matters as we surf the web.

There’s a particularly apt¬†opportunity when we go to open a new tab. These 12 Chrome extensions take advantage of this moment by swapping out the usual “new tab” page for something else—something that motivates, inspires, or focuses you.

Check them out and see if you find a new tool to help keep you on track!

1. Momentum


The clean and beautiful Momentum is a Buffer favorite. This extension addresses you by name and gives you a chance to enter a simple focus for the day. You also get a daily gorgeous photo, inspirational quote and local weather.

2. Motivation


Give Motivation your birthday and it replaces the new tab page with a real-time counter showing your current age. Seeing those seconds fly by can really keep you focused on what really matters.

3. Buffer Values

Buffer values

My Buffer teammates often amaze me. As a side project, Pioul created this incredible extension, which displays¬†one of Buffer’s 10 values on your new tab page.¬†The Buffer values are an important and vital part of the company. They’re inspirational, aspirational, and just great words to live by, and this helps many of us look at them more often and live by them even more closely. This extension is open source, too!

4. Mortality


Whoa. This one is a bit intense, but who couldn’t use a kick in the pants¬†sometimes?

Mortality¬†offers¬†a ticking clock of your precise age as well as a visual representation of the months you’ve lived. (Each circles represents a month, with¬†an average lifespan of 80 years.) It’s pretty tough to waste time when you see all those circles adding up!

5. Dayboard


You can’t do it all in a day, and we’re big believers in single-tasking at Buffer. So Dayboard is a great choice—it replaces your new tab page with a daily to-do list of just your 5 most important tasks each day.¬†Every time you open a new tab, you‚Äôre reminded of your priorities!

6. Limitless


Limitless offers a lot of cool features in a very simple interface. You can write down your daily and yearly goals and then let the app track your less-than-productive time so you can stay focused on your goals.

The dashboard also includes a smart notepad for to-dos, reminders and countdowns.

7. Random Quote

random quote

Prefer your motivation through quotes? Random Quote gives you a fresh dose of inspiration every time you open new tab.

8. Taco


Taco works with more than 40 services like Evernote, Basecamp, Trello and more to help you see a unified look into all of your existing tasks.

Once you’ve chosen a few tasks or a project, have Taco hide everything else so you can focus.

9. Tab for a Cause

tab for a cause

OK, so this one might lack the sleek, ad-free experience of the rest of these picks—but the ads are there for a very good reason: Tab for a Cause¬†uses its ad revenue to¬†raise money for charities every time you open a tab in your internet browser.

Donate to a cause you care about just by surfing the web! Wondering where the money goes? All the financial records are right here.

10. Delight


While most of the extensions are designed to send you along on your way to your next internet destination, Delight invites you to linger for a bit. This extension offers a variety of breathtaking HD videos of the natural world to keep you inspired.

11. Google Art Project

Google Art Project

Learn from the masterpieces of Van Gogh and Monet, all the way to contemporary works from street artists around the world. Google Art Project shows you a work of art each time you open a new tab. The artwork is refreshed every day or every tab, depending on your preference.

12. Dream Afar

Dream Afar

If travel is how you get inspired, Dream Afar might be your new favorite tool. This simple extension gives you a new, beautiful photo of somewhere in the world every new day.

Your turn: Share your favorite inspirational extension!

These are just a few tools I’ve discovered to make opening a new tab just a bit more inspirational. I’m sure there are tons of other great choices out there; would you be up for sharing your favorites with me in the comments?

  • These are awesome! I’m thinking about adding either Limitless or Dayboard.

    • Thanks for checking it out! After installing all of them to write this, I’m excited to test them out longer-term. So far I’m enjoying Dayboard!

    • I am also having trouble deciding between these two.

      • Hey,

        I’ve been using Dayboard for a couple of days now. I have to say that it works really well for reminding me of those 5 tasks I need to focus on. I’d still like the “Goal” message that Limitless gives you, and I wish we could combine these two. Dayboard’s been working pretty well so far, though…

  • Palush

    Mortality. I like that one.

    • In my experiment, I found Mortality *extremely* motivational. Like, get up from your desk and go hug someone immediately motivational. ;)

  • Yagmur Aydogan

    I think I’ll try limitless!

    • Great choice, I love the longer-term goals Limitless has!

  • Tanya Jones

    I’ve installed Limitless and Buffer Values – love the concept of these two for sure!

    • Awesome! What an honor that you’ve installed the Buffer Values extension. :)

      • Tanya Jones

        Well the Buffer Values are a great code to live by in any walk of life, they’re inspiring and less distractive than many other options :) The Limitless add-on seems pretty neat too, it provides some interesting statistics!

  • Buffer Values in 3,2,1…

  • Mike

    Taco caught my attention, and now I’m hungry..thanks Courtney :)

  • Kate Murray

    How do I choose?! Now I just need a extension to randomize these extensions…… Thanks for sharing!

  • Nik Crossman

    Another good one I just found… It’s called Tabtics – it aggregates your wearable tech and offers health tips… just launched so pretty limited right now but I like where they’re going!

    • Whoa, so fascinating! That could be a huge motivator to get up and move more; love it!

  • Neil McKay

    I have 11 windows in 2 browsers right now. It’s a slow day!
    I am definitely going to load the Google Art Project extension but I think I’ll avoid the ones that tell me there are fewer days in front of the horse than behind it!
    Thanks Courtney, I always look forward to Buffer blog posts to inspire me!

    • Haha I can’t say I blame you there re: Mortality. :) Google Art Project is a lovely choice!

  • Carolina Rosabal

    I love Google and I also love Buffer. Getting the Buffer values extension sounds like a must! Thanks for such a cool post!

  • I love the Momentum! I even hide todo and quotes. Just awesome picture to get me going.

  • Damien

    I like Momentum, especially with the small todo list.
    And its way better looking that the original new tab window.

    But now I have one more tab open!

  • What a great list of extensions Courtney. Thanks! I wonder if there is an extension which will work as a new tab randomizer? :) I would like to have couple of these extensions installed and randomize them so I’ll see a different new tab extension every time. I like

    Earth View from Google Earth

    and – Photos of our planet from various subreddits, including /r/earthporn and others

    • Sara Vienna

      @petrpinkas:disqus Great idea for a new tab randomizer! I’d use Panda and Momentum!

    • Oooh, I am happy to learn about! Love the beautiful photos

  • Love these! Thanks for sharing. For purely visual inspiration and “Ah, I need to travel there” moments, Google’s Earthview is lovely :-)

  • This is such a neat list and I’d never heard of most of these! Momentum and Dayboard are my two favorites. Thanks for sharing, Courtney! :)

  • Thank you for the awesome post yet again! I know I will be featuring one on my blog for sure. So many great ways to keep on track and get things done. I know I will be putting a few of them to use ASAP.

  • Great list, Courtney. Kind of hard to choose from it but I have selected Taco, Momentum [both looks delicious] and Buffer values [it will nice to have a positive influence whenever I open up a new tab]. Thanks again.

  • Limitless, Momentum and Taco for me! But really, more extensions will slow down Chrome for sure, so if I am going to choose one then Momentum it is. Thanks for compiling the list, Courtney.

  • Dirk Durka

    Almost every single one of these is useless extra clutter.

  • Karinna Briseno

    So many choices! :) I’m definitely going to try Momentum and Taco! Thanks for the recommendations.

  • Randy Macaraeg

    Great blog post Courtney! I’ve been thinking I could go without seeing the normal “here are your bookmarks” tab from Chrome, and these will definitely helpful in staying on track! I’ve been testing out Momentum the most and it’s been great! Those inspiring pictures are a big plus too :)

  • Awesome list Courtney! I see this vastly improving future browsing experiences – I had no idea these existed. Thanks!

  • I can’t choose! But I did. I picked Dayboard first. But I may try a few more…

  • √Ėmer Hakan Bilici

    You can try Flickr Tab extension. Amazing photos from everywhere waiting for you with each new tab.

  • Samantha Berkla

    Great list Courtney, thanks. Tab for a cause wins my heart. :)

  • I used ProductHunt until now. It’s just the tech list of PH in every new tab. All this great ideas are such a motivation for me. But maybe I’ll try some of these! :)

  • Karen Sison

    Look into Tabtics! Shares productivity tips and tells you the time and weather of your location. You can also connect it with Fitbit. Definitely recommend it :)

  • Did you also born in May 6th 1979? The number are trully similar to mines… WOW… Nice article :) Thanks for sharing!

  • Tati

    My Start new tab is my favourite one! I use it everyday and to do list motivates me to get everything done. You can find it in the Chrome store of course. My mom loves “My Dogs” extension…the pictures are just amazing….

  • prady00

    Chinup by Motiwish is also a cool extension. It shows up a new thought daily in a new tab.

  • Steve Puu
  • jaziri omayma

    my fav is “100 millions books “, you should check it !!

  • Emad Alam

    Another great one for the list is mesmerized.
    Since it’s open source and maintained by the community, it’s free forever, no subscriptions required. More and more features are getting added to it regularly, so check out for updates.

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