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Why Startups Are So Hard, The Future of Buffer and My Biggest Mistake (So Far!): Tweets From My Airplane AMA

On a recent flight to Hawaii, I tried a little experiment and did an “AMA in the Sky.”


It was incredibly fun and kept me busy for about 2.5 hours, nicely passing some of the flight time.

I think I ended up answering over 50 questions or thereabouts, about topics including why startups are so challenging, the pros and cons of working remotely and what’s next for Buffer. (Hint: Instagram!)

airplane AMA

Here is a sample of the questions and answers. If you’re interested in more, you can see the full thread on Twitter.

Do you have other questions I didn’t address here? Share them in the comments and I’ll do my best to get you an answer!

  • Logan Sutton

    I love that you did this for your customers! I’m also so happy that you’re bringing Instagram to Buffer soon; I’ve been wondering lately if that was going to happen.

    Just 2 things:
    1. What is the most efficient way to combine all analytics findings (Buffer analytics, Google analytics, Facebook Insights, etc) into one report? I want to make it more convenient during meetings to have one thing to show rather than bringing up multiple analytics platforms.
    2. I’m graduating in May and would love the opportunity to work at Buffer :). I’ve even read How to Win Friends and Influence People (that’s how much I love Buffer culture)! I’d love to know more about your biggest issues and how I could use my skills to help resolve them.

    Logan Sutton

  • It was great to take part and join in Joel – was wondering if you had had chance to look at the question I asked?

  • atrain714

    What is your opinion of Snapchat? Will it be the next must-have social network like Facebook/Twitter/Instagram?

  • I’m so excited to hear that Instagram is a plan for the future! Also I’m very interested in what you’re saying about social responsibility and I’m wondering if you’ve thought about that being a position within Buffer? Another question: how does Buffer ensure that employees don’t suffer from currency fluctuations when their salaries are in USD?

    Thank you for sharing your answers! I love Buffer so much and really appreciate your honesty and openness.

  • Rayfil Wong

    Joel, thanks for being insightful and useful.

  • Andrea Pacini

    Great post! Reading all the tweets is a great way to enhance your knowledge. Thank you.

  • Michael Jenkins

    I love the fact that you took the time on a flight and did an AMA. First off, it is really neat that we can now have wifi on our planes. Secondly, what a great way to pass the time. I am disappointed I wasn’t on to ask a question. Still you had some great questions and answers and it was nice to have a little insight. I always enjoy AMA’s. Thanks for taking the time and thanks to Courtney for putting this together in an easy to read format.

  • This was a great read! Thank you Joel for continuing the transparent journey and being open about Buffer and it’s directions. Many businesses can learn from this awesome model!

  • Hansoftech

    Great Job! Good stuff to read

  • msbhaker

    Joel, I been trying to find why and how you went about finding a co-founder? I have the same task at hand and have produced an MVP and really could do with the help and support to take it to market. Love to hear your thoughts and why and what to look out for?

  • Irene V.

    Storify faq no longer there :)

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